how to get a flat spot on a rc tire

How to Get a Flat Spot on a RC Tire [4 Easy Methods]

Finding a flat spot on an RC tire can be really frustrating. Especially if you’re about to take your RC for a drive. Many don’t know how to fix a flat spot on RC tire, so they end up buying a new set. This can prove costly with time.

So, how to fix a flat spot on a RC tire?

Running the RC can fix the flat spot on its own most of the time. Using daily use super glue is a proven effective method of solving this problem. In case of dry,  rotted or hardened tires, a hair dryer can do the trick. Drilling holes in tired with unvented rims is another solution to this problem.

Interested to know more? We’ve got your back. This guide explains 4 different methods to fix that.

Let’s check them out.

4 Different Ways of Fixing a Flat Spot

I know everyone is resin conscious when choosing the RC car tires. And still there can be flat spots. There are multiple effective ways of fixing a flat spot in your RC tire. But remember that none of them is a sure fix. Replacing the tire is rarely the only way out of this sticky situation.

But not to worry! There are a few things that can help you in your RC tire flat spot prevention. We will talk about that too. So, let’s check out the different methods for fixing your RC tire.

RC tire flat spot prevention

Method 1: Normally Running Your RC

This is the simplest and most effective method for fixing the tire in most cases. If you find a flat spot in the tire of your RC, simply run it.

Now, you might ask:

Is it safe to drive on a RC tire with a flat spot

There is no great risk in driving on a RC tire with a flat spot. In fact, running the RC tire can fix the flat spot issue of the tire. 

Many also want to know what causes flat spots to wear on RC tires?

RC tires usually flatten out due to inactivity. Often the reason is the way it was stored. In such cases, clean your RC car before running it. Sometimes the tires even lose their balance due to staying idle for too long. In those cases, you need to balance the RC tires. Get help from some guide if you need.

Now, run your RC for a while and it’ll force your flattened tire back to its shape. 

It’s the first thing every RC enthusiast tries after finding out a flat spot. It doesn’t take any additional steps or work. So trying this method out isn’t much of a hassle. 

Well, this method might not work a lot of times too. Especially if the tire has been out of shape for too long. In that case, try the following methods.

Method 2: Hair Dryer to Soften the Tire

One reason for your RC tire to have a flattened spot is a hardened tire. If the RC has been stored for a long time, it can get hardened.

You can press the tires and check if the elasticity is present or not. The tires are supposed to have a rubbery texture. When the tire hardens up it can lose its usual contour and get flattened out.

For this method, you need a hair dryer. Gently blow the tire with your hair dryer. Heat it enough to soften up the hardened spot. Make sure to keep enough distance between the hair dryer and the tire.

Otherwise, too much heat can be generated and it can damage the tire. After heating the tire, gently press on the two sides of the flat spot. It should make the flat spot disappear and give your tire its original form.

When my Traxxas Slash tires hit a flat spot, I used the Graceliss hair dryer to soften my tires.

If the tire has been dried out too much, replacing it might be the last resort.  But in case it doesn’t work there are two more methods left for you.

Method 3: Using Super Glue

Gluing RC tires is a bit tricky but is proven to be useful in most cases. For this method, you will need an everyday use of super glue.

Using Super Glue

Got your super glue? Now let’s go through the steps one by one to fix the flat spot.

  1. Take off the tire from your RC.
  2. Remove the tire from the plastic rim.
  3. Now locate the flat spot in the tire.
  4. Apply super glue on the inner side of the flat spot of the tire.
  5. Now put the tire back on the rim.
  6. Now find two heavy objects that can be used to put pressure on the flat spot. Remember that you need 2 objects heavy enough to put pressure on the flat spot. So that the tire will hold its original contour.
  7. Put the tire between these two objects while pressure is applied to it.
  8. Make sure that it’s not squeezed too much and that it’s keeping its natural shape.
  9. Leave it for at least two days.
  10. The tire should be in shape now.

Now, this method is also effective for wider tires. But for wider tires, you may need to let it rest for a longer time. Also fixing the wider and bigger tires using this method can be harder. This generally fixes the problem.
You should also have a basic idea about how to glue RC tires.

how to glue RC tires

Also, this method can solve flat spot on tires from skidding as well.

RC tires have to go through a lot of rough terrains, enduring intense workloads. For that, they require super glues with the strongest adhesive properties. Unfortunately, it’s hard to come across such high-quality super glues from the crowd of brands these days. 

So we took matters into our own hands. We went ahead and tested the best super glues for RC tires. From our test, these 3 brands stood out as the best glues with the strongest adhesive strength:

Clear Liquid Super Glue6-month shelf life10-30 seconds positioning timeCuring time of 3 secondsCheck Price
Zhanlida 480s Instant Glue800CPS Viscosity15psi Tensile Strength3 seconds of Curing TimeCheck Price
STARBOND EM-02 Super Glue30 Shelf lifeVersatile: Can be used on any surfaceWaterproofCheck Price

These super glues are exactly the thing you need to tightly bond your RC tires. Try them out! 

Method 4: Drilling Holes in RC Tires

This method is needed mostly when the rims are not vented. So if your rims are vented then this method won’t make any difference. If the rims aren’t vented, there can be a vacuum created inside the tire.

When that happens, it’s obvious that the tire will have a flat spot. This is unusual in tires that have a foam filling inside. But in other tires without vented rims, it’s common.

There is a simple solution to this. Add 2 or 3 1/8 holes at the bottom of your tire. This should let air pass inside the tire and get back to its original form.

Using a drilling tool on an RC tire is a very delicate job. Going too hard on it can damage the tire. So you need high precision and complete control of your tools. 

For better grip and lightweight application, I use the DEKO 20v Max Cordless Drill. And it works amazingly on tires and other RC components. 

Preventions for Flat Spot in Your RC Tire

The most common reason for flat spots in tires is the wrong way of storing. Storing your RC while it rests on the tires is the biggest mistake. The constant load on the tires creates a flat spot in the tire of the RC.

So you should always store your RC car in a proper way. Especially storing your RC car in winter properly is crucial. There are two things you can do to prevent that.

01. Storing the RC on a Levitated Spot:

This is the easiest way of preventing a flat spot in your RC tire. While storing your RC try placing it on a levitated spot. So that it sits on it bottom of the body instead of its tire. 

For instance, small glasses, boxes, pencil holders, etc can do the job. Just place the RC on top of these and store it away. This way it will sit on its body instead of the tire. 

This will prevent the creation of flat spots on the tire.

02. Taking Off the RC Tire Before Storing:

If finding a levitated object to store your RC is hard, then take off the tires. Then store it. 

This will prevent the tired from being pressurized for a long period of time.

Now let’s move on to the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Fix a Ripped Tire?

Yes, ripped tires are fixable. First, clean the ripped part and remove any residue or dust from the affected area. Now apply CA glue on the ripped area and hold it till it dries. You can also use super glue if there is no other option left. This fix can take you months without needing to change the tire.

Can My Tire Go Flat Due To Sitting?

Yes, your tire can definitely go flat because of sitting for too long. As we have already addressed, sitting on the tire will lead to flat spots. That’s why you should take preventive measures before storing your RC car. You can also store the RC toy upside down. 

Are Foam Tires Better for Preventing Flat Spots in RC Tires?

Yes, foam tires are better for preventing flat spots in RC tires. Even keeping them sitted for longer periods, they are less likely to get flat spots. That’s why foam tires are usually better. But it’s still not impossible. So it’s best if you don’t store them sitting on the tires.

Thats All!

Hopefully now you know how to fix a flat spot on a RC tire. Once the flat spot is fixed, do run the RC car or truck to test.

Remember to take caution not to damage while trying to fix the tire.

Good luck and see ya!

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