do you need wifi to fly dji spark

Do You Need WiFi to Fly DJI Spark- Finally Answered!

There’s a common misconception about DJI Spark among the users and potential buyers. They often get confused about the Wi-Fi compatibility for the drone. Some say DJI spark needs Wi-Fi to work while others state the opposite.

So, do you need wifi to fly dji spark?

Technically you don’t need WiFi to fly the DJI spark drone. You can sync the map in your DJI app before you head out. You can also use USB for connection. Open the DJI app and enable cache map in the background. Afterward, hover on the map where you’re going to fly. This will sync the map on your device. 

Now that was a quick look at the steps. But wait! We have prepared a full guide which you can follow to sync your map. 

So, follow along and you’ll get to know all the details you’re searching for!

Which Model of DJI Spark Fly Without Wifi? 

You can use any of the DJI sparks without wifi connection. The wifi is required for the drone to know the map. Also, the map comes in handy if you have lost your drone.

DJI Spark Fly Without Wifi
Source: 9to5Google

But, if you have the map synced to your device, you don’t need wifi. The drone can follow the downloaded map. Also, you can check out a good dji spark drone review to find out more. 

How Can You Use the Map Without the Internet?

When you are in a remote location, getting WiFi is difficult. Let’s say, you’re in the forest or on an island. You cannot get WiFi support there. But that doesn’t mean you cannot locate your drone on the map. 

Many ask, do you need cell service to fly a drone? 

No, you don’t require any cell services or sim to fly a drone. Similar to Wi-Fi connection, your dji drones can be flown without any cell coverage.

do you need cell service to fly a drone
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Do remember, that the drone needs to be pre-connected to your device. Otherwise, the drone will not be able to connect to the WiFi. so, properly set your drone up with your mobile device. 

For your help, we have divided the whole process into 5 steps. Let’s jump into the whole process right away!

Step 1: Connect to a Stable Internet

While we already discussed that you don’t need Wi-Fi to fly dji spark, you need it sometimes. That’s why it’s important to know about how to connect dji spark to wifi

For your dji spark Wi-Fi connection, firstly, find the nearest WiFi. Then connect your drone to the WiFi. you’re connecting to the WiFi so that the map can be synced to the app.

If you encounter any problems with the dji spark wifi, you’ll have to troubleshoot your drone. Here’s an avid user of dji spark owner sharing his troubleshooting guide-

You can also use your phone’s hotspot to connect your drone. The drone itself is connected to the WiFi when the device you use is connected. Many prefer using an iPad with their drone. In that case, connect your iPad to the WiFi. where the DJI app is. 

Step 2: Open the DJI App and Enter Camera View

After you connect to the WiFi, you have to go into the DJI drone app. The app’s name is the dji fly app. This is the app for dji spark app. 

Tap on the app icon to enter the app. And if the drone is already connected press on the bottom right corner. In the bottom right corner, it should be labeled as “enter device”. From there you can control your drone. 

From there you can see that two options will appear. The two options are, one to connect to the aircraft’s wifi and the other entering the camera view. There press on the enter camera view. 

Step 3: Press on the Three Dots on the Top Right Corner

After you press on the camera a few times, you can see through the drone’s camera if it’s connected. If the drone is not connected, don’t worry. You don’t need the drone connected at this point. 

At this point, you will see 3 dots in the top right corner. Press on the 3 dots and that will take you to the options menu. There are a lot of options in the DJI app. But you need to use a multimeter to check the brushless motor

Step 4: Cache Map in Background

In the options menu, you can see there will be an option called cache map in the background. You need to enable that option in order to cache or sync your map.

Cache Map in Background
Source: DJI Forum

But wait, that is not the end for caching your map. There is one last step to follow. 

Step 5: Go to the Map and Load the Areas

After you enable the background cache app, go back to the camera view of the drone. From there, you need to enter the map in the bottom right corner. 

Now, hover on the map where you’re going to fly. Make sure you can see the street names by zooming into them. 

And this is how you can download maps dji go 4. The process is similar to the dji mini 2 map cache. A drone has much more features and functions than a quadcopter. There are also differences between 2 or 3 blade quadcopters

Can you Cache the Map on Other DJI Drones?

Like the DJI spark, you can cache the map on other DJI drones as well. That includes mini 2, mini se, Mavic mini, and the phantom 3. The map caching process in all these drones is the same. 

So, follow the steps above to see how you can cache the map. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you Need to Use Mobile Data While Flying Your Drone?

You don’t need mobile data while flying your drone. You can use mobile data, but it’s not mandatory. If you are flying near any WiFi, you can connect to that. But in remote areas, it’s better to sync the map. 

How to Connect DJI Drone to WiFi?

Turn your DJI drone on. Tune the DJI drone app on as well. You can find a QR code on the storage box and also under the battery pack. Afterward, scan the code with your phone, and your drone is connected to your phone. 

How to Enable WiFi on DJI Spark?

To enable wifi on your DJI drone, turn the DJI drone on first. Press and hold the battery button until it flashes twice. This will turn your drone on. If your drone is already connected, it will pair with your phone. Now enable the WiFi on your phone.

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