DX5C Vs DX5 Pro

Spektrum DX5C Vs DX5 Pro: Which One Should You Get? 

Choosing a good transmitter can be really difficult sometimes. Some prefer Spektrum DX5C and some just like DX5 Pro. That’s why choosing one can often become super confusing. 

So, what are the differences between dx5c vs dx5 pro? 

The Spektrum DX5C is super affordable compared to Spektrum DX5 Pro, which costs around $350. That’s why many users often opt for DX5C. But the DX5 Pro has a faster frame rate and more programmable mixes. On top of that, DX5 Pro has a better screen and more ergonomic options. 

Anyhow, that was just a quick comparison between the two. We’ve discussed more on each of these topics for a better understanding.  

Stay with us if you want to know more about Spektrum transmitters. 

Spektrum DX5C vs DX5 Pro: Quick Comparison

Starting a full-scale discussion may be a lot for you if you’re new. That’s why we’ve decided to go over the differences quickly. 

Besides, this makes the comparison a lot easier to understand. 


Suppose, you want to know which is the better transmitter between XT90 vs XT60. A quick table with notable differences can instantly help you with that. 

That’s why we’ve brought all the differences under one chart. Have a look- 

FactorsSpektrum DX5C Spektrum DX5 Pro
Frame Rate11 ms, 16 ms, 22 ms 5.5 ms
Programmable MixesLessMore
Screen DecentBetter
Ergonomic optionLessMore

Which one do you think you’re interested in? Keep reading for a much more detailed comparison below. 

Spektrum DX5C vs DX5 Pro: In-Depth Discussion

Spektrum DX5C transmitters are quite similar to DX5 Pro. Because of that, it has been a long debate among many RC enthusiasts. 

So, it’s not uncommon if you haven’t reached a decision yet. 

Frame Rate

But don’t worry. The Spektrum DX5 Pro comes with a lot of benefits that may convince you. And that’s why we’ve chosen this as the next segment. 

Frame rate is also an issue when comparing DX6 with DX8.

Frame rate determines how fast the data is going to travel. Simply put, the faster the frame rate, the smoother the experience. 

Spektrum dx5c smart transmitters have 3 different frame rates. They are 11ms, 16.5ms and 22ms respectively. 

11ms is the fastest frame available that requires a DX5C compatible receiver. It has to have a receiver with DSMR technology. 

But it’s still possible to hook up an old receiver with DSM2 technology. But in that case, you’ll have a 16.5ms frame rate. This is slightly slower than 11ms. 

Speaking of receivers, we decided to recommend some of our best picks-

Simply choose a receiver that you like more and you can immediately get started. 

On the contrary, the Spektrum DX5 pro is a lot faster than the DX5C. Well, you’ll have to have some advantage to justify that massive price point. 

In the Spektrum DX5 Pro manual, it says it has a 5.5ms frame rate. This means its signal is two times better. But it’s only possible with compatible receivers. 

The rest receivers will be using the 11ms frame rate as usual. This means to fully utilize the upgrade, you’ll need a new receiver as well. 

Note that the frame rate doesn’t increase the overall range or make it faster. It makes your signal stronger and overall better. 

In the end, better frame rates or antenna stacking doesn’t increase the range at all. 

Winner: Spektrum DX5 Pro wins the category for faster frame rates. 

Programmable Mixes

After frame rate, programmable mixes are our next segment. Programmable mixes allow you to have different settings. 

Simply put, they provide extra benefits that enhance your experience. 

Spektrum DX5C has a steering mix and a special 4 wheel steering mix. They also give you one extra mix which is assignable. 

These should be enough for most people. But if you want even more then DX5 Pro would be a better choice. 

Spektrum DX5 Pro offers significantly more options in programmable mixes. These include traction control, ABS, dual rates, 4-wheel steering, and much more. 

If you intend to use those mixes, do choose Spektrum DX5 Pro without a doubt. 

Winner: Spektrum DX5 Pro wins this round. 

Screen & Ergonomic Options

A good screen is certainly important for a transmitter. Because it’s supposed to give you all the information. Luckily, both of them are pretty solid in this category.

The Spektrum DX5C has a decent screen for around such low price. The transmitter also has nice ergonomic options, providing you with comfort. 

Source: HorizonHobbyProducts

On the contrary, Spektrum DX5 Pro has a better screen. It’s also super comfortable to hold and operate. 

To be honest, that’s pretty much expected considering the massive price point. 

Source: RCDriver_Online

Winner: Spektrum DX5 Pro wins this category.

Price Point 

We had to start with the price segment because of a massive difference. A lot of RC lovers often worry about prices. 

Because not all of us aren’t that lucky to dump a lot of money. And when comparing DX5C with DX5 pro, money is going to be an issue. 

Let’s start with the Spektrum DX5C first. This transmitter is available online for only around $150-230. 

There are also Spektrum DX5C receivers available which you can buy together. 

For a price range of $150-250, Spektrum DX5C is an outstanding product. It gets most of the job done. This is really going to be your only option if you’re under budget. 

Spektrum DX5 Pro transmitter has a pricing that’s more than double compared to DX5C.  Luckily, the price is not absolute and can hover somewhere between $240-350.

So, unless you have a good chunk of money to spend, the Dx5c is your best option. 

Winner: Spektrum DX5C wins because of a much lower price. 

Our Verdict

If you still haven’t decided yet, that’s fine. For us, the Spektrum DX5C is the clear winner. 

The Spektrum DX5 Pro has more mixes and a quicker frame rate. But it costs more than double. That’s why the Spektrum DX5 Pro is not a great option. 

On the contrary, Spektrum DX5C provides everything under budget. It’s more affordable and good for amateurs. 

Whichever you get, the Spektrum transmitters require an adequate charge to operate with full capability. Or else, you might face spektrum dx5 pro problems.So you must have an equally capable charger for it.

With good binding, any transmitter will perform nicely. You’ll also need Spektrum dx5 pro lipo batteries. Besides, having a casing for your transmitter helps you keep them secure. 


What receivers work with DX5 pro?

Spektrum DX5 Pro uses the latest DSMR transmission signal. To effectively use the transmitter, it requires compatible receivers. It’s best to use Spektrum receivers but they can cost more than other brands. But considering the advantage of that faster frame rate, it’s a great investment.

How do I update my Spektrum receiver?

First, you’ll need to download the Spektrum updater tool. Open it and plug in the USB programmer cable to connect it. When you power the receiver, you’ll see a serial number. Use it to register the receiver. Then find the update file and download it. When you’re done click install and you’re done!

Is DSMR compatible with DSM2?

Yes, the DSMR technology is compatible with DSM2. DSMR is the newest RC technology developed by Spektrum which provides various upgrades. It’s backward compatible which means you won’t have to get a new receiver. But remember that, you won’t get full benefits if you use DSM2 receivers. 

Take Away

That was all we could gather on Spektrum DX5C vs DX5 Pro

If you want to be completely sure, it’s best to try them both. That depends on whether you have access to both models. Otherwise, you can ask other users or read some reviews. 

Thanks, have a nice day!

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