how big is 1 10 scale rc car

How Big is 1 10 Scale RC Car: A Complete Breakdown

Size matters.

The size of your RC car can give you an idea of how you can control it. But 1/10 RC cars don’t have a uniform size. They differ in length, width, and height depending on the type of vehicle. 

In this article, you’ll get an overview of how big is 1 10 Scale RC car. 


If you’re concerned about only 1/10 scale RC vehicles, you should know about the dimensions first. For a regular 1/10 RC vehicle, the dimensions work like this:

1/10 Scale RC Car SizeInchesMillimetersCentimeters
Length5.42 – 15.7 in138 – 600 mm13.8 – 60 cm
Width1.26 – 19.09 in32 – 485 mm3.2 – 4.8 cm
Height0.87 – 16.10 in22 – 409 mm2.2 – 41 cm

How Big Is 1/10 Scale Rc Car in Different Units?

1/10 scale RC cars come in different forms and shapes. You can’t justify one vehicle size with the other. That’s why I have created an easy system to identify what type of 1/10 RC vehicle you should choose. 

1/10 Scale RC Vehicle Sizes in Inches(inch):

1:10 Rc Vehicle TypeLengthWidthHeight
Racing/Touring Car14.17 – 26.61 in7.26 – 17.87 in4.41 – 12.76 in
Truck9 – 26.7 in 4.9 – 19.09 in 5.3 – 16.10 in 
Buggy15.7 – 19.68 in9.8 in – 12.9 in 6.3 – 8.66 in 
Trailer9.06 – 18.1 in5.91 – 11.4 in5.91 – 11.4 in 
Aircraft5.42 – 23.62 in2.28 – 11.5 in2.28 – 11.5 in 
Watercraft31.5 in (approx)14 in (approx.) 11.5 in (approx.)

In short, you can see that most of the 1/10 RC vehicles have a maximum dimension of 27 x 18 x 16 inches.

1/10 Scale RC Vehicle Sizes in Millimeters(mm):

1:10 Rc Vehicle TypeLengthWidthHeight
Racing/Touring Car360 – 676 mm184 – 454 mm112 – 324 mm
Truck229 – 678 mm124 – 485 mm135 – 409 mm
Buggy399 – 500 mm249 – 328 mm160 – 220 mm
Trailer230 – 460 mm150 – 290 mm58 – 290 mm
Aircraft800 mm  (approx)356 mm  (approx)292 mm  (approx)
Watercraft318 – 920 mm32 – 424 mm22 – 350 mm

So, this table represents the 1/10 RC vehicles in millimeters. Here you can notice the dimensions more visibly.  

1/10 Scale RC Vehicle Sizes in Centimeter(cm):

1:10 Rc Vehicle TypeLengthWidthHeight
Racing/Touring Car36 – 68 cm18 – 45 cm11 – 32 cm
Truck23 – 68 cm12 – 48 cm13 – 40 cm
Buggy40 – 50 cm25 – 33 cm16 – 22 cm
Trailer23 – 46 cm 15 – 29 cm6 – 29 cm
Aircraft80 cm35.6 cm29.2 cm
Watercraft32 – 92 cm3 – 42 cm2 – 35 cm

I’ve also included a RC-size guideline in centimeters so that you don’t have to use a converter to calculate the measurements. 

How Big is An 1/10 RC Car?

1 10 RC cars

Typically, 1/10 RC cars range from 14.17 inches to 26.61 inches in length. For a smaller one you should go for Rc cars of 1/24 scale.

You’ll find each of these 1:10 scale cars a maximum of 17.87 inches wide and 12.76 inches in height.

But the size depends on what type of RC car you’re looking for. And there’s an easy way to guess what type of car you can get based on sizes. 

If you’re looking for a heavy-weight, large RC car, you should go for the lowriders, drift cars, and drag cars. 

For mini 1/10-scale RC car enthusiasts, I’d recommend going for the police and pan cars. 

Here’s a table below showing the differences in each car’s size and weight. Skim it through. You’ll understand the differences.  

1:10 RC Car Types ExampleLengthWidthHeightWeight
1/10 scale rc drift carRedcat Racing EPX Drift Car 14.17 in17.87 in4.41 in6 lbs
1/10 scale rc car trailerGoolRC Trailer Car11.41 in8.46 in5.12 in1.02 lbs
1/10 scale rc drag carsTraxxas 1/10 Scale Drag Slash26.61 in8.9 in12.76 in 4.37 lbs
1/10 scale rc lowriderRedcat Racing Monte Carlo RC Car 20.45 in8.78 in5.7 in15.16 lbs
1/10 scale rc police carSummitLink Custom Body Police Style20.98 in 12 in5.79 in0.44 lbs
1/10 scale rc rally carTraxxas 1/10 Scale AWD Rally Race Car21 in11 in8.1 in5 lbs

How Big is An 1/10 RC Truck?

Just like 1/10 RC cars, you’ll find varieties in RC trucks too. These trucks start from 9 inches to 26.7 inches in length. Speaking of width they range from 4.9 inches to 19.09 inches. 

Want to know how tall these trucks stand? The height of a 1/10 RC truck can be from 5.3 inches to 16.10 inches. And these trucks can be as light as less than 1 pound and as heavy as 10 pounds. 

Here’s a comparison between different trucks with examples: 

1:10 RC Truck Types ExampleLengthWidthHeightWeight
1/10 scale rc dually truckCEG8980 Ford F450 1/10 4WD Solid Axle RTR Truck26.70 in 11.41 in 7.87 in1 lb
1/10 scale rc gas trucksTraxxas T-Maxx 3.3: 1/10 Scale Nitro-Powered 4WD Monster Truck24 in11.20 in16.10 in10 lbs
1/10 scale rc semi truckCenRacing 8982 Ford F450 SD 1/10 4WD RTR (RED Candy Apple) Custom Truck DL-Series26.70 in 11.41 in
2.51 lbs
1/10 scale rc tow truckTamiya TAM58632 Team Hahn Racing Man Tgs TT019.01 in 19.09 in 8.82 in 4.63 lbs

Here have a look at the user of 1/10 RC Car

How Big is An 1/10 RC Buggy?

Let’s move on to buggies. 1/10 RC Buggies usually range from 15.7 inches to 19.68 inches which is bigger than 1/18 scale Rc buggies. They’re almost the size of a typical 1/10 RC car and they can be as wide as 11.81 inches. 

However, in most cases, the height of 1/10 RC buggies is between 6.3 inches and 8.66 inches. 

Depending on the size, they also come in light and heavier versions. Lightweight 1/10 scale RC buggies are around 3-4 pounds. However, they can be as heavy as 8.4 pounds.

Take a look at the table below to see the comparisons with the perfect examples: 

1:10 RC Car Types ExampleLengthWidthHeightWeight
1/10 scale off road rc buggy4×4 Offroad Sand Buggy Remote Control Truck19.68 in11.81 in8.66 in 8.4 lbs
1/10 rc race buggy1/10th 2.4Ghz Exceed RC Brushless PRO 2.4Ghz Electric SunFire RTR Off Road Buggy15.7 in9.8 in6.3 in
1/10 rc nitro buggy1/10 Exceed RC Forza Nitro Powered Off Road Buggy15.7 in9.8 in6.3 in3.92 lbs
1/10 rc desert buggyECX Amp Db 2WD Desert Buggy RTR Vehicle (1/10 Scale), Black/Yellow16.9 in 12.9 in 7.9 in3.44 lbs 

How Big is An 1/10 RC Trailer?


Well, this segment isn’t about RC cars or trucks. But it’s an integral part when you’re handling the cargo part of your vehicle. 

Yes, we’re talking about the 1/10 RC trailers. With the following size guideline, you’ll be able to buy the correct trailer for your RC vehicles.

So, normally they come in 9.06-18.1 inches in length. They are 5.91-11.4 inches wide and 1.97-6.89 inches tall. 

Moving on the weight, these trailers can weigh as low as 1 pound. Again, the bigger trailers can be as heavy as 4.82 pounds. 

You can see the size comparison for 1/10 RC Trailers in the table below:

1:10 RC Trailer Types ExampleLengthWidthHeightWeight
1/10 scale RC gooseneck trailerGoolRC Trailer Car Hopper Trail 11.41in8.5 in5.12 in1.02 lbs
1 10 scale RC utility trailerKYX Racing RC Cars Trailer Heavy Duty Truck and RC Rock Cars Trailer9.06 in 5.91 in1.97 in1.16 lbs
1/10 scale RC camper trailerIntegy RC C27994BLACK Model Camping Trailer15.35 in7.67 in6.89 in4.41 lbs
1/10 scale RC lowboy trailerFASJ RC Trailer18.1 in11.4in4.82 lbs

How Big is An 1/10 RC Aircraft?

So, what about a 1/10 RC aircraft? Let me break down the whole size measurement so that you know which aircraft is right for you.  

In this scale, you’ll find aircraft having a length of approximately 32 inches. If you go horizontally, these aircraft have a width of 14 inches.

Speaking of height, you’ll get a maximum length of 11.5 inches in larger aircraft. 

However, these RC aircraft weigh on average 4 pounds. 

You can also check out an example of 1/10 RC aircraft from the following table: 

1:10 RC Aircraft Types ExampleLengthWidthHeightWeight
1/10 scale rc hydroplanePro Boat Aerotrooper RC Air Boat 31.5 in 13.9 in 11.5 in3.9 lbs

How Big is An 1/10 RC Watercraft?


For 1/10 scale RC watercraft, you can estimate a size between 12.5 inches and 36.2 inches. They can be as wide as 16.7 inches and as tall as 13.8 inches. 

So, you can guess these watercraft are bigger than other 1/10 RC vehicles. This brings us to the point that they’re also heavier. Usually, a 1/10 RC aircraft weighs from 0.22 pounds to 17.7 pounds. 

It all depends on what type of watercraft you’re looking for. Here’s a table on various kinds of 1/10 RC watercraft with their size:

1:10 RC Watercraft Types ExampleLengthWidthHeightWeight
1/10 scale rc kayakRC Crawler Simulation Kayaking Canoe,YZtree12.5 in1.26 in0.87 in
1/10 scale rc aerocopterPro Boat Aerotrooper 25″ Brushless RC Air Boat31.5  in13.9 in11.5 in 4.8 lbs

Sizes of Other 1/10 RC Vehicles

You’ll be amazed by the RC options you have in the 1/10 scale. 

Just like cars and trucks, there are other vehicles such as truggies, tractors, excavators, jeeps, ATVs, and tanks.   

And with these vehicles, you can also use additional tools like pulling sled and wrecker.

In the next sections, I’ll give you an idea of how large or small these vehicles can be. 

1/10 Scale Rc Truggy Size

Truggy is a popular off-road RC car that is smaller than RC cars. Here is an example of a Hoyton RC car that’s a 1/10 truggy. 

Example: Redcat Racing Piranha-TR-10 Piranha Tr10 Truggy

  • Length – 15.25 inches or 387.35 mm
  • Width – 11 inches or 280 mm
  • Height – 4.5 inches or 114.3 mm
  • Weight – 5.89 pounds or 2.67 kg

So, the RC car is a bit smaller with a minimum weight of 5.89 pounds. 

1/10 Scale Rc ATV Size:

1 10 Scale Rc ATV

Moving on to a modern RC vehicle design. ATVs are a popular type of RC that gives you the thrill of riding it on the sand. 

Example: Off-Road Vehicle Atv 94188 RC 1/10 Car 

  • Length – 16.5  inches or 420 mm
  • Width – 13 inches or 330 mm
  • Height – 7.2 inches or 185 mm
  • Weight – 4.6 pounds or 2.1 kg

If you look at the New Ray’s dimensions, you’ll see it has almost the same length and width. But it’s lighter than the 1/10 scale RC tractor. 

1/10 Rc Tanks Size:

For RC enthusiasts who love to battle, tanks are the best vehicle to choose from. Here’s an example from Fisca. 

Example: HOOBEN 1/10 Tiger I Heavy Tank 

  • Length – 24.72 inches or 628 mm
  • Width – 14 inches or 356 mm
  • Height – 11.2 inches or 286 mm
  • Weight – 31 pounds or 14.4 kg

As you can see, this tank is heavier than most 1/10 scale RC cars. 

1/10 Scale Rc Jeep Size:

Now, let’s move on to jeep RC cars. These cars also come in military versions containing all the specs of a jeep RC. 

By checking out the example below, you’ll understand the ideal size of a 1/10 RC jeep. 

Example: Axial RC Truck 1/10 SCX10 III Jeep 

  • Length – 24.6  inches or 625 mm
  • Width – 13.7 inches or 348 mm
  • Height –12.7 inches or 3.22 mm
  • Weight – 6.8 pounds or 3.08 kg

1/10 Scale Rc Crawler Jeep Size:

Now, take a look at the RC Crawler Jeeps. An example from RocHobby will clear all of your confusion about the size. 

Example: Axial RC Truck 1/10 Rock Crawler 

  • Length – 22.25  inches or 565 mm
  • Width – 9.25 inches or 234 mm
  • Height –9.5  inches or 241 mm
  • Weight – 6.8 pounds or 3.1 kg

So, as you can notice, 1/10 crawler jeeps are 2x-3x smaller than the regular RC jeep cars. This means if you don’t want to buy a full-sized RC jeep, crawler jeeps are the best option for you. 

1/10 Scale Rc Motorcycle Size:

1 10 Scale Rc Motorcycle

Lastly, you can also find an RC motorcycle if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast. These RC vehicles are good for racing and different types of contests.

Example: Supercross Eli Tomac Die-Cast Motorcycle

  • Length – 4  inches or 101 mm
  • Width – 9.13 inches or 2.32 mm
  • Height –10.88 inches or 276 mm
  • Weight – 0.55 pounds or 0.25 kg

If you take a look at the example of Supercross, you’ll notice that it’s a small RC vehicle. And compared to RC cars, trucks, or truggies, these motorcycles are much lighter. 

What Does 1/10 RC Mean in RC?

RC classification

Now, if you’re confused about what 1/10 RC means in RC vehicles, this segment is for you.

Usually, RC vehicles are the smaller versions of a real modeled car. RC manufacturers create radio-controlled versions of different types of vehicles for both kids and adults.

When you see 1/10 labeled in an RC car, it means that RC is 1/10th of an actual car. You’ll get the same vibe but in a playground. 

And just like this, you’ll find different sizes of RC vehicles such as 1/16, 1/12, 1/24, 1/18, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Tall Is a 1/10 Scale RC?

A 1/10 scale RC vehicle can be as tall as 13.8 inches. Again, you’ll find as small as 0.87 inches RC vehicles. The height actually depends on the type of 1/10 RC you’re looking for. For example, a 1/10 RC truck can be 16.10 inches tall whereas a 1/10 watercraft can be 13.8 inches tall. 

What is the biggest 1/10 Scale RC?

The biggest 1/10 scale RC vehicle is the FullFun Offroad Sand Buggy. It is almost 20 inches long and 12 inches wide. It has a noticeable height of almost 9 inches. As it’s bigger in size, it’s heavier too. It has a weight of 8.4 pounds which is pretty heavier than other model 1/10 RC cars. 

What is the smallest 1/10 Scale RC?

The smallest 1/10 scale RC vehicle is Tamiya’s TAM58632 Team Hahn model. It’s a tow truck which is 9 inches long and 19 inches wide. It has a height of 8.82 inches and a weight of 4.63 pounds. So, you can understand it’s a pretty lightweight RC car. 


So, that’s it! I hope you’re all clear now about how big is 1 10 scale RC car.

Compared to different types the size varies. I tried to cover all the types in this article including an average.

If you have more queries, write down a comment below. I’ll try to help you as much as possible. Until then, stay happy and healthy. Good luck!

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