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Durafly Tundra Vs Timber: Who Wins?

Durafly Tundra and Timber are both very famous for their RC planes. In fact, RC enthusiasts are constantly debating about the two planes trying to identify the better one.

So, which one’s better between durafly tundra vs timber?

The Durafly Tundra has more battery capacity than the Timber. They are cheaper and faster. They are also much more durable than Timber with more servos. Timber has good landings and its larger wingspan makes gliding smoother. 

Well, this is just the summary. We go further deep just below in the article. Were we able to pique your interest? 

Then read along!

Durafly Tundra Vs Timber: Quick Comparison 

Like ultracote and monokote timber and durafly tundra have some key dissimilarities. Let’s look at the key differences we’ve prepared for you. This will help you paint a better picture of their differences. 

Here are all the differences in a chart-

FeaturesDurafly TundraTimber
Battery Capacity2200 2200 
Take-Off TimeFaster Fast
Weight (1.15 kg)(1.65 kg)
Number of Servos64
PriceModerateSlightly Expensive

Durafly Tundra Vs Timber: Head to Head Battle

Durafly Tundra and Timber are great RC planes. No wonder there’s a long time debate going on between trying to find out which one’s better. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the details of the differences-

Take-Off and Landing

Let’s start with the take-off and landing. The take-off of Durafly Tundra is slightly faster than the take-off of Timber. 

You can try to test this out by yourself by doing 3 take-offs for each. No flaps, half flaps, and full flaps. 

The Durafly Tundra takes off slightly faster than Timber in all three times. Maybe by an inch or by a foot, the Durafly Tundra is faster at times of take-off.

There’s no recorded time for which one’s the fastest, but try flying them together. You’ll see that the Durafly Tundra is faster.

Also, it’s easier to do aerobatics with it. Tricks like flips, loops, cuban 8s are much easier to perform with Durafly Tundra than with Timber.

But, when it comes to landing, the Timber is smoother. It doesn’t get bumpy much when landing.  As the propeller stops moving, it slowly glides down with a perfect landing. It’s probably due to the wingspan. The wide wingspan helps in smooth gliding through.

The Durafly Tundra gets slightly bumpy when landing. The shorter wingspan could be the reason. But, you can try using a dsmx or a dsm2 transmitter and receiver chip to get better results.

But, these slight bumps help in landing. It’s easy to identify the stall point. When landing the Timber, if your flaps are fully open, the prop might hit the ground. It’s so smooth that it gets hard to tell when to land. 

That’s when you might go up suddenly and hit face down.

Winner: In this segment, Timber is in the winner. Although Durafly Tundra is fast, Timber flys smoother.


Durability is a major issue with RC planes. You’ll hear many stories of RC planes tearing out in the middle of the sky. This happens when the wings are not durable enough.

That’s exactly why we suggest you get the best RC flying wings. If you’re afraid that your plane’s wings are not strong enough, change them out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now, let’s talk about the durability of the Durafly Tundra and Timber. Durafly Tundra is quite strong. There aren’t many cases of this one tearing out in the middle of the sky.

Take the plane up in your arms holding on the two sides of the wings. Now, if you shake it holding it like that, it won’t wobble at all. 

On the other hand, do the same thing with the Timber. The Timber will wobble like a jelly. It mainly means that the durability is low. 

Winner: There are a lot of cases of the Timber tearing out in the middle of the sky. So, in terms of durability, Durafly Tundra takes the prize.

Battery Capacity

There’s a significant difference between the battery capacity of Durafly Tundra and Timber. They both come with stock 2200mAh batteries. 

We don’t know for sure what type of batteries are used in Durafly Tundra. 

Timber uses a Lipo battery and the manufacturer doesn’t provide a charger with the kit. So it would be wise of you to know how to charge a lipo battery without a charger

Now, let’s talk about the total battery life. The Timber has space for only one 2200mAh battery. You shouldn’t even try gouging out the foam around for fitting in another battery. You might ruin the already not-so-durable plane. 

The Durafly Tundra, on the other hand, has space for extra batteries. You can fit it around 3-4 2200mAh batteries. Each 2200 mAh battery gives around an hour of flight time. 

So, the Durafly Tundra can fly for around 3-4 hours at a stretch. While the Timber can fly only for an hour max. 

Here’s a list of some of the best batteries for your convenience-

Product 1
Product 2

The Winner!

The winner is of course Durafly Tundra. These planes have the edge on almost everything. They have a better battery capacity, almost 3 times that of Timber.

They are far more durable than Timber. They are faster with more servos. They’re also lighter in weight. Not to mention they are far cheaper than Timber. The Timber only has the edge when it comes to landing and wingspan. Timber has a smoother landing and it also has a wider wingspan.

It’s true that Timber flys smoothly. But, overall Durafly Tundra is a better deal in every possible way.

Hope you were able to make your choice. But do know that both are great if you know how to fly them.


Question: How long does it take to assemble them?

Answer: It takes around 30 minutes to assemble these planes.

Question: Can the Durafly Tundra be turned into a seaplane?

Answer: Yes, they come with the package when you buy them.

Question: Do they give a  charger with Timber?

Answer: No, the manufacturer doesn’t give any charger.


Well, this is just about everything on durafly tundra vs timber. We hope you were able to pick your RC plane.

If you have any more queries, let us know in the comments.

Good Luck!

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