How to Depuff a LiPo Battery

How to Depuff a LiPo Battery?[Here’s How!]


If you abuse your batteries too much they start to bulge. Using a bulged or puffed battery can be very unsafe for you.

Are you researching how to depuff a LiPo battery?

You can depuff a LiPo battery using 2 methods. Either vent out all the gases that have been generated inside the battery. Or place it in a refrigerator to shift the temperature. Because cool conditions decrease the swelling. However, we recommend not to fix it, rather dispose of the battery.

Educate yourself about all the things that cause a puffed battery. And what must be done to maintain your safety. Read along!

Is Puffed Battery Hazardous?

A puffed battery certainly is risky. It’s advised not to keep operating a bulged LiPo battery. Even though it’s conceivable to operate for a couple of occasions. 

You ought to stay away from the puffed batteries until you get a substitution. Because it’s wildly dangerous. 

Exceptional consideration should be taken while charging a puffed LiPo battery. Particularly if you’re thinking of charging a LiPo without the charger. You ought to do whatever it takes not to charge them. In case you have to, charge it away from combustible materials. Or charge the battery in a flame-resistant holder. 

If you’re stressed about finding a good flame-resistant holder then don’t be. We’ve got your back here with an excellent list.

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An enlarged LiPo battery is especially touchy to the mechanical defect of the packaging. Try not to have a kind of effect come into it. 

Don’t abandon charging batteries. And of course, don’t charge too much. Just utilize authentic chargers and don’t accept flame-resistant compartments to be infallible. 

You ought to be searching for substitution when your battery begins to show some bulging. It’ll just deteriorate over the long run. You can unfortunately risk a limited amount.

What Makes a LiPo Battery Puffed?

If you find the LiPo battery of your Traxxas Slash puffed, don’t sweat it. Because it’s pretty normal. A swollen LiPo cell is brought about by the conversing of the electrolyte. Basically, it’s the gas.

Electrolyte deterioration is the compound breakdown of the electrolyte into its essential components. For the most part lithium and Oxygen (lithium oxide – Li2O). 

This solution will be kept on the anodes or cathodes of the compartment. It happens If you’re charging the battery too much or over-releasing. 

The bulging occurs when extra oxygen in this response is furthermore discharged. They can include a considerable proportion of oxygen. It’s another justification LiPos by and large more combustible in the wake of puffing. 

A lot of different components and mixtures are additionally ejected. It occurs due to electrolyte disintegration like CO2. Yet, the primary ones we should think about are LiO2with an abundance of O2.

Each bulging episode will be diverse. It relies upon the amount of LiO2 and extra O2 that have been formulated. Also, what amount of inward exfoliation between layers happens. 

The inside hostility of a swollen cell is essentially greater. And more than the others in the bundle. It demonstrates an excess of Li2O has been framed on the anode-cathode. 

On the other hand, the connection between layers has diluted excessively. All in all, it’s a valid explanation to quit utilizing that batch immediately. 

It’s still alright to use with relative security in case you are cautious. Only if the interior hostility has not expanded much with that somewhat swollen cell.

How to Depuff LiPo Battery in 2 Methods?

As mentioned before a partially puffed battery can be fixed with proper safety precautions. But mostly it’s recommended to be performed by a professional. Let’s have a view of the 2 considerable methods.

Method 1: Degassing The Battery 

Depuffing is actually degassing of the batteries. It’s a procedure used to eliminate the extra fumes. To revive the battery and make it effective once more. 

Professionals do the venting themselves. By eliminating the external casing of the battery. And releasing the fumes in it. Then wrap it up again after the swelling is no more. Lastly, check if there’s any voltage error in the battery while connected to the charger.

Method 2: Changing Temperature

A temperature alteration can likewise help in freeing the gases. It’s more plausible of a Li-Po battery being puffed in hot condition. 

Contrarily, no more space left for the formulated fumes in a cold condition. So they slowly evacuate the spot. Eventually, the swelling of the Li-Po battery returns to its primary condition.

Both of the methods are useful. Apply the one that seems feasible to you. And doesn’t endanger your safety.

How to Dispose of Puffed Lipo Batteries?

It’s better to unload a puffed battery as soon as possible. Even though you fix the battery somehow, it remains very risky for further use. 

The appropriate method to discard an enlarged lipo battery is something similar. Like when you toss out any old battery. First, you need to release its charge fully. 

There are two standard techniques used to release a battery charge entirely. One of them is to attach it to a bulb. Another is to place it in a container of saltwater. 

Releasing a battery charger in saltwater is an extremely sluggish procedure. It can require a few days to half a month. During this time, the saltwater can consume the aluminum terminals of a LiPo battery. Giving rise to electrolyte mixture spilling out to the water. 

This is awful since sulfuric acids are exceptionally responsive and poisonous. If this sort of leaking happens, clean the batteries carefully.

If you choose the bulb method, snare the battery to these 12V/20W halogen bulbs. They are not difficult to weld to. So you can link lead wires and connectors without any problem. 

This makes it simple to connect your battery and enable it to release. You can snare various in corresponding to get the discharge percentage you need. 

After you’ve entirely released the battery, find your closest battery recycling center. Furthermore, bring the battery there. Ensure you contact them earlier and inquire as to whether they receive broken batteries. Whatever you do, don’t discard batteries alongside your everyday waste.


Question: How to prevent the battery from puffing?

Answer: Ensure you charge your battery appropriately with an official charger. Don’t charge more than the battery requires. Don’t store your batteries at a humid temperature.

Question: How come LiPo batteries blow off?

Answer: It’s the Lithium particles inside a LiPo that don’t want to be endangered to air. All LiPo blasts happen for only one reason. One or the entirety of the cells in the bundle get penetrated. And get revealed to the air.

Question: What percentage should a LiPo battery be stored at?

Answer: The acknowledged technique for reserving LiPo batteries for a long period is releasing the charge. Or else charge them to 65%. Then, at that point, refrigerate them.

Bottom Line

You now know how to depuff a LiPo battery. But if they aren’t treated well, in some cases, they explode. Due to the chemical reaction that takes place inside the battery.

It’s suggested to remove them and get new batteries. If you face anything alarming then please ask for a professional’s guidance.

Take care and stay safe!

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