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A Guide to Dromida Ominus Troubleshooting – 5 Issues Solved

So, you have bought a new Dromida Ominus. It has been only some weeks, and that thing is beginning to behave erratically. And you have no clue how to fix them either.

Do not worry! Because here we will provide you with a detailed guide on Dromida Ominus troubleshooting.

The quadcopter may face issues like charging issues, unresponsive radio, flashing LED etc. Troubleshooting them is pretty simple. Like only replacing batteries solves its charging issue. Installing an AAA battery reduces the flashing LED. If the copter won’t flip, just recharge it fully, it’ll work. 

Not sure yet? Do not worry! Because we offer you this guide! Here you will find several ways to troubleshoot all your problems with Dromida Ominus.    

Keep scrolling to find out everything!

Troubleshooting Different Issues of Dromida Ominus

Dromida Ominus
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If you are a user of Dromida Ominus, you might have encountered at least one or two problems listed here.

This quadcopter is quite notorious for causing difficulties like this. Yet you do not have to fuss. Since the fixes are pretty easy to perform.

Here we have included 6 most common problems that the users face. And tried to provide the best solution for all of them.

Follow all the given dromida drone instructions below. Go through all of them very carefully. And look for the one that resonates with yours and identify the solution!

Problem 1: Dromida Ominus Charging Issue

This issue can occur when your quadcopter is about a few weeks old. That whenever you attempt to plug the quad for charging, it starts blinking. 

And the rapid blinking will not go away no matter whatever you do.


To fix this isue, you can get the battery, as well as the charger of the quad, tested. As the most common reason behind this is a faulty or bad battery.

So, if after testing, it is diagnosed with a bad battery, it is time to replace it. 

You do not need to purchase a whole new charger. Just purchasing a good quality battery for replacing the old one would do.

Now plug in your Dromida Ominus to charge again. And it should charge just fine.

Problem 2: Unresponsive to Radio

This is another issue that the Dromida Ominus users encounter.  That is the quadcopter often fails to respond to the radio. 


The fix is quite simple as well. It is only a two step process. Here it is.

Step 1: Charge or Change the Battery 

Most of the issues seen in Dromida Ominus is due to a faulty battery. Or a battery with a low charge rate.

So, how to fix drone unresponsive to radio?

To fix drone unresponsive to radio, you have to charge the battery on the quadcopter. If the battery is in poor condition, you need to change the battery. 

Step 2: Disconnect and Relink

In this step, you need to turn off the radio first. After that, you’ve to disconnect your battery for the Dromida Ominus. 

Now once again, Re-link the quadcopter and the radio.

And the issue should be resolved.

Problem 3: LED Light Flashing

It is the problem that comes often after you have linked the quadcopter and the radio. That is you may notice the red LED light of the radio flashing. 

No, the process of fixing is not exactly the same as scx24 charger flashing red. Do not mix the two up.


As mentioned before, the solution to most problems for the Dromida Ominus lies in the battery. 

In this case, as well, changing or simply replacing the battery would solve the issue.

Which is the perfect battery for dromida ominus in this case?

Well, you need to purchase AAA batteries. And make sure you get the good quality ones. And thus you are good to go.

You can check price these AAA Batteries by Rayovac. This is a good one!

Problem 4: Unable to Flip

This is another problem that hinders the entire ordeal of flying Dromida Ominus. 

You will sometimes see that the quad will not flip. Even after tweaking things around with your controller, it will not work.


The solution to this is easy. It is occurring due to the low Battery voltage of your quadcopter. 

So, what you need to do is charge the battery fully before trying to fly with it. And you should not encounter any additional difficulties.

Problem 5: Gyro Doesn’t Work Properly

If you are using a Dromida Ominus, It is not uncommon for the Gyro to behave erratically. Occasionally it just will not work as it should.

In DJI drones you face similar problems. Where the dji drone doesn’t turn on.

Let us discover how to solve this.


So, what are you supposed to do in such situations?

Here is the easy 3 step process for you.

Step 1: Recharge

First off, you gotta do something about that low Battery voltage. Meaning you need to recharge it fully.

But before make sure that you know all the basic channels of your quadcopter.

Step 2: Re-link

Now after you are done charging, grab the battery of your quad. And relink the radio with your Dromida Ominus.

Step 3: Land for 3 Seconds 

So, after you are done with all the steps above, start the quadcopter. After it starts flying, land it on the ground. Wait for about 3 seconds.

And you can take off again. 

Your problem should be resolved.

Problem 6: QuadCopter Won’t Take off

How frustrating it is when you are in the field and your quadcopter just won’t take off? It takes away the amazing experience of flying drones.

Source: aviforums.com

We understand and that is why we brought a simple solution for you.


Firstly, you need just to check your Rotor blades. Most likely they are incorrectly installed. And that’s causing the problem. 

So, install the rotor blades properly first.

If it still does not work, consider a Rotor Blade Replacement.

And it should work just fine afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Quadcopter shaking? 

The reason your quadcopter is shaking is because of the faulty motor, canopy as well as chassis. And wrong placement of the rotor blades also can cause this. So, you need to test the motor as well as canopy. If they are in an indigent state, consider restoring them.

Why is my Dromida Ominus not responding to the radio?

The reason why Dromida Ominus is not responding to the radio is due to low battery. Or the battery you are using is somewhat faulty. And this is causing the quadcopter to be unresponsive to the radio.

How does Dromida sync drone 251 work?

The Dromida Sync 251 drone utilizes the technology of optical flow that keeps it in place. It takes some repeated pictures of ground. Then rapidly compares their pixels from a picture to the next. In case of any change, its sensor would lead the quadcopter to adjust the position.

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