ecx torment vs traxxas slash

ECX Torment vs Traxxas Slash – Choosing the Right RC!

The legacy of both ECX and Traxxas remains intact. They are considered worthy of each penny. But, which one is actually better than the other?

To answer this we’ve to do ECX torment vs Traxxas slash comparison.

Traxxas slash is comparatively ahead in wheel type, battery, and price. However, the durability aspect of ECX torment is definitely better. On top of that, the stock motor is better on ECX torment. But if you want to add mod parts, then Traxxas Slash is the better RC car.

Don’t jump to any conclusion yet. Just go through our discussion once and you’ll get a clear idea. 

ECX Torment vs Traxxas Slash (Brief Comparison)

In the world of short course trucks we often hear about ECX and Traxxas. Both of them hold a strong position in the RC racing category.

When you want to pick any one of them, you’ll need a comparison. Don’t think this is the first time these two are being compared. 

The decision of picking ECX torment vs slash becomes easier once you get to know the differences. 

This is why we’re here. Take a quick look at the table below. You’ll get some idea of what the picture will look like. 

FactorsECX TormentTraxxas Slash
Wheel TypeRear wheel driveFour wheel drive (4WD)
Battery2s LiPo battery3s LiPo battery
SpeedModerate speedFaster
Parts AvailabilityLots of aftermarket parts availableLimited number of aftermarket parts
PriceLess expensiveExpensive

Hope it contributes its two cents in helping you out. We’ve prepared a detailed discussion on all the comparable factors next.

Stick around!

ECX Torment vs Traxxas Slash (Detailed Comparison)

Now it’s time to dive into the detailed discussion of all the factors stated above. After comparing cost vs benefit we can finally reach a decision. This comparison will be as fun as comparing T Maxx with savage.

Let’s begin, shall we? 

Wheel Type

For any short course truck or car, wheel type plays an important role. It decides how fast it can go, and where it can be driven. Also its ability to move on extremely bad roads and in weather.

short course truck

ECX torment has a rear-wheel drive. To be more specific it is ECX torment 1/10 2WD. That means it’s a two-wheel with rear-wheel drive in ECX torment’s 4×4 truck

Power is generated by two wheels instead of four wheels. This power is further received by the car/truck’s rear wheels. This is the reason it is a 2WD with a rear wheel.

On the other hand, slash is a 4WD. This clearly means power is generated from all four wheels. 

Now the question is is 2WD better than 4WD?

The answer is no. Because a 4WD has more power to handle traction. It’s ideal for running on dangerous roads. Be it icy, snowy, or full of rocks 4WD can handle it, unlike 2WD.

Since slash has 4WD, slash wins wheel type segment over torment. This also clarifies slash performs better in wild roads than torment. 

Let’s move on to other factors.

The Battery

Battery is the most crucial factor in terms of evaluating performance. The bigger the battery is, the less you need to charge it. This also means you get more time to drive your RC car. 

For any RC car, durable LiPo batteries are the first choice. That’s why both ECX and Traxxas use this type of battery. But, still, there are some differences.

ECX torment battery time lasts exceptionally for the first 5 to 7 minutes. Within a short span of time its battery dies. This is a major con for torment. 

Also, torment uses a 2s LiPo battery. This makes it cover a shorter distance. Because on average a 2s LiPo battery spins the motor at almost 25,900 RPM. 

Conversely, Traxxas slash battery lasts around 30 to 90 minutes. It uses a 3s LiPo battery. Which means it can cover longer distances.

This discussion doesn’t need further analysis. Slash wins the battery game by a large margin.


ECX torment’s speed is quite average for any RC car. It goes up to 25 mph. This speed varies if you add some spare parts.

Now, you must be thinking about Traxxas slash’s speed. So, How fast does a Traxxas Slash go?

Traxxas slash can go up to 35+ mph. With some additional gearing, it can cover 60+ mph.

So, slash is definitely faster than ECX torment. 

Parts Availability

There’s almost no chance that you’ll buy an RC car and won’t look for ways to upgrade it. You may think like that at first but that’s surely going to change in the future. So, it’s better if you know whether your preferred RC has good aftermarket parts.

RC parts

Well, let’s get straight to the point now. Traxxas Slash has more than enough aftermarket parts than you’ll ever need. You can check out CODA RACING RC Alloy Caster Block & Steering Blocks

There are also good Aluminum Hex Wheel Hubs Adapters available for Slash. However, the aftermarket parts are quite limited for ECX torment. You can still find one or two but they won’t be as good as Traxxas’s. 

So, if you want to mod your RC, then there’s only one way to look.


When it comes to durability, torment gets crushed while racing on bumpy ground. It can’t handle aggressive racing and bashing well. 

However, ECX torment parts are more easily available than slash. It’s easier now to upgrade your torment and make it a bit more firm.

ECX torment parts

Whatsoever, Slash is up for any harsh racing. As we mentioned earlier, they’re good even on the icy, snowy roads.

So, slash takes first place even in this category. You can compare slash with Stampede as well.


Lastly, it’s the price. It’s fair enough for a slash to ask for higher prices than torment. Clearly, it offers extra benefits than torment. 

Traxxas slash short course truck 4WD costs around $300. ECX torment 2WD costs $290. This $10 difference is definitely worth the benefits.

Despite having slightly higher prices, slash wins the pricing segment as well.

Who Wins?

There’s no surprise. Definitely, Traxxas slash has won over ECX torment. Its outstanding build quality, battery life, and powerful wheel type add to its hype.

Now, it has become pretty easy for you to pick from these two. But, if you’re a beginner, torment won’t be a bummer for you. 

Overall, for any RC short course truck enthusiasts slash is a winner for sure.

That’s all on our side. Hope you enjoyed this comparison. We tried to make this simple for you. It would mean the world to us if you find your solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do LiPo Batteries Make RC Cars Faster?

Yes, LiPo batteries make Rc cars fasters. There are other ways as well, like changing battery power. But LiPo batteries rotate the motor faster than other batteries. That’s why most RC cars come with LiPo batteries. Be it ECX or Traxxas every leading RC car maker uses this type of battery.

Why Is My Traxxas Slash Running Slow?

The probable reason for your Traxxas slash running slow could be uncharged batteries. Batteries need to be fully charged before starting racing. Wear out batteries due to long-term use can also be a reason. Other than that damaged motor can make slash slow as well.

Can You Convert a Traxxas Slash 2WD to 4WD?

Yes, you can convert a Traxxas slash 2WD to 4WD. But, you have to spend some money on that. It’ll need separate kits like Stampede 4×4. Normally, on other RC trucks, like ECX it’s not possible. Recently Traxxas unveiled this new addition. You may need some other parts to buy. 

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