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A Step by Step Method for Eachine Antenna Upgrade

Would you like to boost the range of your Eachine antenna? So it can fly further away. That too, without losing any signal and having your drone fly higher. It will provide better aerial video footage as well. Well, you need an upgrade for that.

Now surely you’re wondering how to conduct the eachine antenna upgrade?

To upgrade your eachine antenna, first, get a dipole antenna. The antenna that comes with the drone is very small with a single wire. Remove the drone’s antenna and connect the new one to the GND. Use some hot glue to pull the antenna together. But that’s not all as there are still some steps left.

We know you didn’t get the full guide yet! However, we have provided the detailed process of upgrading your antenna in the following section.

Keep reading to find out! 

Step by Step Eachine Antenna Upgrade

So improving the range of your Eachine antenna helps a lot. Because the drone can fly further away after the boost. Also, it would hardly lose any signal on the way. You will also be able to fly your drone higher. 

And last but not least, It is going to provide better aerial video footage as well. 

So, we bet you are thinking of an upgrade for your antenna by now.

Don’t worry, the process is not as confusing as verifying a dji account.

It’s quite straightforward and effortless if you ask. To make it easier for you, here we have provided an in-depth step-by-step process. 

Follow it accordingly and get it done!

Step 1: Get the Dipole Antenna

To start off, firstly you need to get a dipole antenna. There are plenty of aftermarket antennas you can choose from. For example, AKK 5.8GHz 2.15dBI IPEX FPV Dipole Antenna offers excellent long-range connection.

E-outstanding FPV Antenna 2PCS 7cm 5.8GHz can be a good budget deal. 

Along with those, Triple Feed 5.8G 9.4dBi Directional Long Range Antenna is another great choice.

After getting the component, you will be upgrading the antenna of the drone itself. And the drone’s antenna actually tends to be very small with a single wire. 

If you’re having second thoughts, let us give you a confidence boost. This process is actually the most simple yet effective way to upgrade eachine antenna. Here’s the proof-

That is why you need a dipole antenna. It should be a 2.4 GHz antenna that will have two wires. One outside wire and one inside the wire. 

So, how do you get the antenna? It comes with a micro receiver. The Flysky a8s to be exact. And you need to buy the spare part. 

The part should be a bit longer and of the exact same model. And it will also come with an Apex connector.

That is step one. Now let’s check out the next step.

Step 2: Prepare the Antenna

You need to cut the Apex connector. Then you have to flip the wires slightly back. 

Now open up those two wires. The outside wire is ground. So, you have to sew it together.

Prepare the Antenna
Source: Reddit

Then you also got one plastic inside wire with relatively slim wire on the inside. 

You have to get little dots of soldering on it. Because it’s very weak. So you need to strengthen it using hot glue. 

Now open up your drone and discard the old antenna. 

A little screwdriver should come with that drone. With that, open up the four screws on the arms. 

Be cautious when opening it up. Because otherwise, you may lose the rubber spaces for the arms. It keeps the motor from vibrating. Also, keeps the vibration from moving to the camera. 

Moreover, it keeps the jello away as well as unplugs the motors. Very easy plug and play!

Now you have to find ground for connecting it to the antenna. As mentioned before, the wire on the inside is positive. And the wire on the outside is negative. 

You need to just look for a patch saying GND. A bit difficult to find but after a while, you can surely find GND. This is ground. 

It should be right next to the antenna. But you may also find ground right over B minus. This is the place where battery power comes in. 

That was the second step. 

Step 3: Solar the End to the GND

This step is easy! 

Now after you have found the ground, solar one end to the ground (GND). 

Finish it before you start attaching the new antenna in its place. It will boost the range.

Step 4: Glue It Together 

Pull the antenna together to the ground. Then add some hot glue for supporting the wire. 

And then escalate it from the circuit board. So it does not create any smoke around the connection. Plus, also around the ground.

Glue It Together
Source: YouTube

Also, get the antenna away from the circuit board. Also, get it away from the light. This way you won’t circuit it out.

Such a simple process so far, isn’t it? No hassle or worrying like when there’s no dji app on play store.

Step 5: Complete the Process

Now give the glue a few minutes to properly dry out so it’s really hard. 

However, you have one more task before you proceed to assemble the drone. And go out for a test flight.

That’s ensuring that the anti-vibration rubbers are all sitting accurately on your DJI flight controller. Also, make sure you do not over-tighten them. Because they won’t really work. 

They must be tight yet not over-tight. Perhaps some extra support with a tie wrap connection. That’s all you need.

So your drone is connected and you get the antenna upgrade on the drone

Now you are ready to go outside and have a test flight. 

Test it out to see how much boost you got. You will be amazed to see how much more you’ve boosted the rate. 

While you’ve successfully upgraded the antenna, you might have forgotten about a crucial element. And that is maintaining your FPV drone regularly. Without proper maintenance, you can’t really expect your drones to perform well.

So, with that in mind, go crazy with your improved drone now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Eachine drones any good?

Yes, the Eachine E520S are very good drones. They come with various updated features. Such as an HD camera. It is easy to fly as well. Moreover, it is relatively cheap in price. And good for both beginners as well as experienced drone pilots.

Do drone signal boosters work?

Yes, drone signal boosters do work. These boosters may boost the signal of your drone very significantly. That too, by several times. They secure a relatively safer flight for you. They provide an overall smoother fight as well.

What happens if you fly your drone out of range?

One of three things may occur if the drone goes out of range. That is, it may return to home. Or it can keep hovering on the spot or fly away. And finally, the drone can land on the spot. Most GPS drones are functioned to automatically return home once they lose signal.

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