ECX Ruckus Troubleshooting

ECX Ruckus Troubleshooting: 7 Common Problems And Solutions


Having a hard time dealing with some performance and functionality problems in your ECX Ruckus? Don’t worry. It’s pretty common.

So, how do we do ECX Ruckus troubleshooting?

Most ECX problems involve performance issues and difficulty in signal transmission.  Changing the motors, brushes, and batteries in the transmitter and receiver fixes most of the problems. Damage to the antenna and other hardware in the ECX can lead to performance issues. 

This is only a summary of the entire process. We have covered the troubleshooting in more detail below. So why not join us and spare us a few minutes?

Common ECX Ruckus Problems And Troubleshooting

Like most RC cars, ECX Ruckus faces hardware and performance issues after a while of usage. Most of these problems can be avoided by regular maintenance and careful operation just like HPI Savage XS Flux issues.

Even if the RC car faces technical problems, they can be fixed with simple manual troubleshooting.

Short Run Time

The ECX will see a significant drop in its run-time in such cases. The RC will stop abruptly after a short while and the battery will run out of charge very quickly.

This problem can happen if the battery is damaged or not charged properly. The brush can get worn out if the motor collects too much dirt.


Check the batteries for possible damages. Do make sure that the batteries charge properly. 

Clean the motor and the brushes. If it’s beyond repair, replace it with a new one.

Sluggish Action

Such problems can happen if the motors get dirty or the brushes are worn out. The ECX will move sluggishly and lose its agility. This will result in a huge reduction in performance and the ECX will not respond correctly to the controller.

Bind in the drivetrain can considerably impede the movement of the RC car.


Clear up any existing bind in the drivetrain of the RC to establish smoother movements. Clean up the motors and brushes to get rid of the dirt hindering the movement. Replace the motor and brushes if damaged.

Motor/ ESC Overheated

When excess current flows through the motor of the ECX, it can overheat and stop abruptly. Running on tall grass or binding the drivetrain also overheats the ECX by overloading the motor.

If not geared properly, the motor may overheat as well. 


Use a milder motor or a smaller pinion gear to avoid excess current flow through the motor. Check the drivetrain for possible bindings. Remove the bindings that clog up the drivetrain.

Poor Range

This problem stems from faulty transmitters or receivers. The ECX struggles to find a good transmission and will get out of range pretty easily.

Having a damaged transmitter or receiver antenna will reduce the transmission range of the ECX. A low battery can make it hard for the transmitter to emit a good signal range.


Charge the transmitter battery properly before using the ECX. Replace the batteries with new ones if damaged. Try to bind the receiver to the transmitter properly.

Check if both the antennas of the transmitter and receiver are in good condition or loose. Tighten the antennas if set loosely. If you notice any external damage to the antennas, replace them.

System Connection Issue

If the transmitter and the receiver are too near to each other, this problem can surface. It can also happen if the transmitter and the receiver are near any large metal objects.

The user can accidentally put the receiver in bind mode. Doing so will make the receiver bound to the transmitter no longer.

Here are some quality RC receivers that we recommend you for better signal receiving-



Move the transmitter and the receiver 8-12 feet apart from each other. Move them from any large metal objects nearby and rebind the transmitter and receiver.

Receiver In Failsafe Mode

The receiver will go into failsafe mode a short distance away from the transmitter. Radio failsafe means that the RC car will stop immediately after traveling some distance. 

It’s a self-defense mechanism of a car that is triggered by the receiver. But in such cases, it is activated automatically without the user’s consent.


Make sure that the receiver antenna is in an antenna tube and is above the vehicle. If doing so does not fix the issue, contact the support team.

Receiver Doesn’t Respond

A low battery voltage or damaged wires and connectors often create disturbances in the receiver.

This will make the receiver stop abruptly during operations and lose connection with the transmitter. 


Recharge the receiver battery completely. Do a thorough check of the wires and connection between the battery and receiver. Repair or replace the wires and connectors if required.

Following these measures can fix all the common ECX Ruckus problems. But it’s best to prevent such issues rather than looking for fixes for the problem. 

Regularly cleaning the motors, filling the RC shocks, etc can keep your ECX in immaculate condition. Be sure to clean up the RC after operating in a distressing environment. Change worn-out shocks and replace them with quality RC shocks for enhanced performance.


Question: Is ECX Ruckus waterproof?

Answer: The ESC, servo, and receiver of the ECX ruckus are all waterproof. This makes the Ruckus an all-weather RC truck with increased durability.

Question: What is the scale of the ECX Ruckus?

Answer: The ECX Ruckus monster truck has a number of available scales. The 1/18 scale is the most popular and common of them all.

Question: What is the recommended battery for ECX Ruckus?

Answer: It is recommended to use a 6-cell 900 mAh NiMH battery with the ECX Ruckus. You can also go for 1600 mah or higher for better performance and longevity.

Final Words

We have covered all the possible ECX Ruckus troubleshooting in this article. Hope you have benefitted from this and can deal with future ECX problems on your own. 

We would love to read your reviews! Let us know if you have any further queries on the topic!

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