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E Revo Motor Upgrade: A Step-By-Step Guide

It can get boring to always use the same E-Revo. Or maybe you want more power out of your current E-Revo.

But these days, buying a brand new RC car can be very expensive. It’s much better to just upgrade the motors to improve the performance.

So, you might be wondering, how do I start my E-Revo motor upgrade?

You can upgrade your E-Revo motor in several ways. You can get a higher KV motor for more power out of the box. You can also tweak the turns for torque adjustment. Upgrading the sensor will ensure smooth power delivery. Finally, the motor ESC upgrade will also benefit you in the long run.

That’s just a brief rundown. We have a full guide on upgrading the motors in your E-Revo.

Continue reading to find out more.

Is It Worth Upgrading Traxxas E Revo Motor?

Before deciding if the upgrade is worth it or not, we need to see the drawbacks. Depending on the drawbacks, you can decide if the upgrade is worth the effort.

Traxxas E Revo Motor
Source: traxxas.com

3 Drawbacks of Traxxas E Revo Motor:

The Traxxas E Revo uses a 2.0 1/10 2200KV VXL-6S Brushless Motor. This motor is quite popular among RC enthusiasts. 

However, like any other device, this motor has a few drawbacks. Detecting a bad motor can be tedious too.

Here, we have pointed out 3 major drawbacks for your convenience. Hopefully, it will help with the upgrading decision.

Heating Issues: 

One of the most common issues of the E Revo motor is overheating. Many users complain that the motor gets extremely hot after a few minutes of driving.

Although the Traxxas 6S motors are high quality, they encounter thermal throttling frequently. 


Another drawback of the Traxxas E Revo is that the motor is sensorless. Sensored motors feature a little port on their back. This is used to connect the motor to the ESC.

There is a reason behind this connection. Using this, The ESC can control the motor’s power delivery and track the rotor’s location.

This ensures a smooth power delivery. But the stock E Revo motor does not have this feature.

Durability Issues: 

Although popular, some users bring in the durability issue of the E Revo motor. Some complain that the motor breaks at high RPMs. 

Also, some users complained that the motor overheats and ceases. Pinion breakdown is also a common durability issue of the Traxxas E Revo motor.

After knowing all the drawbacks, you can easily tell that the upgrade is worth the effort. You will not want an overheating motor in crucial situations.

Moreover, You will not want a motor to break down when you need it the most.

Hence, the upgrading hassle is worth the try.

Compatibility Factors for Upgrading Traxxas E Revo Motor

Before jumping into upgrading your motor, you need to consider some factors. These are important in choosing the perfect upgrade for you. It is as simple as upgrading motors on a 4×4 slash.

Also, it will help you with decision-making. Here are some of the major compatibility factors for upgrading the E Revo motor;

KV Rating: 

KV is how much power a motor has, just like horsepower is how much power a car has. 

It means RPM per volt, which means “revolutions per minute per volt.” That means that the motor will turn that much RPM faster for every volt of power.

The more KV you have, the faster your top speed, but the less torque you have. The lower the KV, the more torque, and speed, but the top speed is lower.

Number of Turns: 

When looking for a better motor, you will also have to deal with turns. They are another way to measure how powerful a motor is. 

Turns are written with a capital “T.” It denotes how many times each pole of the armature is wrapped with copper wire.

With fewer turns, the KV goes up, but the torque goes down. With more turns, KV goes down and torque goes up.

Sensored vs Sensorless: 

Sensored motors have a small port on the back where the motor can be connected to the ESC (Electronic Speed Control). The ESC can keep track of where the rotor is and smoothly power the motor.

When you first hit the gas, you really only notice this. Once you get up to higher RPMs, it doesn’t matter much. 

However, when you have a sensored motor, you need a sensored ESC to go with it. A sensored motor costs about $20 to $30 more than a regular one. 

Size and Dimension: 

Obviously, it’s very important to make sure your motor fits. You’ll need to find the motor’s length, diameter, and shaft width. 

The shaft width is the size of the part that the pinion gear will go on. The pinion gear is the small gear at the end of your motor shaft. 

The spur gear is the larger gear. Make sure it’s not a size that’s too weird for your pinion gear to fit on. 

You’ll also want to check how far apart the motor’s mounting holes are. Make sure it fits on your mount.


The Electronic Speed Control (ESC) acts as the go-between the batteries and the motor. It is comparable to “the negotiator” in many ways.

the negotiator
Source: made-in-china.com

It links up to the receiver and picks up signals from the remote. This signal instructs it on how much power to discharge. 

The ESC must be able to safely process this amount of power. This is vital for transmitting to the motor. 

Therefore, you should also upgrade the electronic speed controller (ESC) whenever you replace the motor. Consider the wattage, maximum amps, and continuous amps of the motor.

Recommended Traxxas E Revo Motor Upgrades 

Here are some recommended motor upgrades for the Traxxas E Revo.

AspectFor Climbing For Racing For Bashing 
Turns Less Turns More Turns Less Turns

Upgrading E Revo Motor for Racing

Upgrading your RC car for racing will be acceleration and speed focus. Hence, we will suggest you upgrade to a sensored motor.

A sensored motor will ensure smooth power delivery which is very crucial for performance. Also upgrading to a more turn motor will give more speed and power too. Moreover, do not forget to upgrade your ESCs too. 

For this you can pick this 16.8v waterproof evx-2 esc & 2 titan 550 motors.

Upgrading E Revo Motor For Bashing: 

Upgrading your motor for bashing will require more power and torque. Hence, for an uninterrupted power supply, we will suggest you use sensorless motors. 

Alongside that, a motor with less turn will benefit you immensely. For this you can check this GoolRC 2435 4800KV 4P Sensorless Brushless Motor with 25A ESC.

Upgrading E Revo Motor for Climbing:

Perhaps the most difficult task for an RC car is climbing. This not only requires more power and torque but also more traction as well. 

Thus to make your car capable of climbing, you need to upgrade to a less-turn motor. This will ensure good torque and grip.

Also, you will need a power powerful ESC alongside more KV. A higher KV rating will give you the extra kick while climbing rocks. Make sure the motor has sensors as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the E-Revo a Good Basher?

Yes, it is perfect for bashing. Actually, that’s part of the excitement. This vehicle boasts suspension that can absorb the impact of a jump off the Sears Tower. It also has computerized self-righting technology and incredible power. Hence, the E-Revo is an ideal basher.

Is Traxxas E-Revo Waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof. The ESC, receiver, and servos of the E-Revo are completely waterproof. You can enjoy driving it in wet situations. This would cause other trucks to return to the repair shop very often. The E-Revo is yours to drive whenever and wherever you like.

Can I Burn Out My E-Revo Brushless Motors?

Yes, you can burn out your E-Revo motors. If the rotor is abruptly stopped with the power still on, this is what will occur. If the motor is driven for an extended period of time, it will burn it too. Don’t connect it with a voltage source that is higher than the rated voltage.


That’s all we have to say about the E-Revo motor upgrade from our side. Now, you should be able to upgrade your E-Revo motor to meet your needs.

Make sure you check your motor and ESCs every so often. Do tell us about your change in the comments.

See you soon.

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