DX6 vs DX8

DX6 vs DX8: Which One Is the Better Transmitter?

DX6 and DX8 are two of Spektrum’s most popular multi-channel RC transmitters. People often get confused when choosing one of these models. We understand if you are one of them as well.

So, dx6 vs dx8– which one should you get?

DX6 transmitters are more budget-friendly than DX8. But, when it comes to memory, DX8 is better. Also, it has a lot of features and a better quality display. Now, for number of channels, DX8 has 2 more extra than DX6. But DX6 lasts long with its 4 AA Batteries. Also, DX6 has an amplified antenna.

That’s not all. We have a comprehensive comparison between these two right here in this article. This will definitely clear your dilemma!

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading!

Basic Differences Between DX6 and DX8

Similar to DX8 and DX9 comparisons, the Spektrum DX6 and DX8 also share some differences.

Let’s have a look at the basic differences between these two RC transmitters down below:

Number of Channels68
Model Memory Capacity250 Model MemoryCapacity of 30 Models
Included ReceiversAR610AR8000
Programming FeaturesHas a different number of types for each aircraft.Has a different number of types for each aircraft.
Battery4 AA Batteries.2000 mAh NiMH battery pack.
Display ScreenBetter high resolution backlit display screenLow-resolution non-backlit display screen
Price RangeAround $230-260Around $330-370

From the aforementioned table, we can understand the basic differences between the dx6 and dx8. In contrast to DX8 vs Dx8e the comparable features are few in number in this case. The can be said for DX6 vs DX6e as well.

Now, we need in-depth insights to understand which one to buy.

In-Depth Comparison

In the previous table, we got a superficial knowledge of their core differences. Now we’ll thoroughly discuss these differences to get a better view of this comparison.

Number of Channels

The number of channels dictates the number of functions your plane or helicopter can operate. Every channel is basically a discrete frequency that controls a particular action of the aircraft. 

You will have to consider the number of channels you require before buying one of these. 

The dx6 has a total of 6 channels. Whereas, the dx8 has 2 additional ones than the dx6. Its 8 channels make it very lucrative to enthusiasts. 

Source: sleramotorsports.com

You can use only two channels for your aircraft if you are a beginner. But for the bigger and more sophisticated ones, you’ll need more channels.

Winner: The dx8 clearly wins the first round since it has more channels. More channels mean that you can control more actions while flying. You can use them to control the flaps, bomb drops, and all the cool stuff.

Model Memory Capacity

Model memory capacity dictates how many models can you store up in your transmitter. Remember, this doesn’t include the SD card capacity. It is only the in-built memory.

From a Spektrum dx8 review, we found out that the model has a high model memory capacity. It can store upto 30 models, in fact. If you run out of memory and use an SD card, then you’ll have to bind the receiver to the transmitter every time

Even though it is much less than the Spektrum dx6, it still is pretty impressive. You’ll not be needing an SD card for a long time.

Here we’ve mentioned some quality SD cards if you ever want to buy one:

SanDisk 128GB Ultra microSDCheck Price
Extreme Performance High Speed 128GB SD Card Check Price
Vantrue 256GB microSD Check Price

Hopefully, you’ll find this useful!

On the contrary, the DX6’s on-board memory has a mammoth capacity of 250 models. It means you can store up to 250 models inside your transmitter without any SD card. 

It eradicates the trouble of shifting between the transmitter memory and the SD card. 

You can very easily navigate the model memory menu in a dx6. The memory slots with saved model settings will only be in the menu. 

No need to go through vacant slots or move the deleted models around.

Winner: The dx6 comprehensively wins this battle with its gigantic model memory capacity.

Included Receivers 

Receivers are important when using RC controllers. If you get it wrong, the transmitter and receiver won’t work.

The dx6 comes with an AR610 receiver. It is a combination of the speedy and precise DSMX control and the secure amplified antenna. This antenna helps to prevent blind spots. 

Due to being amplified, it catches the transmitter’s signal with insane clarity at full 2.4GHz. 

On the other hand, dx8 has an AR8000 receiver. It is an 8-channel high-speed transmitter-receiver. 

Winner: The dx6 wins this round with the help of its amplified antenna. 

Programming Features

With an extensive airplane and helicopter programming feature line, the DX6 has more to offer. It also has an awesome number of programming features for sailplanes too.

For airplanes, it offers 10 wing types, 6 tail types, 5 flight modes, and 10 programmable mixes. For helicopters, it has a 7-Point throttle curve, 7-Point pitch curve, 7-Point tail curve. It also has 7 Swashplate types.

For seaplanes, a dx6 offers 5 wing types, 3 tail types, 10 flight modes, and 4 preset mixes.

Now, dx8 also has an impressive programming line for all three of these aircraft. For airplanes, 9 wing types, 5 tail types, and 6 programmable mixes. For helis, it’s got 5-point graphic throttle and pitch curves and 6 swashplate types.

And for seaplanes, the dx8 offers 4 flight modes, 4 wing types, 3 tail types. It also has 2 programmable mixes in it.

Winner: The dx6 wins again since it has more types overall in all three aircraft. It gives you much more room for adjustment and control.


The battery life of a transmitter also plays a role in the buying decision. The more it can last, the more fun for the user.

The dx6 comes with 4 AA batteries. Each battery is about 2000-3000 mAh. 

On the contrary, the dx8 comes with a 2000mAh NiMH battery pack

Winner: The dx6 wins this time. 

It has 4 AA batteries that provide much more power than the dx8. Hence it will run for much longer as well.

Display Screen

The dx6 has a beautiful backlit display screen. It has all the actions on a single screen and the actions have all their channels in one place. This makes the navigation really easy and effortless. You can name models up to 25 characters.

The dx8 has a pretty low-resolution screen on it. It can only accommodate 4 lines of text at a time. So, you have to go to the next screen to get more settings.

Source: carousell.sg

You can only use 8 characters to name a model due to the low resolution of the screen.

Also, all the actions such as – throttle, aileron, have settings on individual screens. It means that you have to move to a new screen for each action setting.

Winner: The dx6 is the clear winner in this round. It has a much better display screen that is easy and hassle-free to use.

Price Range

Now, we come to the price. This feature is important for all comparisons. Just like the price difference between xt60 and ec3, there’s a price difference between dx6 and dx8.

The dx6 costs around $230-260 currently. You can’t get this many features with this price range. And due to this price, it is very popular among enthusiasts all around.

On the other hand, the dx8 costs around $330-370 almost everywhere. The extra price has to be paid for the extra channels. 

People who need more channels don’t feel that bad to pay those extra bucks at all.

WInner: The dx6 is evidently much cheaper than the dx8, So, the dx6 wins again!

Hopefully, now you have an in-depth idea of the comparison between these two models.

Which One to Buy?

Both of these RC transmitters are excellent in their very ways. Hence, it is super confusing to choose one of them. 

People similarly face a grave dilemma distinguishing dx6 from dx9.

The dx6 is a much better bang for the buck. It is full of amazing features and options. For this price range, it is hands down the best.

However, if you are trying to get a more complicated aircraft, it’d require more channels. In that case, the dx8 is the way to go for you.

Source: flickr.com

Paying a bit more for those additional two channels is definitely worth it! 


How are Spektrum DX6 and DX6e different?

The Spektrum DX6 and DX6e are identical in terms of appearance. But, the DX6e is a little lighter in weight and tinier in size than the DX6. DX6 feels and looks a whole lot more professional than the DX6e. The DX6e looks kind of like a toy since it is very small and light when you compare them.

How are Spektrum dx8 and dx8e different from each other?

The dx8 has a 2000mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack. You will easily find the battery pack and the charger in shops. But it will cost you an additional $75 but it is easy to install. The DX8e needs 4 AA batteries like a DX6, which lasts about 2-6 hours. This is what sets them apart.

Do both DX6 and DX8 have voice alerts?

Yes, both the DX6 and DX8 have integrated voice alerts. They use voice alerts to count down the time on the timer. They also relay notifications such as ‘Flaps Down’ and ‘Gear Up’ through their voice alerts. This is something all the enthusiasts love about these two models since it’s very new.


Hopefully now you understand the detailed comparison between dx6 vs dx8. We expect you to pick the right one for you now.

For much more precise response, try binding your transmitter with a good receiver.

We will see you in another article very soon.

Till then, it’s a wrap!

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