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Dx6 Vs Dx6i: Head To Head Battle

Choosing the right Spektrum for your RC plane is absolutely necessary. The more models and features it has the better it is. Dx6 and Dx6i are two popular RC planes you can choose from.

But, which one is better, Dx6 Vs Dx6i?

Dx6 is a 250 model memory Spektrum that has a built-in wireless trainer system. Dx6i is a 10 model memory Spektrum. It doesn’t have a wireless trainer nor does it give voice alerts. But, it does give small alerts for notifications. Dx6 is expensive where Dx6i has a reasonable price.

That was only the preview of our whole discussion. To know more details about these, read our article till the end.

So, let’s begin!

Dx6 Vs Dx6i: Basic Comparison

Before we start, let’s see the basic differences between both Spektrum at a glance. This will give you a better idea about them. Just how basics can help you with the binding process of DX6I.

Here’s a short comparison between Dx6 Vs Dx6i.

Key Feature250 model memory, includes wireless trainer link, voice alerts system, has built-in telemetry.10 model Memory Airplane and have Heli 2 position switches.
Mixes 5 programmable mixes.2 programmable mixes.
Additional FeaturesSupports Heli/Air/ Sailplane models, has a direct system access menu, contains an SD card slot for updates, and model transfers.Has rolling selector user interface, Servo Sync, and ModelMatch.
Target CustomerUsers who are looking for their first computer radio. Also, the users who want advanced features in a budget radio system.Users who use park flyers and sport flyers want to experience the advantages of a computer radio and multi-model memory.
Customer Interest Moving FromEntry-level computer or non-computer or radio.Multiple RTF transmitters
Customer demandMore model memory, voice alert system, and advanced programming.Expanding their fleet to park flyers, collective pitch helicopters, warbirds, etc. just expanding their fleet in general basically.

Now, you have the surface idea on both Spektrum. Let’s move on to the detailed discussion about Dx6 Vs Dx6i.

Detailed Comparison Between Dx6 Vs Dx6i

Experiencing a good flight partially depends on your RC plane’s controller. Frsky and Spektrum are the two most common names among them. Let’s talk only about spektrum Dx6 and Dx6i today. 

Here’s their detailed comparison-

Model Memory

The Dx6 Spektrum has 250 model memory. This means it allows you to store up to 250 models of RC aircraft. Where Dx6i Spektrum has only 10 model memory. It can save up to 10 different models of airplanes or Helis.

Winner: Dx6 Spektrum since it has more model memory.

Wired Trainer

The Dx6 Spektrum has a wireless trainer link. It allows the user to wirelessly partner up with other transmitters like DSM2/DSMX. You don’t have to go through the process of pairing them every time manually. It’s enough to link only one time for the transmitters to re-link later. 

Dx6i doesn’t have a wireless link system in it. Instead, it has a magic trainer cable to pair up with other transmitters. 

Winner: Dx6 Spektrum is leading this segment. Because the wireless trainer link is easier and more effective.

Voice Alerts

One of the best features of Dx6 is the programmable voice alert system. It easily allows the user to use the voice alert option on different features. You don’t need to constantly keep looking at the transmitter. 

You can simply rely on the programmable voice alert system. This makes flying your RC airplane a lot easier. 

Unlike Dx6, Dx6i doesn’t have a voice alert system included in it. But they do give off small and various alerts in different tones and beeps.

Winner: Dx6 Spektrum for its voice alert functionality.

Programming Difference

RC planes with modern electronics have pretty flexible programming. Spektrum Dx6 is no different. You can program every single switch individually. You can even program the sticks themselves to serve other functions. 

For example, you can use them to control a gimbal instead of aircraft. 

These sticks may get loose as they age. In such cases, just replacing them is good enough. Here are our suggestions for the replacement for your product-

Product 1 
Product 2 

There is no three-position switch in the Dx6i Spektrum. To get a three-position switch, you need to use different switches and a mix. Which is kind of a lengthy and troublesome process. 

The timer switch in Dx6i works as the trainer switch and the buying switch. Basically, Dx6i programming is complex just like DX8 programming.

This difference is common between Spektrum dx6 and dx6e as well.

Winner: Dx6 is the winner because it has better programming than Dx6i.


Adding a Dx6 to your collection will definitely cost you a good amount. And the reason is quite visible. Compared to Dx6i, Dx6 offers more features and better options. All these make Dx6 a pricey option.

Compared to Dx6, Dx6i is a much cheaper option. You can even save the half amount you would spend for a Dx6. Its price is pretty reasonable. This is why people mostly prefer Dx6i. 

Winner: Dx6i is a step ahead in terms of price as it’s cheap!

Final Verdict

Choosing between both Dx6 and Dx6i depends on your personal choice. But as you can see, Dx6 is a lot of steps ahead of Dx6i. This doesn’t necessarily mean Dx6i is bad. It’s also a great Spektrum to keep in your collection. The final choice is yours.

Have you decided on which controller Spektrum to choose? Make sure to use the right Spektrum with the best long-range fpv plane. It gives the finest flight experience ever. 


Question: What types of batteries are used for Dx6i?

Answer: the Dx6i spektrums uses 4 “AA” NiMH batteries. Some may think that “AA” batteries make the Spektrum feel cheap. However, it has its own advantages too. 

Question: How to assign a switch in Dx6?

Answer: Spektrum Dx6 has toggle switch A,B,C,D. A & C are the two-position switches and B & D are three-position switches. To assign the switches manually, you have to assign the flap receiver channel. Assign it to either the B or D switch of the Spektrum.

Question: What is the antenna configuration for Dx6?

Answer: The initial Dx6 Spektrums used a single fixed antenna. But now, they use a diversity antenna. Dx6 antennas are adjustable as well. The Dx6 e antenna is also similar to Dx6 antennas.


That was all from our side regarding the difference between Dx6 Vs Dx6i. Hopefully, this discussion was helpful for you. 

Don’t forget to do regular maintenance for your RC Spektrum.

Until the next time!

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