EC3 vs EC5

EC3 vs EC5: What’s The Difference?


When exploring the world of RC, you might’ve stumbled upon the term “connectors”. Well, there are a variety of connectors for different applications out there.

EC3 and EC5 connectors are two of the most commonly used connectors in the industry. At some point, you’ve probably wanted to know what they do or what their features are.

So, what’s the difference between EC3 vs EC5?

EC3 is a medium RC LiPo class that can carry up to 60amp current. Whereas EC5 belongs to the large LiPo connector category. It can load up to 120amp. EC3 uses 3mm bullet pins. On the other hand, EC5 operates with 5mm bullet pins.

Not enough to quench your thirst? Hang on tight with us to explore the details of EC3 and EC5 connectors.

What Exactly Are Connectors?

There are usually 2 types of batteries used in RC vehicles. One is a Lithium-ion Polymer Battery (LiPo) and another one is Nickel Metal Hydride Battery(NiMH).

Connectors offer an easy and convenient way to connect the battery with the RC power system. No matter if it’s your helicopter, touring car, buggy or truggy, connectors are the thing that carries the power. This completes the electric circuit and powers up the machine.

Now there are different kinds of connectors in the industry. Such as Molex, JST, XT30, EC3, T-plug, EC5, XT60, etc.

EC3 and EC5 are two of the most widely used connectors in RC. We will be discovering their features in this article as we move forward. So, sit tight!

EC3 and EC5: Features

First of all, let us tell you that both EC3 and EC5 have their own applications in different fields. This is not a comparison like Rustler vs Stampede and choosing one winner.

But you sure need to know where to use which one. Now let’s have a quick look at the key features of EC3 and EC5 connectors.

Features EC3 EC5
Price Less More
Space Required Less More
Capacity 60 amp 120 amp
Burst 75 amp 150 amp
Pins 3mm bullet pins 5mm bullet pins
Plugging Difficulty Tough Easy
Soldering Difficulty Tough Easy

Now the time has come to explore the details of these 2 types of connectors.


EC3 connectors work with two plastic housings and 3mm bullet pins. The wires are soldered with the empty end of the pins. You can also take the bullets out of the housings when needed.

EC5 connectors are basically an upgrade of EC3 connectors. They are longer, larger, and more capable. EC5 connectors also use plastic housings like EC3.

Soldering wires with EC5 connectors is similar to that of EC3-with the hollow ends of the pins. But they work with 5mm bullet pins.

The difference between 3mm and 5mm bullet pins is that 5mm pins have less resistance. Because of this, more current can flow through them than 3mm pins. This resistance affects their capacity of current flow which is explained right below!


EC3 connectors can carry up to 60amp current. It also has a 75amp burst. On the other hand, EC5 can load up to 120amp current with a burst of around 150amp.

Burst power means the ability of an amplifier to carry more current than its usual ability. Burst power also ensures that there is no distortion in the system. But it occurs for a really short period of time.

So, we can definitely say that EC5 has a higher current capacity. But due to their different current capacities, they have their own application. Don’t worry, we’ll get to those very shortly!

Connection Security

EC3 connectors are not very easy to connect or remove. Once you connect them, you’ll have quite a hard time disconnecting them. Also, soldering them can be pretty troublesome too.

But there’s a bright side to it. They are hard to disconnect means, the connection is more secured.

On the other hand, EC5 connectors are pretty easy to connect and solder. But it doesn’t mean that the connection is not secure. It’s just, EC3 is more secure.


EC3 connectors are vastly used in RC airplanes and helicopters that are under class 700. Especially in eFlite and Blade line helicopters.

They are also compatible with RC car batteries. In short, they work just fine as long as it is a 2200mah 3S battery at max.

EC5 connectors are generally used in large-scale RC helicopters or planes of 700-800 class. They are also compatible with any other batteries that are above 2200mAh 3S. Heck, you can even use it in 12S LiPo-powered RCs!

EC3 vs EC5: Which One to Use?

You might be wondering, “if EC5 is an upgrade of EC3, then why should I use an EC3?”

Yes, they have some things in common. Such as, none of them require any heat-shrink insulation. Also, there’s no risk of the plastic housings melting off. Moreover, EC5 can carry more current than EC3 and it’s easier to use.

As we mentioned earlier, both of them have their own stage of performance. You should use EC3 connectors in a medium RC class battery and EC5 in a large RC class.

So, you sure can use an EC5 connector in the small or medium class. But don’t you think it’s overkill? Also, the price of EC5 connectors is almost double of EC3s. Not to mention, it takes more space too!

But if you’re planning to get one of them for your Traxxas RC, don’t. Because the batteries of Traxxas Slash or any other models use Traxxas connectors. They are completely different from EC3 or EC5.


Question: Are EC5 and IC5 connectors the same?

Answer: No, they’re not the same. IC3 connectors are completely reverse compatible with EC5 connectors.

Question: Which is the most commonly used RC connector?

Answer: Nowadays, JST-XH is the most used RC battery connector.

Question: Does EC3 works with XT60?

Answer: Yes! But you have to use an adapter for that.

Final Words

Now that we’re here, you’ve probably already figured out which one you need. We hope, we’ve been able to help you clear your confusion between EC3 vs EC5 connectors.

Don’t forget to let us know which one you’re getting for your RC!

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