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Helion Animus 18SC Problems: A Full Troubleshooting Guide!

The Helion Animus 18SC is a robust RC Car suitable for every RC hobbyist. It would be a nightmare if the car started showing problems. But worry not!

I’m here to cover all Helion Animus 18SC Problems. 

The most common Helion Animus 18sc problems are: Firstly, the transmitter is not binding. Secondly, The car makes a loud clicking noise. Thirdly and finally, the car is not starting at all. All of these problems can be solved more or less. However, there are some complications to the solutions as well. 

If you’re here, then you’re probably looking for the solutions, aren’t you? Then, let’s talk a bit more about the issues and their respective solutions.

Are Helion Animus Problems Common?

If I had to answer in one word, the answer would be no. But I would not call it absolutely rare either. It is truthfully somewhere in between. I have scoured the forums, case by case, and prepared a chart for you.

Helion Animus Problems pie chart

According to the chart, the problem rate of the RC Car is only 10.7%. That number is on the low side. Hence, my answer had been no.

However, I got a message from the unfortunate few who did face the problems. Don’t worry! I got all your bases covered in this article. Let’s talk about the problems. 

What Are the Prevalent Problems with Helion Animus 18SC?

The Helion Animus 18SC RC Car is solid with not many issues. But it’s not like there are none either. I’ll now talk about some of the more common issues. 

Problem 1: Blinking Red Light When Binding with Transmitter

According to a few user reports, the Animus would not bind with the transmitter no matter what. It would only blink red lights. 

The binding problem is not new at all, even the Spektrum series faces binding issues. This problem could have a few reasons. By few I mean two. The reason for this problem could only be either the battery or the transmitter, or both.

The Solution to Binding Problems:

As I’ve mentioned before, the only two culprits of this problem are the battery and the transmitter. Now I’ll tell you the steps to solve them-

Blinking Red Light
Source: worthpoint.com

First off, test your battery out by using another battery from a friend. If the problem is in the battery then, Just order a replacement. Although it might cost you some more, you’ll have a functional RC car.

So, you should not hesitate to get a replacement battery. Speaking of replacement, here are some upgraded and durable battery recommendations to check out-

Venom 7.2V 1600mAh 6-Cell NiMH Battery is surely a worthy upgrade. It has more power and can last longer than the stock battery that comes with Animus

GOLDBAT 3600mAh 7.2V NiMH RC Battery might seem overkill but it’s definitely an upgrade. You won’t regret going with any battery from Goldbat.

If the problem is not in your battery then it most likely is in your transmitter. If the problem is in your transmitter, Time to return your transmitter for a warranty. Either that or buy another transmitter. 

But if you’re dead set on fixing your receiver, you could try using these methods. I am not sure if they’ll work, but it’s worth a shot.

Hopefully, the Helion Animus 18SC should be binding just fine now. Well, it might not be the solution for the binding problems of Traxxas receiver

After going through the troubleshoot, your Helion Animus 18SC will be ready to run!

Now let’s move on to the next problem. 

Problem 2: Loud Clicking Noise

This Problem of the Helion Animus 18SC is pretty common. Common because it was a manufacturing defect. Later, the company decided to produce a revision to fix this defect. 

There was primarily an issue with the motor and the servo. To be more specific, The only thing wrong with the motor was the alignment. 

The problem with the servo was that it was improperly sealed. That caused dirt to get in and that usually ends up with the servo failing.  

The Solution to Loud Clicking Noise Fix:

This is basically an unfixable problem. I call it unfixable because the problem was in the assembly process. While no component is faulty, the messy alignment kills the car. 

Source: youtube.com

Nothing more to it, the only probable fix to this issue would be getting a replacement. You can do that because the company released an update to the model. You will be getting it for free too since you’ll be returning this one for a new copy. 

Keep in mind not to harm the packaging or the car in any way. Your warranty will be void otherwise. 

Explain your case to the clerks clearly and concisely. 

Well, as unfortunate as this is, it’s the only solution to the loud clicking noise. But that’s only if it is caused by misalignment. 

If the loud clicking noise is caused by dirt in the servo, there is still hope. There is a way you can fix your RC without getting it replaced. Here’s how-

You’re going to need silicone for this next step. So, firstly get some silicone. 

Now just use the silicone to seal the gap where the wires go out from the servo. 

Voila! Your 18SC should be completely fixed by now. But this problem is only the second one. However, you should get some ideas on choosing a servo before attempting to fix the issue. 

Now it’s time to talk about the last problem this article will cover. 

Problem 3: The Animus Not Running At All

This problem is pretty straightforward. If the RC Car is not starting at all. Then there could be a few possibilities. They include-

  • A Dead Battery
  • A Dead Motor or A Dead Servo

Now, let’s check out how you can solve this particular issue.

The Solution to Dead Start:

This problem is a bit complex compared to the others. That’s why it takes a bit more effort than usual. Still, no worries about that as you can obviously fix this issue. 

This issue will be easily fixed if you’re willing to spend some greens! Because some of the parts may require replacements. So, keeping that in mind, let’s start with the batteries.

Dead Start
Source: youtube.com

Check if the battery is dead with another one. If it is, then replace the battery.

Test out the servo if the battery is fine. If that’s the problematic one, then replace the servo. Can’t seem to find a suitable servo replacement for your Animus? Well, I struggled too at first! 

However, I found some good ones searching through forums. Here they are-

The best one I could find is AGFrc Sub-Micro Servo Motor. It has a titanium metal case for prolonged durability.

If you’re looking for something in the budget segment, HNW Hobby S0017M 17G Metal Servo is noteworthy. This will fit perfectly well with your DC motor.

The last one on the list is the 2pcs KPOWER MM0090 RC Servo. Yes, you’ve read that right! The package contains two servos which is a stellar deal.

Now, what if your servo is fine? Then, there’s only one part to look at and that’s your DC motor.

If none of these two is the issue, then the motor is the only possibility. So, replace the motor. Redcat Racing 28026N RC 370 is probably the ideal choice in the affordable range.

You can also check out Brushed 370 380 RC Electric Motor. That’s also a viable option in the budget segment.

That’s about it for the solutions. Hope it helped you out if you found yourself among the unfortunate ones. Before finishing the article, I’ll answer some FAQs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Scale of Helion Animus 18SC?

The Helion Animus 18SC is a 1/18 Scale. The form factor is 4×4. This is a fast and quiet Rc car in a portable package. 

Is it worth it to fix the Helion Animus 18SC?

The short answer is no, it is not. The car itself is $100. Most of the replacement parts cost around $80-90. That is why it is objectively not worth it to fix it. You could just buy a new one. 

What is the availability of the Helion Animus 18SC?

The availability is good for this product in the US. You can find it in almost every RC Store. 

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