hercules unbreakable helicopter troubleshooting

Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter Troubleshooting

The Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter just broke your heart. It’s not working the way you wanted. It feels like Zeus brought bad luck for your Hercules.

Ahh…slow down…slow down. Don’t get upset. I’m not a demigod but I can surely break that spell! Because I have the solution to your problem!

So, how to do Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter troubleshooting? 

For troubleshooting the Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter, you have to pull out the Antenna and extend it. The helicopter isn’t flying high? Increase the rotor speed. If the transmitter LED isn’t working, check the batteries. By putting them in the right polarity position, the helicopter will work just fine!

Feeling better now? Well, this is just a trailer. Stick to the article till the end. I’ve got all the issues covered with reasons and fixes below. Hopefully, you’ll get your problem fixed too! 

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

ProblemReasonA Quick Troubleshoot
The Transmitter LED indicator is not working.Drained out batteries or installed with the wrong polarity.Correctly install new batteries with the right polarity. 
You cannot control the helicopterEither the helicopter isn’t receiving the transmitter signal correctly or the weather is windy.Extend the Antenna of the transmitter to full length. And make sure the weather is calm.
The helicopter can’t fly high enoughEither the rotor speed is too slow or the batteries are drained out. Push the Left Control Stick to increase the rotor speed. And make sure the helicopter is fully charged before use. 
Helicopter spinning but not flyingFaulty bladesReplace the helicopter blades.

Problem 1: Transmitter LED Indicator is not Working

The most common problem you might come across is that the transmitter indicator doesn’t work. No, it doesn’t happen all the time with Hercules helicopters. 

In most cases, you’ll see it happening after using the helicopter for a while.  

Reason 1: Battery Installed with Wrong Polarity

It happens because you have installed the battery with the wrong polarity. When you misplace the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals, the current cannot pass through the battery. 

As a result, the helicopter doesn’t get the charge it needs. And it doesn’t give you any output. In this case, the LED indicator won’t show results.

If you have a Sky Rover helicopter, you know what I’m talking about. It also has a similar kind of battery issue and in this case, you have to troubleshoot like the Sky Rover.

Hercules helicopter
Source: ubuy.com

Well, there’s nothing to worry about here because it’s not huge damage. It’s just a silly mistake that can happen to anyone subconsciously. And the fix is also easy.  

Solution: Install the Batteries with the Right Polarity

For this simple fix, you don’t have to buy a new pack of batteries. Only correcting the placements of the batteries will get your helicopter going.

So, here’s what you have to do:

  • First, you have to remove the battery cover from the remote control.
  • Take out all six batteries inside the control.
  • Now carefully, install the first and third slots with two batteries in each slot. Make sure the negative or flat side of the battery is attached to the wire part of the control.
  • The positive side or the head of the battery should be closer to the copper plate. 
  • Then, carefully install two more batteries in the middle slot. But remember to place them in the opposite direction. It’s because the positive and negative ports are reversely attached here.
  • Finally, put back the battery lid, and voila it’s all done!

Tip: One thing you should remember here. Ensure all the batteries are tightly secured to the positive and negative ends. If any battery has a loose connection, no matter the position, it won’t be able to get charged.  

Reason 2: Using Drained-Out Batteries

Another cause for the transmitter LED not to work is if you have a drained-out battery. This happens when you have used the battery too much that it loses all its capacity.

Solution: Install New Batteries

I think you already guessed the solution. That’s right, you have to install new batteries. 

Make sure you have placed all the batteries in their correct slots. Match the polarities just like I mentioned in the previous section. 

And don’t forget to use 6 1.5V AA batteries. Any other size or type of battery won’t fit in this case. 

Tip: I’d like to add a small safety caution here. Never charge drained-out batteries. Your device will get damaged and it will do more harm. So, it’s better to dispose them in a safe place.  

Problem 2: No Helicopter Control

Sometimes it seems like you don’t have any control over your helicopter. No matter what you do, the helicopter doesn’t move as your choice. The remote control seems to be useless and you get frustrated.

Reason 1: The Helicopter Can’t Recieve Signals from the Transmitter

Getting mad at your remote control is justifiable. It’s because the transmitter isn’t sending your helicopter the signals.

The transmitter can’t cover the radius. So, the helicopter isn’t receiving the signals it should be.  

Solution: Extend the Antenna

Now, it’s not that the transmitter is broken. You don’t need to replace the transmitter with a new one.

Remote controller for Hercules helicopter
Source: ebay.com

All you have to do is extend the antenna to its full length. In this way, it can cover a wide range of areas than before. Even if your helicopter is far away, it can capture the signals and act accordingly. 

Reason 2: The Helicopter isn’t Receiving Signals Correctly

Another reason could be that the helicopter is not reading the transmitter signals properly. I know it sounds like the reason I explained above. But this one is slightly different.

The previous cause and solution work when the helicopter isn’t receiving signals at all. It’s a different case when the helicopter can receive signals. But it can’t read them correctly. There’s always a gap in the actions. 

So, in this scenario, the problem is in the control functions of the helicopter.

Solution: Test the Control Functions

By dictating the control panel problems, you can easily solve this problem.

What you have to do is apply a light throttle and see if the control functions are working properly. Check it when the helicopter is hovering.

Now, test the left and right control one by one. You’ll understand which control function isn’t working. Then, you have to take it to Hercules customer care and get the function fixed. 

Reason 3: Windy Weather Condition

Sometimes the defect might not be in your device. Simply, flying in adverse weather conditions will make you lose control of your helicopter. 

It happens mostly when there is too much wind. The wind forces the helicopter to move in its direction even if you try to go in reverse. 

Solution: Fly the Helicopter in Calm Weather Conditions

Well, you can’t control the weather. In this case, all you have to do is wait and pray for the weather to improve. 

By flying your helicopter in a calm weather environment, you won’t face any controlling issues. 

Problem 3: The Helicopter is not Flying High Enough

Here’s another type of problem that’s common. The helicopter seems not to be flying at its expected height. And this happens for two reasons.

Reason 1: Not Enough Rotor Speed

The first reason responsible for this problem is the rotor speed. When the rotor speed is too slow, the helicopter can’t fly higher. 

Solution: Push the Left Control Stick Up

For this, you have to push the left Control Stick upwards. This will increase the rotor speed and make the helicopter fly high.

Reason 2: Drained-Out Batteries

Another possible reason could be that the batteries are completely drained out. When the batteries don’t have enough charge, they can’t let the device use its full capacity.

Hence, the helicopter couldn’t fly to the limit it was supposed to do.

Solution: Charge the Helicopter

That’s why you must charge the dead Lipo battery before using it. But if it’s fully drained out, you should throw away the battery and install new ones. 

You can follow the installation method from the solution section discussed in the first problem. 

Problem 4: Helicopter Just Spinning Instead of Flying

Another common issue of this helicopter is it’s not flying up from the floor. However, It’s still spinning. Let’s get the reasons and solutions below.


Not a lot of reasons for this issue. The main reason for this issue is related to the blade. If the blade is faulty it might just spin but won’t fly. 


The only way to solve this problem is to replace the helicopter blades immediately. You can use Syma S107 helicopter blades in this case. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you charge the Hercules Unbreakable helicopter?

To charge the Hercules Unbreakable helicopter you have to open the cover first. Turn on the remote control. You’ll see a charging port located right at the bottom of the helicopter. Insert the cord there and you’ll notice the LED light went yellow. This means the battery is charging. This is how you charge the Hercules Unbreakable helicopter.  

What is cyclic in RC helicopter?

A cyclic RC helicopter is a stick-type control that’s found on the right side of the pilot. It is responsible for controlling the direction of the flight. It changes the rotation of the helicopter and lets you direct the helicopter’s direction. 

Why is my Hercules RC helicopter not taking off?

Your Hercules RC helicopter is not taking off because it doesn’t have enough rotor speed. When the rotor speed is slow, an RC helicopter also slows down in function. And you can solve it by checking the battery and motor. If they have worn out, you must replace them immediately. 

Final Verdict

Finally, it’s time to say goodbye. I tried to address all the RC helicopter problems there can be. I hope this HerculesUnbreakable helicopter troubleshooting guide will help you in similar scenarios. Best of luck in flying your RC helicopter!

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