Flysky Vs Frsky

Flysky Vs Frsky: Which One’s Quality is Better?


We often build aircraft on our own. And it’s important to quickly choose which remote control is right for the project. Particularly if you need to focus on the spending plan. It can be tough to be on a budget and choose the best product.

Would you like to learn the key dissimilarities between Flysky vs. Frsky?

Flysky transmitter offers only 10 channels compared to Frsky’s 16-channel transmitters. With Frsky, you get telemetry data transmission and the OpenTx feature, which is not available with Flysky. But all these additional features make Frsky the pricey option.

This won’t be adequate for you to agree on which one to go for. We have illustrated the juxtaposition of the products for you in this article.

Flysky Vs. Frsky: Fundamental Variations 

On one hand, the Flysky programming is exceptionally restricted. Then again, Frsky models as of now have thoroughly free programming.

Typically, it’s simple to assume here which one is more promising. Though Flysky is not a mediocre brand at all.

Anyway, let’s focus on the basic differences between these two. Because this is the starting point of every type of comparison, be it sbus vs ibus or Flysky vs Frsky. Let’s have a view of the fundamental variations between Flysky and Frsky-

Features FlyskyFrsky
Channels Flysky transmitter has only 10 channels Frsky transmitter sends and receives over 16 channels
Telemetry DataDoesn’t support the transmission of telemetry dataSupports the transmission of telemetry data
CostReceivers are generally cheaper Twice as expensive in comparison 
GimbalsGimbals are fineGimbals are better
OpenTxDoesn’t use OpenTxUses OpenTx

Still can’t decide on what you prefer? No worries! Calm down and help yourself with the head-to-head variations.

Flysky Vs. Frsky: Head To Head Variations 

You can see the fundamental attributes of these two. Analyze our point-by-point manual to settle on an educated choice.


Let’s start by discussing what matters the most. The transmission. 

The transmission capabilities of a transmitter dictate how well it can perform within specific ranges. A transmitter capable of covering a huge area will be able to give a strong connection from a faraway range. 

And this very segment can clear out the significant difference between Flysky and Frsky transmitters.

Frysky transmitters provide a significantly better transmission range compared to Flysky transmitters despite using similar frequencies. You can get guaranteed high coverage and a strong signal from your Frysky transmitters even over 500m radius areas. 

To help you understand better, here’s a table showcasing the range of different Flysky transmitters:

Flysky Transmitter ModelsRange Distance
Flysky Fs-16±1500m
Flysky gt3b100-200m 
Flysky gt5+200m
Flysky gt3c+100m

Moving on to the Frsky models, this is where things start to get crazy. You can notice that each Frsky transmitter starts getting incredibly powerful and covers a huge surface. 

Let’s have a look at some notable Frsky transmitter models and their maximum range:

Frsky Transmitter ModelsRange Distance
Frsky r-xsr +800m
Frsky xm+ 1Km
Frsky d8 +1.5 Km
Frsky r9mUp to 10Km

As you can see, Flysky doesn’t stand a chance against Frsky transmitter models.

In fact, Frsky transmitters make the most out of the 2.4 GHz transmission frequency that allows a maximum range of 1.6km. This makes Frsky an automatic choice for anyone looking for long-distance driving or flight.

An image of Flysky transmitter, model Fs-16


The differences between the processing quality of the Frsky QX7 and Flysky FS-i6X are there. But it doesn’t affect the function. Neither of the two sparks belongs to the top segment. So both feel like the material they are made of is plastic.

Flysky has an assortment of station prototypes. The nature of the materials is fundamental. It’s enough to start with. 

But when you’ll like the work in the future you’ll battle to shift the station. Also, Flysky stations work with AA batteries rather than lipo or Nimh batteries. 

It additionally has an assortment of stations with an incredible variety of configurations and costs. These are relying upon the preferences and requirements of each pilot.

Frsky powers its devices using li-on batteries 18500-18650 or Nimh batteries. 


Between the two transmitters, the Flysky transmitter only has 10 channels. On the other hand, the Frsky transmitter sends and receives over 16 channels. 

That sounds like a huge difference at first. And that’s it. But 10 channels are more than enough for your ideal RC float plane or a drone. As a rule, some of these channels remain unoccupied. 

Shortly the previous version of the Flysky FSi6-X transmitter was released. After that release, a mod could be carried out on the transmitter. 

And the transmitter at that time could be increased from six to ten channels. So it likely could be that mods will come up later on. They will develop some channels to the current model.


The Flysky protocol doesn’t support the transmission of telemetry data from the flight controller. Telemetry data includes things like battery voltage and reception quality. 

On the other hand, the Frsky sparks can receive these from the FC. And portrays them on the display. Or sends them on to the pilot via voice output. 

An image of Frsky Taranis transmitter.

The Flysky FS-i6X transmitter neutralizes this problem by having sensors built into some receivers. Such as the X6B, which also measures telemetry data and transmits it to the transmitter. 

Though, the issue has not been really appropriate since the invention of FPV glasses. Most flight controllers have an output that transmits the telemetry data to the video transmitter. This data is then displayed directly in the pilot’s field of vision. 

Here, too, is a clear difference between the two transmitters. But in reality, it’s not even a problem for an S107 helicopter.


The Frsky QX7’s gimbals are better. It’s better for anyone who plans to take part in professional FPV drone races. The QX7 gimbals work long-term. 

For everyone else, the gimbals built into the Flysky spark do the same.


In contrast to the FS-i6X Funke, the QX7 uses the OpenTX operating system. QX7 offers a whole host of setting options. For an experienced drone pilot, this offers real added value. 

For beginners, this system is above all overloaded and often overwhelming. Overall if you’re a rookie, QX7 could be an issue for your sky rover helicopter

You can learn more about how Flysky and Frsky differs from this short youtube video by DutchRC Adventures!

Final Verdict

Frsky transmitter has a broad range of channel and software programs. But Flysky offers a good portfolio of different and very cheap transmitters. It keeps the costs for further projects within limits.

In addition, Flysky has a few other transmitters in its program. Those cost more than the FS-i6X but are still cheaper than the competition. Sometimes they’re even specially designed for FPV races.

Consider your budget and requirements while choosing between the transmitters. Therefore, the decision will be worthwhile for you. 

Having a hard time choosing the right Flysky transmitter? Here’s a helpful Flysky buying guide for you!


Question: Is Flysky compatible with FrSky?

Answer: No, it’s normally not compatible. Because the transmitters use two unique codes. Flysky uses AFHDS while Frsky uses ACCST.

Question: How far can a 2.4 GHz transmitter work?

Answer: Drones with 2.4 GHz frequency transmitters have a maximum range of 1.6 km. In any case, the maximum reach can be affected by factors. Such as obstacles that block the signal, and even noise.

Question: What’s Flysky FS-i6?

Answer: The Flysky FS-i6 could be a moderate 6-channel 2.4 GHz transmitter and recipient. It uses solid and reliable Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS) spread spectrum technology. With a low-profile antenna, the FS-i6 is manageable to store and doesn’t even break.


Hope you got a complete view of both Flysky and Frsky. It’ll help you to consider every aspect thoroughly.

It wouldn’t be difficult to choose between Flysky vs. Frsky anymore. You’ll have an item with a decent rendition.

Inform us whether you have any further inquiries. 

Look you up some other time!

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