How to Connect ESC to Brushless Motor

How to Connect ESC to Brushless Motor: Beginner’s Guide


Setting up your RC kit but can’t figure out how the ESC connects to the motor? We understand. The number of wires involved in the connection is enough to throw anyone off. But with the right guide, it’s really not that hard.

So, how to connect ESC to brushless motor?

It’s simple. Connect the middle wire from the motor to the middle wire from the ESC. Now, for a clockwise spin, connect right to right and left to left. For a counterclockwise spin, flip the connections. The ESC’s three-pin connector goes to the receiver and the two other wires are for power. 

There’s the basic tutorial. But there’s a lot more you should know. And coincidentally we are about to cover all of it. 

So let’s dive in. 

How to Connect ESC to Brushless Motor In 3 Steps? 

The process of connecting the ESC to the motor is fairly easy. You might get confused seeing a lot of wires. But if you follow these steps, connecting the parts will be a breeze. 

Step 1: Deciding the Motor’s Spin Direction

How you connect the wires depends on the direction of the motor’s rotation. So, first, you need to decide which way the motor should spin. For a car kit, the direction of rotation won’t usually matter. 

However, for planes, the motor’s rotation is connected to the propeller’s rotation. If the propeller is to spin clockwise while facing you, the motor should also spin clockwise. It’ll be the same if the opposite is true.

Step 2: Connecting the Parts

Now that you’ve decided the direction of rotation you can start connecting the parts. First, connect the middle wire on the ESC to the middle wire on the motor. This step is the same regardless of the spin direction.

Next, take the two other wires. For a clockwise spin, connect the right ESC wire to the right wire on the motor. And follow the same for the wire on the left. For a counterclockwise spin, flip over the connections. 

Step 3: Completing the Connection

The ESC has successfully been connected to the motor. But it still has 3 wires coming out of the other side. The three-pin connector will connect with the appropriate channel on the receiver. 

The two other wires go to the battery pack. Check the polarity of the wires before connecting them to the battery. 

And with that the connection process is complete.

How To Make The ESC Motor Connection Effective?

Connecting the ESC to the brushless motor is a cakewalk. But, with a little more knowledge you can get a lot more out of the process. Keep the following in mind while switching out your ESC.

Tip 1: Checking Parts for Compatibility

If you’re assembling your kit out of the box, without any modifications this shouldn’t concern you. 

But when using aftermarket parts, it’s essential to learn about the parts. You should especially focus on learning about the motor. Since it will drive the RC and draw the most power, learning about it is important. 

For example, if you’re using an aftermarket ESC, the compatibility question becomes an important one. The max supported current of the motor exceeding that of the ESC means you sacrifice performance. Or, risk burning your ESC.

To avoid complications like this check your motor’s datasheet. It should highlight the maximum number of battery cells that can be connected. And state the total current supported. Purchase an ESC that is rated for the same.  

What if you’ve already used an ESC without checking compatibility and now it appears damaged? You can test your ESC with a multimeter.

Tip 2: DOs for Higher Performance

Again, it doesn’t concern you unless you’re looking to modify. If you do modify your RC however, you can squeeze more performance out of it. 

You can change the battery to one with a higher capacity. The higher the battery capacity the longer the RC will run. Keep the aforementioned compatibility issues in mind while purchasing new batteries.

If you have time to spare, learn more about batteries. They power your entire setup and can vary widely in quality and use cases. Things like whether C2 and C4 batteries are different may impact your purchase. 

In case you are looking for battery packs, here are a few suggestions from us.

Product 1
Product 2

You can also go for a different motor for more power. If you race outdoors and have an inrunner, you can try an outrunner. The inrunner or outrunner debate doesn’t conclusively name a victor. But, it does state that outrunners provide more torque.

Tip 3: DOs for Ease of Use

If you are upgrading with aftermarket parts, opt for a programmable ESC. These will have options to change the spin direction from the ESC. That will save you the hassle of worrying about the wiring. 

That’s all from us on the topic. 


Question: What does the ESC do?

Answer: ESC stands for electronic speed controller. It controls the rotation of the motor and the speed at which it spins. Advanced ESCs can even change the direction of rotation from the software.

Question: Can I connect as large a battery pack as I want?

Answer: No. The motor and the ESC you are using have specific limits. If the motor is rated for only 2 cells connected in series you can’t connect 3. This will damage your motor. 

Question: Is a brushless motor waterproof?

Answer: No. It is completely sealed but still not waterproof. Water with minerals in it can be conductive. And if it gets into the motor it can short the coils.


You don’t need to know much to know how to connect ESC to brushless motor. The process is short and fairly intuitive. And when using stock parts is a piece of cake. Any confusion regarding the process comes from the number of wires involved. 

But even that can be resolved easily. We hope your RC kit is now fully assembled and ready to tear up the competition.

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