freezing nimh batteries to revive

Freezing NiMH Batteries To Revive: What You Need To Know


NiMH batteries are one of the most reliable rechargeable batteries in the market. It’s because NiMH batteries are known for having a very long shelf life. But if you’ve ever had your battery die on you at an inopportune time, it becomes a problem. 

Therefore you might be seeking ways of freezing NiMH batteries to revive-

First things first, if the batteries are under warranty, just replace them. Otherwise, you need to discharge them before going to any further steps. The procedure is very easy. First, you have to discharge the batteries.  Then you can use a Ziploc bag to store freeze them. All you want to do next is to stock them.

Seems pretty easy right? We can agree on that. We’ve come up with the easiest way to freeze NiMH batteries.

 So don’t waste time. Get started right away.

Does Freezing NiMH Batteries Work?

Many individuals use this to preserve and extend the life of their batteries. A lot of people keep their batteries in their refrigerators to keep them alive.

There are no studies that show that freezing NiMH batteries would bring them back to life. Putting your NiMH batteries in the refrigerator to revive or recondition them may not be effective.

However, several studies have shown that lower temperatures reduce the rate of energy discharge in batteries. In the case of NiMH batteries, this is particularly valid. If charging a Li-Po battery without a charger is possible, why can’t this be?

Precautions While Freezing NiMH Batteries

Battery manufacturers are opposed to the notion of freezing batteries. Still many users have reported that freezing their results in a lower self-discharge rate.

Failure to take sufficient precautions might result in a range of issues, including serious battery damage. As a result, it’s a good idea to take certain precautions while freezing NiMH batteries.

It’s a good approach to keep your batteries in the fridge. However, keeping them at excessively low temperatures may cause harm to the batteries.

Moisture might cause corrosion and harm to the batteries if it gets into them. Dielectric grease on the batteries might help you with this. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep the batteries in an airtight plastic bag to avoid moisture absorption.

After removing the battery from the freezer, do not use it right away. Microdroplets might develop on the battery due to condensation. As a result, it’s suggested to draw them to room temperature before applying them.

Just keep these in mind. Surely you’ll be benefited. Now let’s find out how to do it.

4 Steps To Freeze NiMH Batteries Easily

So you have considered freezing your NiMH batteries to revive them. This is not a bad idea. But there are various things that should be kept in mind before beginning this process.

Step 1: Check Warranty

First of all, if the battery is still under warranty, don’t do this. If it’s not under warranty, reading these instructions will save you from losing peace of mind and damaging the lifespan of your battery. 

Step 2: Check If The Batteries Are Discharged Or Not

Secondly, NiMH batteries cannot be frozen unless they’re at least partially discharged.

The NiMH cells must be discharged by at least 50%. This is due to the fact that the protection circuit inside the cell. If the protection circuit is activated, freezing the battery may cause it to lose its charge permanently.

If you’ve got a partially discharged battery, be sure to check it with a voltmeter. Do this before putting it back in your device. It’s also important to remove all of your batteries from your device whenever possible before recharging them. 

Leaving one in will burn out the charger inside of your device. And can potentially launch an explosion if more than one is left inside. Either way, you’ll end up damaging your batteries or burning your house down by doing this.

Step 3: Use A Ziploc Bag

The best way to freeze your NiMH batteries is in a Ziploc bag. If they’re in a device when you do this, you’ll end up shorting out the terminals. This will cause the device to break.  

If there are any solid objects in the bag with your battery, they may puncture it. And therefore, cause damage from the inside. 

Step 4: Store The Batteries

Remember that frozen batteries are very fragile. After freezing them, let them thaw overnight before attempting to recharge them or putting them back into your device.

If you’re going to store several at one time, tape your batteries together inside of a Ziploc bag to keep them from shorting out each other.

That’s it, folks! It wasn’t that hard, was it? It’s just as simple as connecting an ESC to a brushless motor


Question: What is the life expectancy of NiMH batteries?

Answer: NiMH batteries can typically be recharged hundreds of times. This makes them theoretically comparable to hundreds of alkaline batteries in overall service life. The battery life, on the other hand, is restricted to 5 years or less.

Question: Should NiMH batteries be completely discharged?

Answer: NimH life may be extended significantly by never fully discharging them at any time. Even if you’re using numerous sets over a day’s shooting. Leave the final 10% or so of capacity in the batteries. As a result, you’ll get a lot more life out of it.

Question: Are NiMH batteries subject to exploding?

Answer: In comparison to alkaline batteries, NiMH rechargeable batteries seldom leak. Nickel-metal hydride batteries may explode if this logic is followed. The air pressure inside an item builds up so high where it can no longer be contained.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the end. Now you should know the ways of freezing NiMH batteries to revive. Quick reminder- always bring the batteries to room temperature after taking them out from the freezer.

We tried to make it easy as possible for you. But if you still face any problems, we’re always here for you. Feel free to reach out to us any time. 

Till then, all the best!

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