How Long Do Nicad Batteries Last

How Long Do Nicad Batteries Last? All There Is To Know!

Power is a indispensable part of our modern life. And a battery is the most physical thing close to power we can hold in our hands.

There are many types of batteries and NiCd or Nicad batteries are one of them. But the most asked question about them is how long do nicad batteries last?

NiCd or often called as NiCad battery lasts for almost 15 to 20 years if not used. But if you use it regularly it may last till 36 months or 3 years. It can go more than that if you use it properly without any rough usage. It has almost 1000 to 2000 cycles in of durability in it. 

There’s more needed to be understood about the shelf life of nicad battery. 

So, jump into it right away!

How Long Can the Nicad Batteries Last?

Nicad batteries, which are actually Nickel Cadmium batteries, are very well-known today. One of the best advantages of Nicad batteries is their longevity.

Plus sometimes a bad battery can cause Traxxas EZ issues. Thus, it’s best to know the longevity of a battery beforehand to achieve a greater performance from your RC car.

So, how long can a Nicad battery last? Well, a Nicad battery can last more than any general battery that we use.

The average life span of this battery is around 3 years if used regularly. But it can actually go beyond that easily. 

If you can charge these batteries well and avoid rough usage, they’d be quite durable. In terms of the life cycle, it can go like 2000 cycles.

This is actually more than enough for a battery. And it may even go more actually. So, this is how long you can expect these batteries to run.

Source: Instructables

However, if you plan to keep the batteries unused, the duration wouldn’t be the same. The duration would actually increase a couple of times.

Because a preserved Nicad battery can actually stay good for up to 15-20 years. But this is applicable only if you can preserve the battery properly.

You can not just put on the battery on an appliance and keep it turned off. This would actually damage the battery in no time in return.

Why Does the Energy of the Battery Decrease with Time?

You know everything needs the energy to work. And with time, the energy of a thing keeps on decreasing. So, a battery is nothing different from this.

What happens when the battery is old? Well, with time, the energy of a Nicad battery decreases. As a result of this, the efficiency of the battery decreases too. 

So, the duration of the time the battery runs an appliance decreases. And if it continues like this, the battery would go bad completely.

Source: Instructables

So, is there a way to rejuvenate Nicad batteries? Well, you can do a few things to get back the energy of these batteries. There are two easy methods to bring the Nicad batteries to life again. Let’s check them out!

Method 1: Battery Zapping

One of the methods of bringing a dead battery into life is called battery zapping. So here goes the procedure of battery zapping.

  • The first thing you need to do is produce high voltage. 
  • Then you need to introduce that high voltage in the terminals of the battery.

This helps to restore the ability to get the oxygen flow inside the battery. And this makes the battery ready to be charged. You can even use it to replace the lipo battery for a brief amount of time.

But make sure you do not produce too much voltage. Because that would lead to an over-voltage battery. And fixing an over-voltage battery might be time-consuming for you.

To do this, you would need a voltmeter to measure the volt when you produce it. Additionally, you would also need 2 nails along with a charger.

Remember you may not use any random voltmeter for this. Now, are you trying to get a good voltmeter for this? Well, here is a suggestion for you.

Hope this helps!

You can follow another method to revive the energy of your Nicad battery. That method is actually way simpler than this. Why not check it out?

Method 2: Battery Freezing

A very simple way to revive the energy of a battery is to freeze it. Yes, you read that right! You can actually freeze a battery to rejuvenate the battery.

And doing this is worth it. Because these batteries are great for motors. And you can easily match this to a motor. The process is almost as same as matching a lipo battery with a motor.

Although this might not be a very long-term solution, this actually works. To do this, you can cover the battery with plastic. 

Then put it in the fridge for a while. Do not use freezers for your batteries though. Because freezers can actually damage your battery.

Remember to not do it very often. Because freezing the batteries often will not be convenient for the batteries.

So, this is what happens to a battery with time. And you can actually revive the energy of a Nicad battery too.

How to Understand If the Nicad Battery is Dead or Not?

You would actually see a few symptoms once a Nicad battery starts going bad. Some of these are similar to that of a bad Traxxas battery. The first thing you would notice is the decreased efficiency.

You may also see that your appliance is turning off suddenly. This happens when the battery fails to transfer the energy. Because it’s on the verge of going bad.

If you see these issues waste no time and figure out if the battery is dying or not. Follow the instruction to figure out if your NiCd battery dying actually.

  • Take the voltmeter and connect the red voltmeter gauge to the battery’s positive pole. Then connect the black voltmeter gauge to the battery’s negative end.
  • Now, check the voltage monitor on the voltmeter. If the system shows a value less than 10% of the specified battery output, the battery isn’t appropriate for usage.

But if you still want an inspection with more expertise, talk to an expert. They can actually inspect the battery within a short time and give you the details.

So, this is how you can understand if the Nicad battery is good or not.

Are There Any Batteries Similar to Nicad Batteries?

There are not much of batteries similar to Nicad batteries actually. But yes, you may look for an alternative, if needed.

Lithium batteries can be a good replacement for Nicad batteries if ever needed. These are similar to Nicad batteries as they have got a similar voltage.

You can use these AA or AAA batteries instead of NiCd batteries if there’s a need.

A lithium battery is also durable if you can use them properly. But we do not recommend using these batteries if it is not an absolute emergency.

It’s always better to go with the best one!


Are all the Nicad batteries compatible with any motor?

Yes, almost every Nicad battery is compatible with any motor. But even if you find any issue with its compatibility, you can fix it too. You can easily match the Nicad battery to go with the motor that you are using.

Is there a way to revive a battery?

No, you can not revive a battery once it is dead or damaged. But there are a few specific batteries that might get revived if tried. And Nicad batteries are one of them. For this, you need to give high voltage. But you need to make sure you know how to do it properly.

Is there a way to restore the efficiency of Nicad batteries?

The efficiency of any battery decreases as time goes by. And Nicad batteries are in no way any different than this. However, you may try a few things to restore the efficiency of your battery. Giving high voltages to the terminals is one of the useful ones. Freezing would also be feasible.

The Final Words

Now you know, how long do nicad batteries last! We believe your confusion or any misconceptions are clear now.

Remember one thing about batteries. That is, do not keep the batteries on the appliance for a long time. Try to take that off after a certain period of time. This keeps the batteries healthy.

All the best!

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