eflite carbon z cub review

Eflite Carbon Z Cub Review: a Top-notch RC Airplane!

Are you looking for an RC plane that can fly in a variety of styles? In that case, the eflite carbon z cub review is going to be a saviour. 

We’ve reviewed the product with A-Z details. Let’s start with Specification –


  • Completion: Plug and play 
  • Wing loading: 17 oz/sq ft
  • Spinner size: 67 mm
  • Power type: Electric 
  • Wingspan: 215 cm 
  • Assembly Time: less than 1 hour (approximately) 
  • Flight Time: 7 minutes (approximately)

Reasons to Buy

  • Ensures easy and smooth landing.
  • Consists of high-quality parts. 
  • It has enough power to fly both slowly and quickly.
  • The pieces fit together nicely and are easy to assemble. 
  • Flies in a variety of styles, including scale flight and moderate 3D aerobatics.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The cover of the battery compartment can be sloppy.
  • Tires have firm foam that works great on grass but not on pavement. 
  • A bit hard to get rid of prop vibration.

What’s in the Box

The package is of average weight. Not too light or too heavy. It is so densely packed to make sure that the parts do not break. So, let us discover what is in the box!

Fuselage This is the control surface of the wing. It has 2 servos, an ESC, and a receiver installed. 
Two wings Help the aeroplane fly by the partial vacuum that is created above the wings. It comes with servos installed.
Rudder It keeps the airplane going straight on the ground during takeoff and landing. The rudder comes with an installed tailwheel. 
Carbon sparMaintains the structure of the wings and tail. 
Stab SetIt helps in maintaining maximum performance while flying and optimal functionality.
Plastic support strutsSupport the airplane by bearing its force while landing. 
Brushless motorIt has higher torque than other motors. It works like a flywheel. 
PropellerIt converts motor power into thrust. 
Landing gear Provides main support while landing. It has wheels and a turning system. 
Hardware bag Stores hardware equipments. 
Foam wheelsHelps the airplane to land and turn on the ground. Also, balances the airplane. 
Manuals It instructs the user on how to assemble the airplane. Including the do’s and don’t’s 

What’s Not Included

Even after you get a huge number of accessories, it still lags some. Here they are –

  • 6+ channel DSM2/DSMX programmable transmitter
  • 22.V 6S 3200mAh LiPo flight battery
  • Battery charger

Key Features of the Carbon Z Cub

The E-flite Carbon Z Cub is a classic RC airplane. It consists of attractive features. Now, let’s get to learning the features.

Power Source:

The E-flite Carbon Z Cub is battery-powered. It has a motor with an improved design. The best part about the motor is its additional bearing. That too, with a moulded propeller. 

Also, the brushless power system delivers aerobatic readiness and powerful performance. 

Age Range:

Good news for 90’s kids, as the age for using this airplane is 14 years minimum. Users above 14 can also fly the e-flite carbon z cub during leisure time. So, for those who are getting bored on their vacation, this is a great choice. 

You can fly it at any age without restriction. 


The material of the E-flite Carbon Z cub is EPO. Basically, EPO material is a moulded plastic foam. The EPO material is highly durable and tough. 

Also, the best part of this material is that it is resilient to damage. 

In addition, it is lightweight and has a glossier finish than other materials. Lastly, it goes with a variety of glues and paints very easily. 


The Carbon Z Cub includes the E-flite 60-Amp Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC. It is battery-powered and provides up to 60 amps of continuous current. You can run harsh and aggressive motors with this amperage. 

This electronic speed controller(ESC) basically controls speed and runs cool. It also has a 5-channel control with functional flaps. The flaps produce more lift and allow a lower landing speed. 

It also offers a lower takeoff. Creating additional drag provides a landing with a steeper angle of fall without raising airspeed. In addition, the length of landing roll and take-off can be reduced. 

Here, the transmitter has 5 channels. Each channel of the transmitter handles different motors. 

Propeller and Balancing:

Here, the propeller is moulded from a material that can maintain both balance and stiffness. Also, the material can easily provide reliable and smooth performance. It is more like an airscrew. 

The airplane is propelled by the atmosphere’s reactive force. It is a result of the revolving propeller’s blades pushing against it.

A balanced propeller makes sure there is less vibration in the RC plane. Excessive vibration can cause failures over time. It also causes weakness and damage to the electronic components and the airframe. 

Lightweight and Assembly: 

The RC plane weighs 17.39 pounds. The package has stabilizers and plugged-in wings with control links fitted on post-control surfaces. The hatch covers offer a variety of battery options and easy access to them. 

The users also get a high-grade socket head that can be used at any time. All of these make it way easier to assemble, repair, and strengthen. 

How to Assemble a Carbon Z Cub?

To assemble the E-flite Carbon Z cub, you will need an hour approximately. The entire process is pretty quick for a large model. To assemble them correctly, you need to follow a few steps. 

  • Install the undercarriage with allen screws and put on the covers.
  • Tighten the wheels on the undercarriage. 
  • Glue on the rudder with foam-safe CA.
  • Attach the motors to the wires according to polarity. 
  • Put on the cowling on the front.
  • Fit the propeller to the front of the airplane using a spinner and a propeller driver.
  • Install the horizontal stabilizer with metric screws. 
  • Attach the elevator linkage.
  • Install the control surfaces under their push rods. Make sure to adjust your servo 90 degrees to fit into your servo case.
  • Attach the turbulators to the wings.
  • Install the wing panels with the help of a wing spar. Glide both wings into the wing spar. 
  • Use metric bolts so that the wings sit and also use them underneath to hold the wing struts.

So these are the steps that you need to follow to assemble them. Use the given spinner and screws correctly. After assembling, it’s time for the flite test. 

Flite Test

The E-flite Carbon Z Cub

The E-flite Carbon Z Cub is a very sustainable airplane. It is quite simple to land on. The tires handle the landing very smoothly. The flight is stable, and it makes the giant scale very simple. 

The flaps are very helpful as they provide stability while landing. The E-flite Carbon Z cub flies great in the air with good control. 

Performance after 50+ Flights

The plane has great flight quality. Even after 50+ flights, it does not need parts replacement unless crashed. It is promising that if it doesn’t face an extremely harsh landing, it won’t need repair.  

It can fly slowly or quickly because of its amazing power source. But, be extra careful when using it because it will move relatively slowly with full flaps. And, if it continues to move slowly, it may tip stall in no time.

However, you don’t need to worry as you can pass through this issue. Flying faster is the way to go. You can also fly slower, but not all the time. 

The Dubro inflatable tires add a little weight. But you shouldn’t pump them as they seem to function better without air. 

The E-flite Carbon Z Cub can handle the shock of a heavy landing very well. You must apply power as soon as you notice that a wing is beginning to fall.

You might have to adjust the propeller after a number of flights. 

Unexpected Drawbacks 

There are a few unexpected drawbacks you may have to face. These are –

The Propeller Issue and Fixes:

You could face issues with your propeller. To make it not vibrate, you might need to take it off and put it back on. Because it is difficult to get the balance right. 

Basically, the issue is only about balancing. Even if you replace your propeller, it will remain the same. So, you need to adjust the balance right. 

The propeller E-flite Carbon Z Cub provides is pretty good. You can use it without worrying about buying another propeller. When properly configured, the plane would sound quite smooth, even at full power.

Make sure not to move the prop once it is installed. You may need to set it up again after a number of flights. Depending on how you moved it. 

The degree of tightening also tends to have an impact on vibration. It may occur if the adapter is overtightened. You need to be gentle while tightening. 

The Blue Paint Issue:

Another issue may kick in after flying a dozen flights with the E-flite Carbon Z cub. Many have had this problem. The blue paint seems easy to scratch off and chip. 

The only way to fix it is by acquiring a water-based paint touch-up. If the paint wears off slowly, you can easily paint it back. 

Mod And Upgradability

No matter how perfect something becomes, there is still room for improvement. Just like the E-flite Carbon Z Cub. despite being almost perfect, it can be upgraded with some changes. 

  • A better case and battery compartment cover for each battery so that it doesn’t fall out.  
  • 6’’ Dubro inflatable tires. These will work great without inflating.
  • 2’’ Dubro wheel. For an easier tail replacement. 
  • It can include adjustable floats. So that the users can fly it over the lake. 
  • Lastly, it can include sticky mounts for adjusting cameras. 

So, these are the few upgrades the E-flite Carbon Z Cub can make. Not only does it add to the fun, but also the quality of it. 

Is it Worth Buying?

The E-flite Carbon Z Cub is perfect for your summer vacation. It is a great pastime for users aged 14 years and above. This is a large airplane and it has great parts in terms of its price. 

Also, it includes good control, a simple landing and takeoff, and great power. That too, with a giant-scale package. All these come at a fair price. You will enjoy every bit of it. 

Alternative: Carbon Z Cub vs. Carbon Z Cub SS

FeaturesCarbon Z CubE-flite Carbon Z Cub SS
Control 5-channel control.6+ channel control.
Shock absorbance It has shock-absorbing landing gear.The landing gear is not shock-absorbing. 
Wingspan 2.1 m2.1 m
Tundra tiresA bit hard.Soft

Lastly, we know the Carbon Z Cub is a timeless classic. However, it still has a few drawbacks or room for improvement. A lot of people stick to the classic carbon z cub.

If you want to get an updated airplane, there is the E-flite Carbon Z Cub SS. It has improved wheels and landing gear, revised wingtip shapes, and channel controls.

The wheels provide great support during hard landings. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long of a Flight Can You Get on a Single Battery Charge? 

On a single battery charge, you will get around 20 minutes of normal flying. If you use a 6000 mah Hoovo 6S battery, you will get 20 minutes or more. Basically, the flight time of an RC airplane depends on the battery. The more power the battery has, the more flight time you will get. 

What Kind of Battery is Used for Remote Control Airplanes?

A lithium-ion battery is used for remote-control planes, quadcopters, cars and UAVs. It is designed to provide a large amount of power at once, up to 20 C. Also, it is meant to never turn off. Rather than the plane dropping out of the sky, it causes the battery to be damaged. 

At What Voltage is a Lithium Battery Dead?

The battery is basically dead when it reaches 3.4V. Here, the voltage begins at 4.2 volts. Then, it quickly lowers to around 3.7 volts throughout the duration of the battery’s life. However, when it reaches 3.0V, the cutoff circuitry disables the battery completely.

The Summary

Finally, we have reached the end of the eflite carbon z cub review. Now you know the plane is great for flying in different styles. It has a smooth landing and is easy to assemble.  

Moreover, it offers patented carbon strength and toughness in a giant scale package. The plane has its pros and cons. 

However, it still has room for improvement on the propeller and paint. Carbon Fianlly, our opinio is the E-flite Z Cub is a wonderful plane

We hope you choose the perfect RC plane.

Good luck!

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