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How Long Does DJI Shipping Take? (Here’s What We Know!)

DJI is a well-known shop for ordering drones and other remote control devices. They deliver quality products from reliable sources.

However, sometimes the delivery time of DJI makes us worried. Depending on a number of factors, the shipping time can vary a lot.

So, how long does DJI shipping take?

The DJI shipping takes 5 to 6 days. But the time is not fixed. Rather it depends on several factors. If the product is available in the warehouse, the delivery will be fast. The weather also hampers the delivery time. Moreover, brand new products take much more time than regular ones.

This is only the beginning. To understand how the shipping time works, you need to know more. Please keep scrolling to know all the details!

How Long Does DJI Take to Ship? 

DJI shipping takes 5 to 7 days on average. But this time is not fixed. Sometimes the shipment can get delayed. Then it can take more than 7 days for the product to reach your hand.

How Long Does DJI Take to Ship

How Long Does DJI Take to Ship to the United States And Canada? 

The shipment time is about 10 days for shipping to the USA and Canada. This duration includes all the necessary shipping processes. From order placement to processing to delivery, all these take about 10 days.

How Long Will It Take When Ordered Through Amazon Or Other Local Store?

Very often we find coupons and vouchers in different online stores. So the question might arise:

How long it will take to order DJI from Amazon?

If you order from amazon then it should take 11-15 days. But for certain cases, it may take up to a month to ship as they will be imported from China. 

The time range is almost the same for other sites such as BestBuy or Dronenerds.

So the time of DJI shipping is not fixed. The DJI shipping instructions also clarify this thing. According to their terms and conditions, the shipment depends on various factors.  I’ve presented all these factors below.

Which Factors Determine DJI Shipping Time? 

The DJI shipping time is not fixed because they don’t deliver from a nearby location. 

So where does DJI ship from? 

DJI delivers the products straight from the manufacturers in China. As a result, different variable factors play a significant role in determining the shipping time. 

Product Availability in Warehouse: 

An important factor determining the delivery time is the DJI warehouse processing. As the products are delivered from China, the products need to be collected first. When you order a product, DJI gets it for you from Chinese sellers and factories. 

The product is then brought to the warehouse. Often this collection takes a long time. Because the factories and sellers sell their products in bulk. 

DJI also attempts to purchase in bulk. This reduces the cost of the product. Or else the price would be very high. 

There is no benefit to ordering from China if the price is high. But sometimes the product is already available in the warehouse. Upon your order, it is directly shipped from there. The time needed for collecting the product is saved in this circumstance. 

Thus the product shipment becomes very quick. Within a short duration like 2 to 3 days the product will reach you in such cases. 

The condition overturns if the product ordered is unavailable in the DJI storage. Then the DJI order takes about 5 to 7 days for shipment. You can control the DJI drone components using the app designed particularly for this. It’s called DJI Fly. Unfortunately, the DJI app is not available in play store anymore. You have to download it directly from their website.

DJI drone components

Adverse Weather:

This is an aspect that you must keep in mind while ordering any product from DJI. The impact of adverse weather can affect the shipment time badly. The product ordered from DJI comes from a very distant place. The order usually arrives in several steps.

Firstly the order is confirmed and bought from the local seller. Then it is stored in a warehouse in China. From there the product is sent via ships and airplanes. It comes to the ordering country and is stored in another warehouse. 

Again it is shipped to the ultimate location from this warehouse. If there is adverse weather in any of these steps, the shipment will be delayed. Especially due to tidal waves and cyclones, shipment from China can take a huge time. 

Ordering Different Products in a Single Order: 

This is an interesting aspect that many people ignore. DJI sells various products like the DJI Mini 2. There are a lot of options available on their website. So while shopping, many customers choose more than one product from the site.

And then they make the order under one receipt. All these products have different shipping times. Because not all of them are constantly available in their stores. In this scenario, the shipment timing relies on the commodity with the lengthiest delivery time. 

Let’s see an example. 

Presume you are buying 3 things from DJI. DJI has two of these products in the warehouse. And the other one is to be collected first. The overall shipment time will depend on the last product. 

When all the products are collected, they will be shipped together. The shipment can get delayed because of this. To avoid this type of problem,  it is better to make different orders for different products. However, the delivery charge will increase.

New Products:

When a new product is launched, an extra level of hype exists for it. Such as everyone wants to learn everything about drones, especially about DJI drones. 

Also, many customers want to buy it and order it from the site.  The shipment will get delayed if the order number is higher than the products available.

DJI Mavic 3 shipping time was delayed in this way. It became instantly popular and thus the number of orders was very high. You can not blame DJI customer service for this delay. Because producing and collecting the products takes time. 

So be patient while ordering brand new products. If the delivery is late, do not get worried. Because there are almost no cases of any DJI package not being delivered. If DJI fails to meet the order, they will refund you.

We’ve to check various issues to determine the delivery time just like selecting the RC tire foam. Hopefully, now you can understand why delivery time differs for different products from the DJI store.

How to Get Fast DJI Shipment? 

From the above discussion, you can see that the average shipping time is 5 to 7 days. But aren’t you curious about how to get a faster DJI shipment than usual? There is a way of getting quicker delivery. Let me show you.

You can get registered as a DJI Select Member. DJI gives more importance to the registered members. They provide faster delivery to the Select members. The charge of registration in DJI Select Member is $29 per year.


Can I fly on an Airplane with my DJI?

Yes, you can fly with your DJI on an airplane. But there are some rules to follow. You can take your DJI drone in your luggage. You can also take it in an extra carry bag. However the batteries of the DJI must be separated from it. If you follow these instructions, you won’t face any problem flying with your DJI.

Does DJI Require a Signature for Delivery? 

Yes, DJI requires a signature for delivery. The person who ordered the product must sign before receiving the product. Or else the delivery company will not hand over the product. Also, any other person will not be able to receive the product. It must be received by the one who ordered it.

Is DJI Shipping Free?

No, DJI shipping is not free. The cost of DJI shipping varies with different products. The size and sensitivity of the product are significant for the shipping fee. However, there are scopes for free shipping. If the order is above $160, the customer will get free shipping. 


Hope you have no more confusion about how long does DJI shipping take. I think that now you have understood the period of shipment. 

DJI shipping takes more time than Amazon or other online shops. So if you need fast delivery, try other sites.

Till then, best of luck!

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