how to connect esc to brushed motor

How to Connect ESC to Brushed Motor – 4 Step Guide

So, you have an ESC and a brushed motor. And it comes without saying that you need to connect them. However, you want to do it yourself.

Now surely you’re wondering how to connect ESC to brushed motor?

Firstly determine the right wires to connect ESC to the brushed motor. Then you have to connect the wires. Take both positive and negative wires and connect them to ESC’s terminal. Next, connect your throttle connector wires from ESC to the receiver. And you are done!

Not sure yet? No worries! We provide you with a great step-by-step guide!

This guide does not only let you know about the process. But also provide some additional basics that you will surely find super helpful!

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How to Choose the Right ESC for a Brushed Motor?

Selecting the right brushed ESC is a quite tricky task. Especially when you are pretty new to this hobby. To connect ESC to a brushed motor, you need to choose the right ESC first.

To get the optimal performance, choosing the right ESC is necessary. Here’s a person completing an RC car project with the right ESC.

So, how can you choose the right ESC for the brushed motor? Well, we have some suggestions for you!

ESCs are usually rated by ‘current’ ratings. Current ratings will help in understanding how many amps your motor may draw. Current ratings will also tell how many amps the motor might handle. This is useful. 

Without this information, your ESC can overload the motor with amps. And may cause the motor to combust.

So, it’s safer to choose ESC with a ‘continuous’ current rating. Because, if you choose a ‘burst’ current rating, problems can arise. Especially, when you have barely any idea of what you are doing.

4 Steps to Connect A ESC To A Brushed Motor

Brushed Motor
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Maybe you have never set up any brushed ESC to a brushed motor. Or perhaps you never had to consider the popularity of the brushless alternative. 

The process is not that simple. But also not as complicated as distinguishing between 100c vs 80c vs 50c lipo. That’s for sure.

So, let us break down how to connect that brushed ESC of yours to a brushed motor.

Step 1 of 4: Determine the Right Wires

First of all, make sure that you are keeping the user manual handy. 

Because the colors of those wires that we will be talking about can vary. 

It typically depends on what brand you are utilizing. And unknowingly reversing the ESC polarity might damage it permanently.

Your ESC should include 2 wires. Namely, a positive wire as well as a negative one. Here, the positive wire is the yellow one, and the negative wire is the blue one.

Step 2 of 4: Connect the Wires

In this step, firstly, you have to connect the positive wire to the motor’s positive terminal. 

And connect the blue or the negative wire to the motor’s negative terminal.

That was step two.

Connect the Wires to motor
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Step 3 of 4: Connect Wires to ESC’s Terminal 

After you are done,  take the red wire off the battery. And then connect it to the positive terminal of ESC

Then connect the black as in the negative wire to your ESC’s negative terminal.

That was step three.

Step 4 of 4: Complete the Process

Next, you have to connect the wires of the throttle connector from ESC to your receiver. And after completing all these you are good to go!

One thing you have to always keep in mind. And that is, the color coding of those wires may differ from brand to brand. 

Hence, keep the user manual handy. Just to ensure that you do not end up accidentally revealing the ESC’s polarity. It can be damaged permanently.

The process is a whole lot different than operating a sensorless ESC with a sensor motor.

Is It Possible to Use Brushless ESC with a Brushed Motor? 

A brushed motor will require a brushed ESC. So the question may arise, can you connect a brushless ESC with a brushed motor?

The answer is no, you cannot connect a brushless ESC with a brushed motor. The ESC and motors won’t be compatible first of all. Secondly, these two components have different current flows. So, the brushless ESC cannot be connected to a brushed motor.

A brushless Electronic Speed Controller does not work with a brushed motor too. Similarly, a brushless motor will require a brushless ESC. The brushless ESC’s outputs are 3-phase AC whereas brushed motors run on DC. 

As mentioned previously, a brushless ESC only works with sensors and brushless motors. Also, a brushed ESC is fine to use with a brushed motor. 

Here are the reasons why.

Reason 1 of 3: Different Types of Current

The 2 wires of brushed motors operate on DC. Contrarily, brushless ESCs have 3 wires. And they operate on AC. 

Thus, the current of brushed motors and brushless motors work in different ways.

Reason 2 of 3: Different Types of Functions

Brushless ESCs usually activate two of the three wires of the brushless motors. 

The other wire is utilized to produce a little amount of voltage. With that voltage, ESC discerns what position your motor is swerving.

And, ESC can not assume the position before the generation of voltage.

So, using a brushless ESC with a brushed motor is not going to work.

Reason 3 of 3: Difference in Structure

The structure differs as well for both of them. Brushed motors just connect to the brushed ESC as it operates on AC. ESC restores the commutator in your brushed motors.

Moreover, a brushed ESC is DC that possesses two wires. That is positive and negative. 

To boost the speed of your brushed motor, brushed ESC lengthens the time of voltage supply. The voltage that is supplied to either pole of the brushed motor. 

This is the reason brushed ESC only works with brushed motors. Similarly, brushless ESC will work with brushless motors. 

Now you know everything related to connecting the right ESC to the brushed motor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Any Brushed ESC Work with Any Brushed Motor?

Yes, any brushed ESC will work with any brushed motor. But ensure that brushed ESC is the exact fit for your brushed motor. And the right size. No matter the brand of the brushed motor and brushed ESC. If the ESC and motor perfectly fit together, it should work fine with the brushed motor.

Do you need an ESC for a brushed motor?

Both brushed and brushless motors need ESCs. But an ESC tends to be specific to brushless or brushed. So ensure that you buy the exact type. Among many factors in choosing ESC, the biggest one is getting a proper current rating. The rating needs to be a bit larger than that the motor would draw.

How does brushed motor ESC work?

The ESC translates the current movement by the driver into the signal. It increases or lessens the power generated by the motor. The transmitter’s signal is picked up by your Receiver in that model. Hence, when decoded, it is transmitted to the ESC.

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