Flysky GT3B VS GT3C

Flysky GT3B VS GT3C: Which One Is The Superior One!

It’s really hard to find controllers that are budget-friendly but good with the performance, right! But flysky is a brand that can get you both at the same time. It’s like killing two birds with the same stone.

There are so many models of flysky. And two of the best budget-friendly models are GT3B and GT3C.

So, let’s find out the core differences between flyysky gt3b vs gt3c?

Flysky GT3B comes around $44-50 range and GT3C comes around $65-70. The biggest difference is the battery. Because the battery of GT3B uses a 3500V batteries whereas GT3C uses 1200V ones. Also, the hobby cart of GT3B is 3995 but the GT3C is 4995. And GT3C gives more comfort than GT3B. 

That’s not enough to choose one between these two great controllers. That’s why here we’ve discussed all the nooks and crannies of these two controllers.

This might help you to make a perfect purchase decision for yourself. So, let’s dig in!

Flysky GT3B VS GT3C: [A Quick Comparison]

Both GT3B and GT3C are well known for their budget-friendliness. The performance of those are really spectacular in their budget segment.

For your kind information, flysky gt3b and flysky gt3c are pretty amazing products. But there are so many differences, which are noticeable just like the differences between flysky and frysky.

Let’s have a quick look.

FactorsGT3B GT3C
Hand feelsPretty comfortable.More comfortable
Steering wheelDrop-down and heavier to moveDrop-down and lighter to move 
Steering wheel coatingHard plasticComfortable foam padding
Steering wheel gripNo gripFoam grip
Hobby carts39954995
DisplayBlue background with white lettering.White background with black lettering.
Power buttonOn the side of the main bodyIn the middle of the steering wheel.
BatteryFlysky 1.1V 3500Mah Lipo BatteryFlysky 3.7V 800MAh Lipo Battery

We hope this table has provided a general idea about those RCs. But before purchasing such products you need to have in-depth knowledge, right! That’s why we have gathered the best comparison you can get. 

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Flysky GT3B VS GT3C [ A Detailed Comparison]

Though both GT3B and GT3C are pretty old models as RCs but they are still popular. Both of them are around 9 to 10 years old then again they perform really well. That’s why we need a detailed comparison of them. 

Basically GT3C is an upgraded version of GT3B. And from the user’s end, the upgrade is pretty good. There are multiple changes in GT3C that make this controller way better than GT3B.

Source: RC Tech

Though the GT3C is an upgraded version it has some cons. Some users have complains about GT3C. So, join us in the detailed discussion, to know the pros and cons of GT3B and GT3C. 


As GT3C is the upgraded version of GT3B so the hand feel is better on GT3C. But the main reason is the weight. The GT3C is way lighter than the GT3B.

The main reason for this weight gap is the battery. The GT3C has a 800mAh Li-po battery, on the other hand, GT3B runs with 3500mAh ones. This makes the GT3B a bit heavier than the GT3C.

Now let’s talk about the grip of both of them. There is a rubber grip on the backside of the holding bar of GT3C. This was not available on GT3B.

For that reason, GT3C gives a better in-hand feel than GT3B. Which also helps to control the remote better. 

Winner: So, the winner of this comfortability segment is GT3C.

Steering Wheel

Steering wheel is a big difference issue for these two controllers. Flysky changed a lot in GT3C from GT3B on the steering wheel. Let’s talk about the differences between the flysky gt3b vs gt3c steering wheels.

Source: FlyskyRC

So both of them have drop-down steering wheels. But as per the review of users, GT3B is a bit heavier to move than GT3C. GT3C is way lighter to move and easily controllable.

The coating of the steering wheel is also different in these RCs. GT3B has a hard plastic coating whereas GT3C has comfortable foam padding on the steering wheel. 

That makes a different user experience while controlling your car. Also, you have to keep your controller clean in case you choose the plastic one. It’s totally like cleaning your rc car.

Winner: GT3C also wins in this steering wheel segment. 

Hobby Carts

Both GT3C and GT3B has a good range of hobby cart. But they have a pretty huge difference in this case. The hobby cart of GT3B is 3995 and the hobby cart of GT3C is 4995.

Winner: GT3C has more hobby cart so it wins by a landslide.


Display is the biggest difference between these two devices. Because the GT3B has an LCD display with blue background and white lettering. 

On the other hand, the GT3C has also an LCD display with a white background and black lettering.

And this background and lettering contrast makes a huge impact while using the RC. The GT3B has a blue background with white lettering which is pretty clear to see. 

Though it is kinda perfect for indoors you may need to struggle to see in outdoor situations.

Then again, as the GT3C has a white background with black lettering it is clearer to see. And you can use it comfortably under the sun. 

Winner: In-display segment GT3C wins for having batter display.

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Buttons Position 

Button positions of both flysky fs-gt3b vs gt3c are almost the same. But the biggest difference is with the power button because it’s in different positions. 

The power button of GT3B is on the backside of the device. And the power button of GT3C is in the middle of the steering wheel. 

The steering and throttle trims and radio frequency-changing buttons are on the top. Basically around the display. The duel rate adjustment, channel 3 adjustment, and channel 3 buttons are on the handle.  

Winner: All these buttons are at the same position for both GT3B and GT3C. That’s why in this segment its a tie. 

Battery Capability

Battery is the most noticeable change from GT3B to GT3C. Because in GT3B the batteries were 3500Mah and 1.1V Lithium Polymer ones.

But in GT3C the current capability of the batteries are almost 1/3rd of its counterpart. It uses a 800Mah Li-po Battery with 3.7V.

Winner: That’s why GT3C is batter in the battery segment.  


Price range is the largest factor while choosing between products whether it be DX6I vs DX6 or GT3C vs GT3B. So, GT3B comes around $44-50 range. And GT3C comes around the $65-70 range.

Though the price range is not that different though it can be a concern. 

Winner: Price is the only segment where GT3B wins the race.  

So these are all that can make difference between GT3B and GT3C. 

Which One You Should Get!

As GT3C is the upgraded version of GT3B so it can be a better choice. Then again the price gap is not so much. But some frequency issues can arise on GT3C after a few time uses. 

That’s why there is a legit fan base of GT3B as per flysky gt3b review. Because people are really satisfied with the performance of GT3B with this price range. Now it’s your turn to make a decision for yourself.

For your batter convenience let’s suggest to you some good quality GT3B and gt3c.

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If you just want to avoid all hustle you can just order. And get a hustle-free delivery at home. 


What is the Difference between Flysky GT3B and GT3C?

Basically, flysky gt3c is the upgraded version of flysky GT3B. There are so many differences between them. As in the display, the battery, button position, hobby cart all are different in these two. In the end, we can say gt3c wins the race being batter.

Is Flysky a Good Transmitter?

Flysky transmitters are very budget-friendly products. So, if you consider the quality within this budget it is the best. And the performance is also overall good. That’s why flysky is very popular for performance within the budget.

Are Turnigy and Flysky the same?

Yes, turnigy and flysky are the same. They produce the same electronics mostly radio controllers. They just launch their products with different brand names according to the specifications. Which creates a different identity for flysky. 


We hope now you have a crystal clear idea about flysky gt3b vs gt3c. And all our descriptions and comparisons will help you to find the best RC for you. 

If you have any more queries feel free to drop them in the comments. We will try to figure those out for you. 

Till then stay blessed.

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