Do You Need An ESC for Each Motor

Do You Need An ESC for Each Motor? A Detailed Guide!

An ESC is one of the essential parts of an RC car, you already know. But the number of motors and ESC might confuse you at times. Like, how many ESC you need for a motor or vice-versa! And the first confusion starts with each motor requirement.

So, do you need an ESC for each motor?

Yes, you definitely need an ESC for each and every motor. An ESC enables the motor to get energy extracted from the battery and power. If you fail to use an ESC for a single motor, there would be pressure on the RC. We recommend using multiple ESC on a motor but not single for multiple motors.

Well, this is not all. But this is just the beginning. Read along to see them unfold!

So, let’s get started!

Do I Need To Have An ESC for Each And Every Motor?

An ESC for RC is a well-known thing to all RC users. And you probably know ESC is one of the most important parts of your RC car. 

To add to that, you need at least a single ESC for your RC car


But the concern is, how many ESC do you need for multiple motors? Well, you actually need as much ESC as the number of motors on the RC.

That is, you need to get one ESC for each and every motor. You must not try to manage more than one motor with a single ESC.

It does not matter whether the motor you have got is brushed or brushless. That means this is a must for any kind of motor you use. Remember this also includes whether it is brushless or coreless servo.

Because each ESC works for each motor of the device. This ESC transfers the signal and power to the motor.

To be more informative, an ESC takes signals from the controller. Along with that, an ESC gets power from the cell or battery.

And then it transfers this signal and power to the motor. As a result, the motor gets the required energy. And therefore, the motor starts to spin. 

Thus, you understand that each and every motor necessitates the need for an ESC. Remember one thing, using any ESC with any motor might be okay if you wonder.

However, certain brands of esc motors tend to work better than the others. Here are some good quality esc motors that you should get your hands on:

Why Do I Need An ESC for The Motor?

An ESC is a must for an RC motor. In simple words, you can say that the ESC is the driver of your RC motor. 

The ESC helps to control and operate the current that a motor would produce. In addition to that, it also conveys the signals to drive on a track.

And it reduces the loss of traction to prevent the RC from going off the track. Thus, an ESC for an RC motor is a must.

You do not have any space to go for an alternative to this. Because you would definitely not want your RC to go off the track and get damaged.

What Would Happen If I Run Multiple Motors with An ESC?

Well, you may think you can run multiple motors with a single ESC. And we understand that you may wish to do it so to save a few bucks.

But unfortunately, you can not do it anyway. You may at least give it a try if you are using only two motors. 

However, you need to see if the voltage of the ESC is enough to cope with it. But if you try to go for 2 motors, you can not do it.

If you keep on trying without knowing, you would see the RC not starting. Even if it starts, it would make noises and shake. 

Furthermore, the RC would just run very randomly in a zig-zag way. And eventually, the RC car would stop running. 


If you touch the RC car, you would feel that it is getting hot. And if you try to start the car again, it would become way hotter than before. 

Eventually, there might be a small explosion that would damage your RC completely. And troubleshooting this is as difficult as upgrades of basher sabertooth. As a result, you must be well aware of an ESC.

Make sure the ESC is enough for the motor you have in your RC car.

Can I Get 2 ESC for A Single Motor?

Yes, you may sometimes need to have 2 ESC for your battery. But the concern is how to join 2 ESC with a battery

To do it get all the negatives with the negatives. Take the black wire from the volume collectors and put them all together. 

Then start twisting them all together to make it secure with a firm knot. Then put a piece of tape on it to secure it more. 

And this can also prevent the wires from having any small issues. Hook up the ESC cables to a single battery terminal. 

Now, are you wondering about what kind of tape you need to use for it? Remember that you can not use any random sticky tape for it.

Take a look here to know our preferred pickups for electrical tape.

Hope this helps you!

Remember that both the blacks wire would be going negative. On the other hand, both the red wires would be going positive. Then solder the ESCs’ separate connectors. 

However, the battery should be connected to the ESCs via a parallel connector. You must also ensure that the negative and positive cable is connected.


Sometimes esc choice affects the motor power. To gain more knowledge on this, check out this youtube video-

Does ESC choice affect motor power?

And now, you can run your motor with multiple ESC connected to the motor. Also, check if you have a dry cell battery. This way you should charge the dry cell battery first.


What is the purpose of an ESC on my RC car?

An ESC is the abbreviation of Electronic Stability Control. This is one of the major features of an RC car. Not only that but this is also available in the traditional cars that we use. An ESC helps to improve the stability of the vehicle. It detects the path and reduces traction loss.

Is any ESC compatible with any motor?

Yes, almost every ESC is compatible with any kind of motor. But to be on the safe side, any brushless ESC goes with a brushless motor. But try to ensure the ESC is large enough to work well. But if you are not sure about the size, you can contact an expert. They can make it clear.

How to select an ideal ESC for my motor?

You need to ensure 2 main things to select an ideal ESC for your motor. The first one is the voltage and the peak current of your motor is the second. Ensure the peak rating of ESC is at least 5A more than that of the motor. The rating can be more but not less than that.

The Final Words

Now you know, do you need an ESC for each motor! We do not think you would have any more confusion about this.

Remember one thing. If you are ever confused about anything of RC, read the solution first. Because proceeding with an action prior to a proper knowledge would be problematic.

Thus, be careful of what you do with your RC!

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