how to break in a brushless motor

How to Break in a Brushless Motor – Doing the Undoable?

Break-in is a proven method to make the motors more smooth and effective. Now, you want to know how you can do that for your brushless motor.

So, how to break-in a brushless motor?

Well, you don’t have to break-in brushless motors. Brushless motors can’t have contact with moving armature. Since this isn’t possible, traction is also not possible. That’s why there’s no point in breaking-in a brushless motor. Still, brushless motors can face traction problems. 

You must be wondering how to maintain a brushless motor without break-in. No need to worry about that. You’ll find out soon enough!

Can You Break-in a Brushless Motor?

Break-in is a very common thing to do with any brushed motors. The main purpose is to avoid traction caused by brushes of a brushed RC motor

But does a brushless motor need break-in?

The answer is no. You can guess the reasoning by now. Brushless RC motors don’t have brushes. So, there’s no chance of causing traction while running it.

brushless motor

Break-in helps brushed motors in every way. It’s done after a specific time period of usage. As time passes by these motors start wearing out. To avoid any danger like, spark break-in is essential. 

Brushed motor brushes come in contact with a moving armature. That’s why traction happens. 

Brushless motors use an electronic commutator. So, there’s no fear of spark. This always clarifies why break-in isn’t necessary for this type of DC motor. 

This is very similar to brushless ESC. Brushless ESC isn’t compatible with brushed motors. So, whether it’s brushless ESC or motor, you’re not required to do any sort of break-ins.

Also, break-in sort of makes brushed motors faster. Whereas, brushless motors are already faster than them. Still, you can make it more faster.

But, how to make a brushless RC motor faster?

You can replace your old battery with a much more powerful battery. But, the motor should have the capacity to hold the power. Once you’re sure about your motor’s capacity install the new battery into the compartment. Always remember to use a fully charged battery.

But, maintenance is important for both types of motors. Brushed motors can do break-in. What about brushless ones?

There are some alternatives that’ll help you last the timeline of brushless motors.

Scroll down to know about the alternatives.

Alternatives to Break-in for a Brushless Motor

As we mentioned earlier, break-in is a maintenance tool. Brushless motors also need maintenance for fast and long-running. For them, break-in is not an option.
There are other options available for any brushless motor. Be it Traxxas brushless motor or ECX you can apply the methods.

Traxxas brushless motor

We’ve sorted down a few ways for maintaining a brushless motor. Let’s have a look at them.

Motor Cleaner Spray

It’s important to clean your slot car motor or other types of brushless motors. For that use a motor cleaner spray. It’s easily available in any hobby shop.

Never use a WD40. It’s mainly effective on a greasy engine. Once you’re done spraying the motor cleaner, apply a few drops of thin oil. It’s used on the motor shaft bushing. 

Clean Bearing and Repaired Wires

To reduce the hassle of maintenance, purchase brushless motors with good bearing. It’ll save you time and money. You can also use lubricants on bearings for cleaning.

Examine wirings. Repair worn-out wires. Use a heat shrink tube or liquid electrical tape. 

It’s better to know how to seal a sensored motor properly. Sensor motors are mainly brushless motors

Do Not Overload and Overheat Motor

It’s crucial that you do not even mistakenly overload the brushless motor. When you overheat windings, it causes damage to the electronic commutator. We already know electronic communicators carry power for this motor. It should be intact.

slot car motor

Avoid overheating. Preheat up to 200F. Then, you’ve to spin it over to fire up. Don’t go harsh for the first 20 packs of fuel. 

Speed Control and Battery Capacity

Make sure the chassis and speed control are clean. You can use an air compressor to take out all the dirt from these two. A clean motor makes the car run faster.

Lastly, check on the battery capacity to work with the motor accordingly. This will prevent overheating issues as well. 

To be super sure of the health of the brushless motor, run a multimeter test. This will give you an indication of your motor’s current situation.

This is how you can use several other options to maintain a brushless motor. These are easier and safe to do than a break-in.

Also, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty if your brushless motors require any repairs!

That’s all about the break-in alternatives for your brushless motor. We tried in every way possible to understand your pain point and help you accordingly. Try these methods and you won’t have a complaint about your brushless motor.

We are not done yet. We have a FAQ section left. Let’s get them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Make Brushless Motor Faster?

You can replace the current battery with a higher voltage to make the brushless motor faster. But, only if the controller is capable of handling that. It’s common for brushless motors in an e-bike. If you’ve 48vt Li-ion, change it to 52 volts. In this case, there’s no need to change the controller.

How to Make a Brushed Motor Faster?

To make a brushed motor faster try increasing the voltage. You can also purchase a lower turn motor in this case. Also, try to tighten hand winding with a flat wire. Remember to balance the armature. Do winding when your ESC is capable enough. Bring modifications with good quality brushes and magnets. 

Can a Brushless Motor be Repaired?

It depends on the degree of damage that happened to the motor. If the rotor magnet is only damaged, it’s replaceable. But, if the internal windings got damaged, there’s no way to repair it. However, it’s best to call the customer support number. And always buy quality brushless motors to avoid repairing.

How to Break in a Titan 12t 550 motor?

You can start by installing the motor. Gradually, break it in by rolling on and off the throttle. Continue doing this till the first battery pack is fully charged. Always remember break-in is for brushed motors. Today’s brushless motors don’t need this. So, it’s best to buy brushless ones.

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