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How To Bind DX6i? 7 Easy Steps That You Can Follow!

You might have tried binding your dx6i transmitter multiple times but couldn’t succeed. That can be tiring and frustrating at the same time. Don’t worry anymore. We’ve got your back!

So, how to bind dx6i?

To bind dx6i, first insert the bind plug in the last port of a compatible receiver. Next, turn on your receiver and wait for the light to flash. Now, turn on the Spektrum dx6i transmitter and hold the bind/trainer switch. Within a few seconds the light on the transmitter should become a stable colour indicating that both the devices has been bound.

But there’s more to it. Go through the article to know more about binding a dx6i transmitter.

So, let’s not waste any time and hop onto the details.

Binding Dx6I in 7 Steps

DX6I transmitter is one of the budget-friendly RC transmitters. Binding is the process of sending the receiver the specific code of the transmitter. So, after binding the receiver will only work for the transmitter it’s bound with. 

We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide so you can bind your dx6i easily.

Things You’ll Need

Before we start, make sure you have these necessary items-

  • Spektrum DX6i transmitter
  • DSM2 compatible receiver
  • Three Cell Lipo Batteries
  • Bind plug
  • Foam glue

Now that you have all the tools,  we’re ready to start the binding process. Let’s get started.

Step 1of 7: Install the Receivers and Adjust 

The DSM2 compatible receiver functions with dual receivers, with dual-path security. The primary receiver is situated on the main PC board. The other one, the remote receiver, is connected to the mainboard with a 6’’ extension.

First, wrap the main receiver in protective foam and fasten it. To keep the receiver in place, the foam needs to be sealed with foam glue. Make sure you use top-quality foam glue for this job.

Now, mount the other receiver to the side of the servo tray at a little distance. This will help to improve dual-path diversity. 

Keep the remote antennas 51mm far from the primary antenna. That’s how the receivers maintain a solid RF signal. 

Sometimes the spektrum dx6i won’t bind when it is kept too close to the receiver’s antennae. Also, make sure that the receiver that you’re using to bind with the spektrum dx6i is compatible with it.

Step 2 of 7: Install the Servo Motor 

The servo motor is essential to create torque and velocity. Mount the servo motor with protective foam and servo glue. 

Tighten the mounting screws of the servo. Follow the DX6i user’s manual to install the servo motor properly in the aircraft. 

It’ll be best if you can make sure the servo engine is water-resistant. Or it’ll get damaged very fast. 

Step 3 of 7: Check Connection of the Receiver System

First, check the connection of your receiver. Make sure it’s hooked up with the motor, speed control, and servos of the aircraft.

If the receiver is not connected with the other parts you have to do it manually. Following the owner’s manual of your dx6i and connect your receiver with the other parts.

Make sure to use receivers that are compatible with the dx6i transmitter. Most of the current Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX aircraft receivers are compatible with dx6i. So, make sure to use only these receivers while binding with the dx6i transmitter.

Step 4 of 7: Insert the Bind Plug

Take your bind plug and insert it into the last port of your DSM2 receiver. This port head is called the BATT/BIND (BIND/DATA) pins of the receiver.

Bind plugs don’t come with the transmitter. So, make sure to get good quality bind plugs.

Now, if you were wondering whether you can bind dx6i without bind plug then you’d be disappointed. Unfortunately, you can’t bind dx6i without a bind plug. You definitely need a bind plug to bind a dx6i transmitter with a receiver.

Step 5 of 7: Turn On the Receiver

In this step, activate the receiver by connecting it to a power source. In this case, the power generating source is the lipo batteries. 

Make sure you use good-quality lipo batteries. Lipo batteries are best to generate power for your receiver. However, try to get your hands on good quality lipo batteries like the Spektrum 7.4V 2000mAh 2S 15C Smart LiPo Receiver Battery.

After connecting the batteries the receiver will be ready to bind within 5-6 seconds.  

You’ll see that the lights on the receiver will start blinking continuously. This means the binding mode of the receiver is activated.

If the binding is not properly established then the Spektrum dx6i will lose it’s signal. Most of the time dx6i keeps losing its signal mid air when the connection between the transmitter and the receiver is not established properly. So, make sure to bind properly if you want to avoid your plane from falling mid air.

Step 6 of 7: Turn on the DX6i Transmitter

Set the controls of the transmitter in a failsafe position. That means throttle to the lowest position and keep the flight controls neutral. 

Now, with one hand, pull and immediately hold the trainer switch. While holding the trainer switch, turn on the power switch with the other hand.

It’ll take a few seconds for the system to connect. Once the transmitter is bound with the receiver, the lights will stop blinking.

The LED lights on the receiver will remain on without blinking. It means the binding is successful. Now release the trainer switch.

However, if you face binding problems with your spektrum dx6i try keeping the antennae right next to the board instead of keeping it at distance. Sometimes putting it closer binds the transmitter with the receiver.

At times the spektrum dx6i transmitter shows connection problems. This could either happen because it didn’t bind properly or the internal channels aren’t functioning properly. To fix this you can jiggle the connectors to establish proper connections.

One more thing that you can do to fix the binding problem of your dx6i is to move the rudder control stick to full right. Continue to hold the rudder control stick to full right until the blue LED on the 3-in-1 control unit is solid. This will make sure that both the devices are connected.

Step 7 of 7: Remove the Bind Plug

Finally, remove the bind plug and store it in a safe place. If you don’t follow the step your receiver will be on bind mode each time you turn it on.

Once you’ve finished, try to fly your aircraft and see if it’s working.

We’re done with the binding process. Now you can fly your aircraft without worrying.


Question: Which receivers are compatible with the dx6i transmitter?

Answer: The dx6i can be connected with all current Spektrum dsm2, dsmr, and dsmx receivers. The AR6200 receiver works best with a dx6i transmitter. The range of the connection is around 1200 meters (75 miles). But other models won’t work with the dx6i Spektrum transmitter.

Question: Does a dx6i have the model match feature?

Answer: In simple words, yes, all the dx6i transmitters have model-match features in them. 

This means the transmitter will only operate for the selected model it is bound with. But, you can reprogram the transmitter if you want to use it for another aircraft model.

Question: How to charge the dx6i transmitter?

Answer: You don’t need to charge a dx6i transmitter. It needs 4 AA removable batteries to work. Just open the battery slot, and put the batteries correctly. Then put the back cover. Make sure the installed batteries are recharged. Or else, the RC aircraft can have an unfortunate crash landing.

Parting Words

We’ve made it to the end of the article. Hopefully, now you know how to bind dx6i.

Dx6i is always a good choice when it comes to flying an aircraft. Don’t forget to share your dx6i binding experience with us.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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