how long does dji care refresh take

How Long Does DJI Care Refresh Take? Find Out Now!

Imagine you are flying a new DJI and all of a sudden it crashed. It has been only a day since you bought it. Now, you’re clueless about how to repair it.

No need to worry because DJI has the famous DJI care refresh plan. It’s super easy to avail and renew the plan.

But, you must be wondering how long does DJI care refresh take?

Usually, DJI care refresh takes 2 to 3 working days to deliver your replaced item. If you send it for repair, it would take 5 to 7 days. Timing varies due to road situations, logistics problems, and the pandemic. If your delivery exceeds the estimated time, it’s better to inform DJI customer support. 

In the latter part, we’ve covered more of this exclusive DJI plan. Surely, you won’t want to miss out.

Let’s catch up then!

How to Avail DJI Care Refresh Plan?

Before jumping into the discussion, let’s know how to avail the plan first. 

Whenever you buy any DJI product, you’re suggested to buy DJI care refresh alongside. You probably know why it is and what it does. But, seldom do you know about this process.
DJI care refresh gives you an after-purchase repair or replacement plan. The validity is up to two years. Within these two years, your drone may face any pilot error or crash. Then, this package will help you repair or replace.

DJI care refresh

You can compare it with an insurance plan. Unlike insurance plans, you don’t have to pay premiums. But, you’ve to pre-pay the fee for the DJI care refresh plan.

They also have a rule in this. You’ve to buy the package within 48 hours of purchasing the new DJI product. If you buy DJI care refresh after 48 hours, it’ll ask for some proof. You’ve to assure them that it’s in good health.

Once DJI care refresh is activated, your drone is safe from any damage. From the moment of activation, your drone is safe from any malfunction. But, how long do you’ve to wait for your DJI shipment?

How Long Does DJI Care Refresh Take?

It takes different timing for repair and replacement. Normally, repair takes more time than replacement. Some external;l factors affect the estimated timing. 

Let’s know all about these in detail below.


Repairing tends to take longer.  Normally 5 to 7 business days are promised to complete repairing with delivery. 

repairing DJI

The situation, however, doesn’t always remain the same. Due to the ongoing pandemic, products take longer to deliver from both ends. 

For example, a client sends out their DJI item on Monday and is supposed to be reached at DJI on Tuesday. However, it came on Thursday. This automatically delays repair and delivery from DJI’s end.


Now, if we talk about replacement, it takes around 2 to 3 working days. Replacement is necessary when a client’s package doesn’t come with all parts. Also, if it has broken products in it. 

This timing depends entirely on how quickly they take action and the road’s condition. Clearly, timing varies for replacement shipments as well.

It’s terrible to wait for DJI care refresh shipments longer than expected. You can do one thing to speed up their process.

Find out next!

How to Expedite Shipment?

As we are talking about, there is a way to expedite shipment. This is basic but works as well.

First, post your problem on DJI forums. You’ll find some official forums where DJI appoints its people. They work as administrators and respond to your issue.

If yours is too urgent, they directly inform the team. They then prioritize your problem.

expedite shipment of DJI

Also, they may share a link with you. There you just need to give your case number to track delivery or repair status.

Not to mention but you may have already thought of calling customer care first. Calling and mailing them actually comes first. Then these forums come to help and interact.

If everything goes well, DJI care refresh is actually worth it. Sadly, it has a time period. 

The good news is that you can renew this. The next segment is all about that.

How to Renew DJI Care Refresh Plan?

DJI care refresh doesn’t exceed two years. So, what will you do once it expires?

You can simply purchase its DJI care refresh+. It’s an upgraded warranty plan. After you purchase the plan your warranty period would last up to 12 months. 

Within this time period, you’ll get free repair services for your damaged or defective products. But, to avail this service or even DJI care refresh your model must be enlisted.


Unfortunately, DJI care refresh is not applicable for all DJI products. Just like DJI fly app is not available on play store. Models like, DJI Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Cine, DJI mini 2, and some others support care refresh.

DJI care refresh+ supports models like Mavic Air, Phantom 3SE, and a few others. Also, the damage you claim must comply with DJI’s policies. Along with that, check if your drone is successfully activated through the refresh plan or not.

Because if your drone is bounded, then you don’t have to worry about the paperwork-

After going through everything, you’ll get extended life for your DJI aircrafts. Make sure to do a DJI care refresh check before applying for one.

That’s all. Now you have an idea how long it might take. With DJI’s supportive customer care you don’t have to wait any longer. Just inform them of your problem. The rest will be taken care of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does DJI Care Refresh Express take?

Normally DJI care refresh express takes one to two working days. The name express justifies its delivery time period. This service is not free. But quicker compared to DJI care refresh and care refresh plus. Based on your urgency you can skip damage assessment and ask for a fast replacement.

Will DJI Replace a Lost Drone?

Yes, DJI has recently started this initiative. It has begun a new service plan named DJI care fresh. You have to buy this plan to avail the service of replacing lost drones. It’s under flyaway coverage. Sometimes drones get lost in the sky and to compensate for such misfortune DJI started this. 

Can I Transfer DJI Care Refresh?

Yes, you can transfer DJI care refresh to the new owner of your drone. It’s not applicable for a brand new drone since the case number is different. Also, care refresh plan will be the same for replaced drones. Other than that you can’t transfer the care refresh plan.

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