Easily Remove Stuck Set Screw

7 Steps To Easily Remove Stuck Set Screw


When you build an RC car, the last thing you want to see is the screws getting stuck. When this happens, it’s time for a little inspiration and innovation.

How to easily remove stuck set screw

Removing a stuck set screw is easier than you think. They might come off right after using a little penetrating fluid. If it’s a little more complicated, you might need to use a drill machine or Dremel tools. You can also unscrew it with the help of a rubber tube.

These steps might seem easy. But you need to know more.  That’s why we have stated all the details briefly in this article.

So why are you wasting your time? Start now and get done before the blink of an eye.

How To Remove Stuck Set Screw? 6 Small Steps

Set screws are used to connect two items. When attempting to remove a set screw, corrosion or rust may cause it to become stuck. 

It takes a lot of hassle to remove rusted set screws. However, if you have experience in removing stripped screws, it will be easy for you.

Set screws, unlike other fastening screws, are too tiny to be extracted using a screw extractor. So, be patient while removing a jammed set screw. It may take some trial and error to find the ideal approach.

Before we start, you’ll need a few tools to continue with the steps. We have stated down all the tools that you might need-

  • Drill
  • Screw extractor set
  • Plug cutter
  • Long-nose locking pliers
  • 3/32 -inch or 7/64 inch Drill Bits
  • 1/2-inch drill bit.
  • A dental pick or dental probe
  • Rubber tube
  • Interior, and exterior trim tool
  • Hammer
  • Hex keys

You should have most of these tools at your home. Getting good quality equipment is very important. Otherwise, they can hamper your work. 

For example- if you don’t have good quality hex drivers, they can break while you’re tightening screws. But in the case of these drill bits, we are suggesting a few- 

Product-1 3/32 inch drill bit
Product-2 7/64 inch drill bit
Product-3 1/2 inch drill bit

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the above products. These bits are capable of handling the worst. 

Now, if you have collected all the items, let’s get to work. 

Step 1 of 7: Apply Penetrating Lubricant

Apply a penetrating lubricant to the set screw. You can use grease that’s for your RC. Keep an eye on the seam that connects the set screw to the object’s base. Allow one hour for the penetrating fluid to operate. Then, using a clean cloth, wipe the set screw head clean.

If you can’t find a good quality penetrating fluid, we have your back too. Look below to find a few of the best penetrating fluids-


You can be sure about the performance of these penetrating fluids. This should help to loosen stuck set screws from your RC vehicle in no time.

Step 2 of 7: Turn the Screw with a Screwdriver

Using the screwdriver or hex key, turn the set screw counterclockwise. The penetrating fluid, along with the pressure applied by pressing down, is typically enough to dislodge the set screw.

Insert the appropriate size Phillips-head screwdriver based on the screw head. You can also use a hex key in the screw.

Step 3 of 7: Remove the Screw

Tap the top of your tool with a hammer while holding the screwdriver or hex key on the screw. The blunt force can occasionally loosen the threads between the screw and the item. As a result of this, you’ll be able to turn the screw. 

Using a suitable screwdriver or hex key, remove the screw.

Step 4 of 7: Use a Drilling Device

If the penetrating lubricant has not worked, try using an easy-out drilling device. To do this, drill a hole at the end of the set screw. This must be done in the opposite direction of the turning direction. 

Did you know, you can start a nitro RC with a drill? Funny isn’t it? 

Step 5 of 7: Use a Rubber Tube

Now, put rubber tubing over the easy-out device and fasten it to a drill. With the other hand, hold onto the set screw. 

Slowly push the drill forward and backward until you feel resistance against the bit. This will remove a small amount of metal from around the screws head. 

Repeat this step several times. Do this until you can use your finger to remove any visible portion of the screw.

Step 6 of 6: Final Touch

Remove the set screw from the object’s target assembly. Inspect the area around it for any evidence of damage. Where needed, replace any damaged materials with new pieces.

Using a soldering iron, solder the object back to its base.

We hope you found these methods to be as simple as we thought they were. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to remove all of the set screws. In extreme cases, you might need half an hour.

Tips to Avoid Stuck Set Screws

Here are some pointers to help you avoid getting stuck set screws-

Tighten the Set Screw First

When installing the nut, always tighten the set screw first. After that, install the nut.

Apply Pressure Evenly

Apply the same amount of pressure in each direction while inserting the nut. This will help to avoid slipping past flush with the screw head.

Use a Vice

If you have a vice, use it to tighten the screw. This will allow you to exert greater pressure without becoming tangled. When using a vice, make sure that there are no protruding edges. Sharp corners on the jaws could damage your blade.

You may also use a bench vise and an old credit card to assist you. A lot of the time it works.

These tips can come in quite handy while you follow the process. These steps are very similar to fixing a stripped screw hole.


Question: How do you remove a damaged screw if you don’t have an extractor?

Answer: Using a hammer, pound the hold end of the broken screw a few times. The bit should be firmly embedded in the screw head. 

Question: How do you keep set screws in place?

Answer: A unique internal wrenching drive is utilized to hold the set screw in place. The set screw provides a clamping force on the components once they are attached. This secures them in place.

Question: How can you get rid of a screw that doesn’t have a head?

Answer: Using a center punch, make a deep hole in the center of the screw shaft. Begin by drilling a hole into the shaft with a very tiny drill bit. Gently turn the tool. This should get the job done.

Final Words

There you go! Now you should be able to easily remove stuck set screw. But if you possess any queries regarding any of the steps, you can always reach us out.

We hope you do fine. Till then, all the best!

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