DX4C vs DX4S vs DX4R

DX4C vs DX4S vs DX4R: Pick Best And Get Confusions Off!

Interested to pick the best transmitter available in the market? Great! This article is for you then. 

Choosing over several transmitters for RC auto is very tiring. So many features out there that cause confusion. We understand and so love to guide you!

So, what differences should you know between DX4C vs DX4S vs DX4R?

Well, there are several technologies attached to these you may find. DX4C is popular for its cost-effectiveness. Meanwhile, the ABS system with traction control is quite impressive in DX4S. DX4R has brought ModelMatch technology that keeps the memory number of transmitters. 

We will take you deeper to explore the vital aspects of transmitters through our article.

Interested to know more? Keep scrolling down to get us spelling the beans. 

DX4C vs DX4S vs DX4R: Key Differences

Each of these comes from the same brand, Spektrum. According to technology, pricing, and so on, these may not feel the same. Let’s take you on the quick tour below for a better understanding! 

Comparing FactorsDX4CDX4SDX4R
DSMR TechnologyAvailableAvailableAvailable
Race Winning ResponseBetterAverageAverage
Spektrum AVC Receivers CompatibilityAvailableAvailableNot available
AvailabilityAvailable in each RC shopA bit rare on every shopAvailable in each RC shop
ABS SystemNot availableWinnerAverage
Pricing Range$100-130$300-330$250-270

Hoping you get a basic idea of what Spektrum transmitters highly focus on. And which aspects of these transmitters can offer you a great deal. Before moving any further let’s take a look at this graph: 

However, there’s a fight between Futaba and Spektrum. Read it out to get the best one.

No more hiding! Let’s jump to the briefing on DX4C vs DX4S vs DX4R.

DX4C vs DX4S vs DX4R: Detailed Comparison

Now it’s time to dig deeper into the key aspects that make difference among these. Shall we start?

DSMR Technology

This frequency-elegant digital spectrum modulation stays in each of these transmitters. 

DX4R comes with the 2.4GHz technology of DSMR. The same goes for DX4C and DX4S including a 4-Channel AVC system on both. 

Source: worthpoint.com

Meanwhile, the key benefit of this technology is in RC surface vehicles. You can utilize DSMR in RC boats or any other vehicle. 

Performance in noisy, crowdy environments is quite impressive. Three of these are compatible with marine-specific Spektrum, DSM, or even DSM2 receivers

Mostly, DSMR technology does not let users replace receivers within a short period. So, no replacement has to be made. 

However, users often face issues with their transmitters. Check out the reasons why RC transmitters stop working.

Winner: All three of these

Respond in a Race Winning Manner

For more instantaneous driving, lessening lap times is mandatory. Want your drive to win? 

DX4C and DX4C Pro are the best collections in the transmitter market then. Products such as the SR2000 receiver, a DX4C Pro is compatible to reduce lap times. It can immediately respond while getting your command. 

Fear about crowded or noisy environments? Worry not, it handles each environment as a versatile transmitter. We recommend this championship-winning prototype. 

Source: spektrumrc.com

Along with that, gaining excellent range, increasing signal protocol are the regular benefits of it. DSMR technology is a big part of evolving DX4C in this manner. 

Meanwhile, DX4S and DX4R have the power of accelerating signal security. But competitive responding lacks in both. 

Winner: DX4C

Spektrum AVC Receivers Compatibility

Spektrum AVC receivers are usually separately sold. This receiver has the potential to make RC cars smoother in driving. You will often get rail-driving vibes through AVC. 

Among these three transmitters, DX4S and DX4C have AVC functionalities. Meanwhile, DX4R comes with only DSMR technology which we already have talked about. AVC highly is compatible for:

  • Controlling User-Demand Traction
  • Gaining Higher Top Paces
  • More Rapid Acceleration
  • Prompter Cornering
  • Dialed-In Respond

Well, let’s focus on DX4C. It brings AVC surface radio protocol offering 4 channels. As a result, most of the budget-oriented drivers get this suitable. 

However, you will find sections while looking at the functions. Throttle and steering are operated through the first two channels in DX4C transmitters. Along with that, an ample adjustment facility is accessible through the last two channels. 

That’s why most of the users pick DX4C up to adjust steering and throttle. As driving faster requires control, it allows hundreds of these adjustments per second. 

AVC also provides exclusive and detector-based software. So, no pre-calculation of the surface conditions is required at all. All you need is to have this AVC system. 

It keeps users having the perfect portion of resilience wherever driving.

In the meantime, DX4S is also consistent with Spektrum receivers. It carries a patent-pending Active Vehicle Control or AVC technology. 

Just like DX4C, AVC keeps calculating the vehicle’s nature several times per second in DX4S. Though users recommend DX4C for higher command assurance, DX4S doesn’t fall behind. 

It suitably stays on the trajectory as per your command. Meanwhile, DX4S with AVC technology makes driving entirely natural. No lag, no delay to respond! 

Winner: DX4C wins it over all of these.

ModelMatch Technology 

Keeping a decent memory number in the transmitter shows how far it can run. All of these radio transmitters come with ModelMatch technology. 

Source: spektrumrc.com

Interestingly, memory numbers are not the same on each. Well, the budget transmitter, DX4C has 20-model memory. 

30-model in DX4S passes DX4C with 10-model extra. But here’s the winner! DX4R has brought a 50-model that suitably tops the table.

Winner: DX4R

ABS System

ABS or Anti-lock Braking System is an advanced part of transmitters. Without it, exploring different track situations is quite difficult. 

DX4R and DX4S offer this system. And so, you can do fine-tuning with much ease. Changes you did are visible throughout the sliding monitor. 

In comparing these two, DX4S got our eyeballs. The sophisticated and advanced ABS system wins over DX4R. 

Winner: DX4S

Final Verdict

We have come a long way. Before giving our judgment, let us spell you some features. From convincing backlit LCD screens to even 4-channels, all transmitters serve almost the same job. 

Along with that, RaceWare software is updated regularly. Don’t worry, you won’t miss the inactivity alarm system on any of these. 

Additionally, better rubber grip, robust power switch, battery covers, etc., are there! Differences that we witness are in the price, advanced technology, sheer comfort in uses, etc. 

DX4C can provide you with all of these features in a user-friendly manner. Want a DX4C manual guide to know? Read it for more technical details and proper usage.


Which Spektrum Transmitter Is The Most Recent Available In Market?

Spektrum has introduced its DX18 model. Several impressive features along with lightweight mode make it much more user-friendly. Also, this handheld transmitter brings 18 channels with full proportion. Along with that, having built-in telemetry, trainer functions that go wireless are incredible. 

Does Spektrum Provide Enough Features As A Top Brand?

Almost yes! Spectrum has evolved itself throughout the years by adding the latest features. So, it gets all features to fulfill your requirement. For budget customers, this brand can nicely tune in. Meanwhile, Spektrum provides the lightest radios. Top-notch displays of it also highly grab users. 

Is Spektrum Compatible To DSM Receivers?

Different models of DSM 2-channel receivers come with the Spektrum surface radio process. Digital Spectrum Modulation allows Spektrum so that system goes affordable. It leads DSM to have full control over receiver models. Having this fuel-proof case provides security against moisture.

Final Words

Finally, we hope you can now differentiate between DX4C vs DX4S vs DX4R. Make sure you have caught the best features provided by these. 

Our suggestion was quite widespread considering all users. You may get another one if you hold preferences. 

That’s all for today! Best wishes for your pick!

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