how to charge air hog helicopter

How to Charge Air Hog Helicopter [In 2 Quick Methods]


Getting into the RC world with a brand new Air Hog Helicopter is an excellent choice. However, it can get pretty overwhelming if we don’t know the basics. Charging our Air Hog Helicopter is an example. But we’re here to make this easier for you.

So, how to charge Air Hog Helicopter?

Before charging, you’ll need to identify the batteries. After that, there are two possible methods for charging your RC helicopter. Charging via USB is one option. The other one would be using the remote control. You can also charge the Air Hog without a charger as well.

These are just the basics. But there’s more! You’ll need to learn these methods thoroughly to properly charge your Air Hog.

Excited to start? Why wait? Let’s begin!

Types Of Air Hog Helicopter Batteries

The first step in charging your RC is determining what type of battery it employs. There are several types of RC batteries. Some of them are as follows- 

Li-Po Batteries

These are high-performance batteries that are one of the best for expensive and high-quality RCs. 

Li-Po batteries necessitate more caution when it comes to storage, charging, and usage. These batteries are vacuum-sealed and come in a range of sizes. Li-Pos come with different kinds of connectors as well. You may figure out which type will support your Air Hog. 

NiMH Batteries

NiMH batteries are long-lasting and affordable, and they are commonly supplied with budget RCs. The majority come with a translucent white ‘Tamiya’ plastic female connection. Others come with a mini-Tamiya.

Are you planning to get these batteries? Then make sure you get a Ni-Mh battery for of good quality.

2 Easy Methods to Charge an Air Hog Helicopter

As fun as Air Hog Helicopters are, you’ll need to charge these at least twice a day. However, if you don’t charge properly, you’ll end up with an Air Hog that can’t be charged. This is why you’ll need to learn how to charge this RC the right way.

We hope these 2 air hogs helicopter charging instructions will assist you in doing so

Method 1: Charging with Remote Control

Now that you’ve successfully identified your battery it’s time to move on to charging. First comes charging with the remote control.

Start by detaching the charging lead box from the remote control’s bottom left corner. The charging cord should then be extended.

Please then activate the remote control. You should then plug into the charging port on the chopper’s side.

The LED on the remote control will flash RED whilst the helicopter is charging. Then switch to ORANGE.

Source: Youtube

Always make sure to fully charge the RC before unplugging. 

If you chose to charge with the controller, you’ll need to swap out the batteries. This is because the remote uses ordinary batteries rather than rechargeable batteries.

Method 2: Charging with USB

USB cables are now fast becoming a handy way to charge any device. Air Hog Helicopters are no different. They’ll come with a cable that works with your device. You can charge your RC in two methods. One is plugging it into the wall outlet and the other way is using your computer. 

Don’t worry, we won’t keep you in the dark. We’ll describe both the methods here-

With Wall Outlet

First, make sure the power switch is switched off before connecting. You’ll need a NiMh or Li-Ion charger for the next part. After getting it, please attach the charger to the helicopter first. Regardless of the power source you pick.

If you want to connect it into a wall outlet, you’ll need an AC converter. The indicator will turn off when the helicopter is fully charged.

The flying duration is determined by the time it takes to charge. It can last around the same amount of time depending on the brand, size, and model. 

It is recommended that you unplug the charger as soon as the charging is complete. 

Wondering where to find a good charger? We got you. Here are some Li-Po chargers that we recommend for your Air Hog Helicopter-

We hope these will serve you well. Let us now carry on-

With Computer

You can charge your Air Hog Helicopter with your computer as well. Check that the USB cable is compatible with your computer.

Simply plug one end of the USB cable into your computer. And the opposite end to your RC.. 

You’ll have to wait since the PC will first install the charger’s driver. After that, you’ll see the Air Hog is successfully charging. Keep in mind, charging with your PC is a slower process.

Lastly, if your USB cable isn’t working, you’ll need to learn how to charge a Li-Po without a charger.

That’s how you should charge your Air Hog Helicopter. 

Air Hog Helicopter Charging Problems

Air Hog helicopter sometimes faces issues while charging up. These issues occur due to loose connections in the charging port, faulty chargers, issues with the battery, etc. However don’t become sad just yet. Because there is solution to Air Hog Helicopter charging problems. These are pretty basic solutions and you can do it on your own.

At times, the remote charger is at fault here. In that case, it’s best to take apart the remote charger and put on an electrician cap yourself. You have to solder the power input ports and voila! Your problem should get solved.

This was one of the worst case scenarios. However, you don’t need to do these always. Most of the times, getting new batteries, or just turning off the helicopter simply solves these problems.

Best Air Hogs Helicopter Chargers

From our previous discussion, it’s clear to you that a faulty charger is most of the times at fault. So, getting a new charger simply solves the Air hog not charger problem. In that case, here’s our recommendation for best Air Hog Helicopter chargers.


Now we’ll be discussing some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this.

Why are Li-Pos so expensive?

Li-Po batteries are made of volatile and costly material. Because of increased demand and limited availability, the cost of the materials has risen. Making the batteries more expensive.

How long does it take to fully charge an Air Hog Helicopter?

It depends on what method you’re using. Charging via USB will take around an hour. If you’re using the remote control, it’ll take 40-50 minutes.

Can I charge an Air Hog Helicopter with any charger I want?

Nope. Charging Air Hogs with just about any chargers won’t work as they won’t be compatible. Even if it charges, they will damage the battery fast. Please be sure to only use the recommended ones.


That concludes our guide on how to charge Air Hog helicopter. 

We hope we could assist you in some way. If you apply whatever you read, charging the helicopter won’t be too difficult. Have a lot of fun flying.

See you soon. Take care!

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