how far does the dji phantom go

How Far Does The DJI Phantom Go? [A Complete Guide]

We all know the importance of knowing the maximum flying distance of a drone before buying one. Knowing the range is crucial to make sure that the drone you are buying is good enough to meet your need.

So, how far does the dji phantom go?

Phantom 1 can go as far as 250-300 meters. Then Phantom 2 has a range of almost 650–700 meters. Phantom 3 gets a big jump and has a flight range of 4.5 kilometers. The latest one, Phantom 4 has a range of a whopping 7 kilometers. There are also a few factors that affect a drone’s flying range.

Interested to know more? We’ve got you covered. We have accumulated all the information about the DJI phantom drone ranges in this guide.

Let’s find out!

DJI Phantom Drone Fly Range

Typically a DJI phantom drone can go as far as 8 kilometers. But that’s the flagship ones of the series. The later models of the DJI Phantom have a flight range of 4 to 8 kilometers. There are 4 different models in the DJI’s Phantom series.

They are called DJI Phantom 1,2,3 and the latest one is the Phantom 4. As the number suggests the later number of models are better than their predecessors. With each upgrade of the model, battery life, flight time, and flight ranges have increased.

Here’s an overall comparison of the DJI Phantom’s different model range.

DJI Phantom’s

Note that, the Phantom series from DJI is made as a short-range drone. So the range, in general, is lower than the ones designed for long-range flights. But these drones are equipped with the best cameras for RC place.

Now let’s check out the flight range of each model and the factors determining that.

How Far Does the DJI Phantom 1 Go?

DJI Phantom 1 is the first released model of the Phantom series. It had a flight range of 300 meters.
250-350 meters is the range that is considered Phantom 1’s flight range. This is the established range that phantom 1 can fly to.

DJI Phantom 1

But there are also some factors as well contributing to the determination of its flight range.

It also didn’t have much of a big battery. The battery is 5200 mAh which didn’t provide a much longer period of flight time.

How Far Does the DJI Phantom 2 Go?

DJI Phantom 2 took a huge leap from Phantom 1. The flight speed, controller signal range, battery backup everything got better. Phantom 2 has a flight range of 650-700 meters.

Along with these flight upgrades, DJI also introduced a lot of new features. Features such as auto-return and self-tightening propellers were added. Another feature was smartphone or tablet compatibility.

DJI Phantom 2
Source: Stuff

Phantom 2 also got an upgrade in camera. The overall flight time was also increased to 20 minutes because of a bigger battery.

Now you may be wondering how far can a DJI phantom 3 standard fly? We’re going to answer that too. Keep reading.

How Far Does the DJI Phantom 3 Go?

Well, DJI phantom 3 takes a huge leap in terms of flying range. It gets up to as high as 4.5 kilometers. Not only that, but it also performs better against obstructions and unfavorable situations.

The controller signal is strong and that gives phantom 3 an edge in indoors as well. The DJI phantom 4 flight time is also longer. The two additional antennas are the major reasons behind its good performance.

DJI Phantom 3
Source: New Atlas

Along with the insane performance, it also has 4k video recording with 100w fast charging. So the DJI phantom 3 price is also higher than its predecessors. 

How Far Does the DJI Phantom 4 Go?

The DJI Phantom 4 is the latest drone of the Phantom series. The Phantom 4 has a flight range of a whopping  7 Km. In some cases, it can go as far as 8 km. Phantom 4 is bigger in size as well as in performance. The bigger weight is mostly because of the battery.

Phantom 4

You can also check out some real-world range tests while using Phantom 4. They show you the actual performance in a practical situation.

However, the DJI phantom 4 flight time is more than its predecessor Phantom 3. Primarily because of the bigger battery even though it weighs more. It also has a higher speed and longer flight time. It can go as fast as 45mph in sports mode.

Factors that Affect Drone Range

We have talked about all the models of the phantom series and their flight range. Now let’s discuss the factors that affect the drone flying range.

Multiple factors determine the flight range. Different factors can also limit other factors of the drone.

So let’s check them out one by one.

Controller Signal Range:

Controller signal range is the primary factor that will come into play while determining flight range. Because some drones can go further than their controller can handle. In such cases, the controller signal range limits the drone’s flight time or other factors.

Though most of the time the controller of the higher-end drones are stronger. Such as DJI phantom drones have a very strong controller. They can easily generate a good quality signal as far as 10 kilometers.

Battery Life:

The battery is like a double edges sword. The bigger the battery is the more weight your drone will carry. So as more battery gives longer flight time, it can also be a problem. So while flying your drone battery life is necessary to consider.

Poor battery life can also cause a drone’s throttle problem. So before starting the flight, do give it a check.

If the battery life is too low then you may not be able to fly your drone too far. Even if it can go further, you will need to make it return. So low battery life can limit a drone’s true potential.


Obstruction plays a big part in the signal strength of your controller. Too much obstruction often leads to loss of signal. Thus if you are intending to fly your drone in obstructed terrain, be aware.

Though Phantom 3 and 4 do a good job against obstructions. 

Few Tips to Increase Drone Range

There are some certain tricks you can utilize in order to increase the drone range. You can make use of different devices as well. Here are some of the simplest tips you can follow.

Reducing Interference:

Other sources of frequencies can disrupt your controller’s signal to your drone. Because of this, your drone might not be able to fly too far. Electrical lines, phones, routers, etc emit their own frequencies which can cause trouble.

So to avoid this, the easiest solution is to fly your drone at a higher altitude. This way it can easily avoid other disruptive sources of frequencies.

As a result, it will strengthen your drone’s signal and increase its range.

Using Range Extenders:

There are a lot of range extenders in the market for your drone. If you are struggling with your drone range, these extenders can come in handy. Range extenders can increase your drone range up to 15% more than its normal range.

Range Extenders
Source: Aliexpress

Especially in harsher conditions or terrain, it needed more. Extenders can mitigate the weak signals and short ranges due to obstacles. Without obstacles, some users have also claimed extenders to increase the range up to 30%. 

You can use a range extender with your Phantom 3 and 4 models. Here are some recommended ones for your convenience.

ProductCompatible WithPrice
TOZO Antenna Signal Range BoosterDJI Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 4Check Price
Hooshion Folding Antenna Signal Range BoosterDJI Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 4Check Price
Summitlink Copper Parabolic Antenna Range BoosterDJI Phantom 3Check Price

You can also try out the range booster from Blue Proton that’s compatible with DJI Phantom 3.

However, the increase in range always depends on the kind of drone and extender you are using. Also, the terrain and environment have a big effect on it too.

Modifying the Drone: 

This trick is a bit complicated and recommended for more experienced pilots. The main thing is to make changes to your antenna positioning. Position your antenna at the very bottom of your drone.

This will prevent the battery from coming between the antenna and its signal. You can also upgrade to a more powerful transmitter. This will make the signal more powerful and as a result, increase the range of your drone.

Now let’s move on to the FAQ section.


Which drone from DJI has the highest range?

The drone from DJI that has the highest range is the Mavic 2 Pro. It has a variety of sophisticated shooting settings that allow you to produce spectacular aerial images and films. The Mavic 2 Pro has a range of up to 8 kilometers (4.3 miles), making it the longest-range drone on the market.

What to do if my DJI drone goes out of range?

You don’t need to worry if your drone goes out of range. Especially the DJI Phantom series drones have an auto-return feature. The drones will come back to the spot they started. If the signal is lost, the drone will hover on the spot. In terms of an empty battery, the drone will land on land.

Is there any additional way to increase my drone’s range?

Yes, using a WiFi repeater system, you may improve the WiFi signal of your drone. A repeater’s main purpose is to receive a signal, amplify it, and then retransmit it. This greatly extends the range of drones. Also for your controller, you can use a range extender in addition.

Wrap Up!

That’s a wrap from our side. Hopefully, now you know how far does the dji phantom go. If you have any further queries do let us know.

Also, remember to fly safely since drones can cause damage if flown carelessly.

Till next time, good luck and happy flying.

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