hercules unbreakable helicopter troubleshooting

9 Most Common Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter Troubleshooting

If you’re an RC enthusiast, troubleshooting should be your daily job. Because there are always some problems with this RC

So what do you have to know about Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter Troubleshooting?

One of the most common problems is the motor not running. Sometimes the kick back switch or foot switch might not light up. You might notice that you have wobbly landing gear. Or the balance improvement is not okay. There might be problems with the rotor not turning or that it fails to stop. 

Does this seem like what you’re looking for? This article will take you to the roots of these problems and the easiest way to fix them.

So why waste any more time? Hop right in!

Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter
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Fast And Easy Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter Troubleshooting

Here are some of the most common problems of the unbreakable Hercules helicopter toy. We’ve also mentioned the solutions to each problem in the easiest possible way.

Here’s a guy who has expressed his thoughts about using Hercules Unbreakable helicopter for kids.

Problem 1: Helicopter Motor Does Not Run

You might have your battery fully charged but your Hercules unbreakable helicopter won’t fly.

One of the reasons can be that the battery power isn’t connected to the motor. Or the rotors are not turning. There can be a steering problem related to the helicopter blades


Check for proper electrical supply in the helicopter. And ensure that it has a suitable power source. 

A good example would be if there is a battery hooked up, try powering up. Use the switch and all three lights should turn green on your controller or transmitter box. If they don’t, try another battery. 

Check for continuity between the power lead and the motor or battery. The two wires should remain connected if the motor is started with the throttle closed. If there is no continuity, this means that the motor isn’t connected to the battery. Or that one of its pins has become loose and no longer holds an electrical connection.

Test your radio’s receiver and transmitter connections (throttle stick activation).

Or your battery might not be charging. So have a look at that.

Problem 2: Kick Back Switch Does Not Light

If you know how to fly Hercules unbreakable helicopter, then this is a common problem. The switch can become dirty or disconnected and not make contact. This can also happen because of excessive abuse. The switch and its cables are inexpensive. And dirt can eventually get in the switch and prevent it from switching properly. 


Clean the switch, re-connect it and test it. Lubricate the switch with WD-40 if you’re dealing with a stuck kickback switch. Test the wires to be sure they have electrical tape wrapped around them on both sides. It’s to insulate them from dirt and moisture. 

If you still have the same problem after checking, your pendant is bound up or dirty. 

If you find that the switch still doesn’t work, replace it with a new one. If you need Hercules unbreakable helicopter parts, here’re what we’ve found for you-

Problem 3: Foot Switches Do Not Light Up

For this problem, the foot switches may not be plugged in correctly. The circuit breaker might not be flipped out of the way. This restricts it to allow the foot switch inputs to work.


Unplug the helicopter, flip the circuit breaker and plug in the helicopter. The lights should go on and off with a short push of each foot switch. If it does not, you may need to replace your foot switches. Or contact customer service for assistance.

Problem 4: No Power Supply

Your problem might be caused by dirty and broken contact on the battery pack terminal. 


To fix it, use sandpaper or steel wool and clean the terminals. Check the power supply connector. If it’s not plugged in, plug it back in. 

Check for loose or broken connectors and poor contacts on the battery pack terminals. You can also look for a world-tech toys Hercules helicopter charger.

Problem 5: Rotor Doesn’t Turn

Too much tension on the drive belt causes constant noise when rotating the main rotor blade.

Notice if your helicopter makes an abnormal noise when rotating one of its blades. If you can confirm this, then you may have too much tension on your drive belt.


Adjust the screw on your landing skids (the back end of your helicopter). There is a reason for this. When the blades are fully rotated the rear wheels are still able to rotate freely.

Helicopter Picks Up Dirt and Debris While Flying

For this case, you may have a loose or missing blade grip or a bent blade. 


First, make sure that the blade grip is securely attached to the bottom of your rotors. Then, use a small screwdriver to loosen and tighten the blade grip. It’s to determine if it’s loose or not. If it’s loose, adjust it. If it’s not loose, you may need to replace it.

Wobbly Landing Gear

The landing gear doesn’t stay in place (pulling away from its holders). This causes weak flight when it is windy, or just crooked flying. The landing gear may also fall off midflight (if glued in).


Check if the problem is only caused by weak flight when it is windy. And you can see the landing gear rod isn’t bent too much. 

There’s a simple solution for this. Just try to slide the landing gear up and down.

If you’re unable, then your problem is caused by the poor design of the helicopter. Or landing gear itself. 

To fix this problem, you’ll need to disassemble and reassemble the helicopter again. For that, keep an eye out for stuck set screws.

Balance Improving is Slow 

The reason behind this problem is that your blades are not tightly fitted. Or you are not dipping the blades in hot water for some time.


The best way to check the problem is by first dipping the blade. And let it stay for about 10 seconds.

Then try to spin it and see if it’s really tight. If it is really loose, then you need to dip it again for more than 10 seconds. Repeat this process until you think that the balance is good enough.

Rotor Fails to Stop

The reason behind this problem is that the rotor is not auto-leveling. And thus it won’t stop when you release the controls.


To fix this, first, unplug the helicopter and remove the battery. All data of the transmitter must be cleared. Next, calibrate the transmitter. 

  • To calibrate your transmitter, follow these steps:
  • Turn off the transmitter.
  • Hold down one of your other model’s trim buttons on your receiver. The trim button should be pushed in.
  • Turn on your transmitter (do not release the trim button).
  • Release the trim button after about three seconds.
  • Next, release the trim button on your transmitter.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary. Until you see that the transmitter is calibrated to your model.

Sometimes you might just have a dead battery. So you can just fix the dead battery or replace it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the RC helicopter’s rotor speed?

The range of the rotor head speed is rather wide. And it becomes slower as the rotors become larger. That’s caused by the speed of the blade tip. It must be between around 100 and 500 kilometers per hour.

An RC helicopter blade spins at what RPM?

Main rotor speeds for full-size helicopters range from 250 to 600 rpm. The limiting element is the blade tip speed, which decreases with rotor size.

Do rotors on helicopters alter their speed?

The majority of helicopter rotors spin consistently. However, in some circumstances, slowing the rotor might be advantageous. The advancing rotor tip speed quickly approaches the speed of sound as the forwarding speed rises. The rotational speed may be reduced to lessen the issue.

Summing Up

We hope that now you can do all the Hercules unbreakable helicopter troubleshooting. 

It’s a great helicopter to fly for anyone above the age of 8. 

Till then, all the best!

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