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Graphite Vs Aluminum: Grab the Best One for RC Devices

Any RC device comprises many components. The built material is one of the most important components. It plays a significant role in the performance of the RC device.

Users often get confused between Aluminum and Graphite while choosing the built material. So, which one is better between Graphite vs Aluminum?

Well, it’s not an easy choice. Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages. In terms of weight and handling, Graphite is a better choice. Whereas Aluminum leads the race in heat transfer and stiffness. The cost of Aluminum is also lower than Graphite. And for racing, Graphite is a must.

This is only the beginning. There are many more specifics. Please keep reading to know it all!

Short Comparison 

Both Graphite and Aluminum are very useful for making RC parts. However, there are certain differences between them. To make the best RC device, you must choose the best material. It is as important as selecting the best car stand

Anyway, it is quite time-consuming to choose the best material. But don’t you get worried! I have gathered all the necessary information in a single table below. Have a look at that for a quick decision!

Factors Graphite Aluminum 
Brittleness MoreLess
Stiffness MoreLess
Better Handling YesNo
Best for Racing YesNo
Heat Transfer LessMore

From this table you can easily go for the best material suitable for you. Yet there are many more details to these comparison factors. In the next sections, I will discuss all the required details for you!

Extended Comparison 

From this extended comparison you will gain deep knowledge about the RC-built materials. This is very important for making the right call. So let’s get started without wasting any more time!


The term brittleness shows how quickly any material deforms under stress. More brittleness means the material deforms very quickly when stress is applied. On the other hand, less brittleness means the material can handle large stress without breaking!

So less brittleness is a required quality for any built material. And Aluminum is less brittle than Graphite. That means Aluminum can handle more stress than Graphite without breaking. This is useful in case of accidents and stressful scenarios. 


A very important aspect of the material used for RC is its weight. Light materials are preferred for remote-controlled devices. By using a light material, the optimum performance of the RC device is ensured. The load on the motor is less, and performance gets improved. 

Aluminum lags behind Graphite in this case. The weight of Aluminum is comparatively higher than that of Graphite. As a result, the weight of the RC car also increases. This decreases the performance of the car. 

On the other hand, Graphite helps to improve performance. This is due to the low molecular weight of carbon. In between Graphite vs Aluminum roofs, Graphite is better than its competitor for this reason. 


From the term stiffness we can get an idea about the bending of the material. When the load is applied to any material, it tends to bend. This can be both useful and problematic. Because by bending, the material won’t break easily. 

However, the beauty of the device can decrease. More stiffness means less bending before deformation. The stiffness of Graphite is much more than that of Aluminum. That means under applied load, the Graphite will bend less before breaking. 

On the contrary, Aluminum has less stiffness. So it is more flexible than Graphite. Due to the flexibility of Aluminum, it bends more before the final deformation. Due to this property, the internal components of the RC car can get saved after an accident. 

Better Handling 

An RC device is all about handling. Without proper handling, the fun of using it decreases. Proper handling is also very important to avoid accidents. So materials that provide better control are very significant for any RC device.

The handling or controlling of Graphite-made RC is much better. The device follows the command given from the remote without much error. This is possible because of the low weight of Graphite. 

Whereas the control of Aluminum bodied RC is quite hard due to its heavy weight. So Graphite is the top choice for proper handling and controlling.

Best for Racing 

RC racing is a very popular sporting event. Many RC enthusiasts take part in racing events with their RC cars. So their car must perform best. Besides the internal components, the built material also plays a significant role in this case.

We have discussed that Graphite comes at a lower weight than Aluminum. The handling of Graphite is also much better. All these aspects make Graphite a top choice for racing. On the contrary, Aluminum is not so efficient for racing purposes. 

Heat Transfer 

Like any other functioning motor, RC motors also generate heat while running. This heat is harmful to the motor and battery health. So measures must be taken to remove this heat from the RC device. And for that, efficient heat transfer is needed.

The heat transfer is highly dependent on the built material. Materials with more heat conductivity transfer heat more efficiently. Aluminum is a highly heat-conductive material. So it transfers more heat than Graphite. 

Thus it can remove excess heat from the inside easily. Whereas the heat conductivity of Graphite is quite less as it’s a nonmetal. Because of this, the device will take an extended time for cooling. This can reduce the motor and battery lifetime. 


We have reached almost the end of our comparison. Now I will talk about the prices of these two materials. This is very crucial for many RC enthusiasts. The cost of Graphite is much higher than Aluminum. 

Graphite comes from carbon. Carbon is more expensive than Aluminum. So the price of Aluminum becomes less than Graphite. The cost of graphite is above $80. Whereas aluminum costs about $30 to $50. This low price can be quite helpful for many.

This is the end of the comparison between Aluminum and Graphite. You should be able to make your call now. Anyway, if you are still confused, scroll to the next section. I will present my views on the matter there.

Final Discussion 

Choosing the best material for RC is as tricky as choosing the best brushed motor. Still, I will try to choose the better one for your convenience. 

If you are building your RC for racing, Graphite is the best choice. It comes at a low weight and with better handling. However, it is more prone to breaking. Also, the cost of Graphite is high.

On the other hand, Aluminum comes at a low cost. But it is heavy and does not have better control. But the heat transfer rate is better in Aluminum. For a low budget, Aluminum is the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Graphite better for resisting corrosion? 

Yes, Graphite is better for resisting corrosion. Graphite comes from carbon. Carbon is well known for its corrosion resting properties. Graphite is also highly resistive to corrosion. For this reason, it is a popular option for RC cars, drones,  and helicopters.

Is Graphite better than Aluminum?

Graphite is better than Aluminum in some cases. Aluminum is better than Graphite in the other cases. Graphite is well known for its lightweight. But it is not as strong as Aluminum. However, it is highly resistant to corrosion and lasts long.

Is Graphite stronger than carbon fiber?

No, Graphite is not stronger than carbon fiber. Though both Graphite and carbon fiber come from carbon, Graphite lacks strength. The carbon fiber is much stronger.p It is used for making high-quality materials. Anyway, the price of carbon fiber is also higher than that of Graphite. 


This is all I have on the Graphite vs Aluminum debate. I hope that now you are completely clear on this topic.

Besides Graphite and Aluminum, plastic is also a great choice for RC devices. It has some very useful qualities. Don’t forget to check it!

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