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How Long Does Nitro Fuel Last? – Answer Revealed

Anyone new to the hobby must be unsure of using nitro fuel in RC vehicles. Generally, we use gasoline in our cars. And Gasoline doesn’t last more than 6 months. That too only pure gasoline. 

Someone entering the RC world would think nitro fuel also doesn’t last long. Ironically, it does last longer. 

But, how long does nitro fuel last exactly?

Nitro fuel lasts around 20 to 30 years. It can stale way before because of lack of proper storing. Storing is the key to making it last longer. Storing it under room temperature where it’s not too hot keeps it alive. Also, keep it away from moisture. Change the fuel as soon as it expires. 

In this article, we shared more information. If you’re struggling or confused about nitro fuel, this article is for you.

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How Long Does Nitro Fuel Last? [Simple Answer]

The shelf life of RC nitro fuel depends on its storing process. It’ll last longer if it’s stored accordingly. 

A systematically stored nitro fuel can last up to 20 to 30 years. The more you take care of it, the more it’ll linger. 

Sometimes, nitro fuel expires before time. It’s because it’s no longer in good condition. 

The reason could vary. Most people blame excessive condensation inside the storage. Or, it could be the formulation of fuel.  That’s why some prefer to make nitro fuel at home.

But, you can actually give life back to bad fuel by adding some rubbing alcohol. You can also freeze the bottle. Quickly pour it when the moisture is frosty.

RC nitro fuel

This isn’t the case every time. Not all bad fuel can be restored. It’s not always suggested. You’ve to know when you need to change the nitro fuel.

In the next part, we’ll be discussing this. Stick around!

When and How to Change Nitro Fuel?

You’ve to change nitro fuel when it exceeds the limit. The time when there’s no chance of restoring a bad nitro fuel.

But, how to tell if nitro fuel is bad?

A bad nitro fuel is clearly visible. You’ll see a thick gummy texture. Also, when you pour some water into it, water droplets condense inside the bottle. This indicates nitro fuel hasn’t been stored as instructed and expired. Its color also fades away.

As soon as you identify bad nitro fuel, change it. Because this negatively affects your RC car. RC cars won’t be able to speed up. It’ll degrade your car’s performance as well.

Now, you know when to change nitro fuel. Do you know how to do it?

No worries, we got you covered.

Before changing nitro fuel, know the current brand of nitro. It’s advisable to use the same brand every time. Because, if you mess up with ratios your engine can get foul out.

So, you can proceed with changing fuel by following a few steps.

  • First, dump out the old fuel and clean the fuel tank.
  • Once it’s done, put your new fuel in.
  • Install a new glow plug. It’s to safeguard your engine. Keeping the old glow plug can cause a reaction between old and new fuel. 
  • The next step is to put some nitro fuel into the new glow plug tool. Try to start the car.

if the old brand is unavailable, make sure new brand ratios are on point. Nitro fuel isn’t always available. New brands must have similar percentages of nitro and lubricant.

RC car nitro fuel

The size of the engine also determines the percentage of nitro fuel. You can try using VP racing fuel 20% nitro 9% synthetic castor oil. This mixture of fuel and oil performs well in both on-road and off-road blends.

Another thing to consider while working with Traxxas cars. Traxxas nitro fuel is basically the Traxxas top fuel that comes in blue color. Traxxas cars mostly use their own fuel. It probably makes Traxxas cars faster like m41

If you’ve Traxxas cars, use Traxxas R/C nitro fuel top fuel 20%

We’ve talked a lot about bad fuel. Now, it’s time to know the prevention. The technique of storing nitro fuel to increase its lifetime.

How to Store Nitro Fuel?

Storing nitro fuel is actually very simple. You just need to follow three instructions and you’ll be good to go.

  • Nitro fuel is mostly made of alcohol. Alcohol has the components to attract moisture. If you allow it to do that, fuel becomes stale. It’s better to keep it at room temperature.
  • The next one is to store it miles away from flames. It was quite obvious.
  • Last but most important one is choosing the ideal place for storing. Store the fuel up off the floor. Try to pick a cool and dry area.

This is how you can simply store nitro fuel and give it longer shelf life. Also, remember to go through basic maintenance of your RC car.

Hope you’re clear on how long nitro fuel can last. It varies as people store it differently. Also, the brands and portions are quite distinct. So, the timeline will differ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does a Nitro RC Car Run?

RC nitro cars can run up to 2 hours straight. But, it’s not the same for all nitro cars. The engine’s capacity and motor’s ability affects run time. Sometimes one full tank can run only 11 minutes to 40 minutes. In other cases, it can run for an hour or so. Don’t run your cars if it gets too hot.

What Can I Use Instead of NItro Fuel?

You can use castor oil minted of nitro fuel in your RC cars. Normally, nitro fuel is mixed with some percentage of castor oil. The right portion of these two elements improves a car’s performance. Castor oil or synthetic oil mixed with nitro fuel makes the car ready for all grounds.

How Much Nitro Fuel Does Nitro RC Cars Use?

Nitro RC cars use 10% to 40% nitro fuel. This is mixed with motor oil like castor or synthetic oil mix. If we talk about gallons, it depends on the size of the tank. Generally, a gallon has 8 to 12 fillups. You need to decide how much fuel you need to burn. Your car’s run time depends on that.

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