how to make traxxas m41 faster

How to Make Traxxas M41 Faster in 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to make your Traxxas M41 boating experience even more exciting? Then, you probably want more speed and faster performance.

But you still don’t know where to start. So, how to make Traxxas m41 faster?

To make your Traxxas M41 faster, Install new telemetry sensors. It is the perfect way to get more speed. For that, you have to remove the motor first. Then simply secure the magnet holder. Then mount the temperature sensor and finally activate the telemetry by following the given process.

Not sure yet? Well, do not worry! Because, in this guide, we have provided it all in a detailed step-by-step process. Following them accordingly is enough to get the job done very easily.

So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to find out more and make your boating experience more exciting!

How to Make Traxxas M41 Faster

The Traxxas M41 is already very fast. However, there is scope to make it even faster! And you’re thinking about doing just that. Well, you’re not alone to think about the speed of Traxxas M41-

You can actually get that insane speed if you tweak your Traxxas. 
It already includes almost every “optional” feature any RC boat owner would want. However, there is still room to upgrade and obtain more speed. You can do it with telemetry sensors and a few other surprises.

RC boat

You can capture speed and performance data in real-time while driving. 

It sure gives another level of excitement to your M41 experience with speedy performances. Also, whether you are using big or small spur gear does matter. 

With Traxxas, it is easier to receive temperature and RPM directly to your smart device.

You receive GPS speed telemetry directly on the device as well. All of this you get is by using the sensors that will be outlined in this guide.

Traxxas M41 Upgrade

Traxxas manufactured the M41 as telemetry-ready from the outset. Hence it is simple to add the Telemetry Expander and sensors. You can get this Traxxas 6553X Telemetry Expander 2.0 and GPS Module at an affordable price now.


Here we will be installing the Telemetry Expander 2.0 that comprises the GPS module. The expander is given without a GPS module. But it’s better to get the one with the GPS module to track your Traxxas boat.

You need to enable the TQi transmitter to interface with your Traxxas Link app. So you require the Traxxas Link Wireless Module that is sold separately.

Telemetry Installation: 

Here we will show step by step how you can install telemetry to upgrade Traxxas M41. 

Make sure that you are following each and every detail very carefully. And not skipping anything. That way, you will lessen the possibility of the process going wrong.

So, let us jump into the entire procedure!

Step 1: Remove the Parts

First of all, remove the motor and electronics tray so the telemetry installation becomes easier. 

Now unplug the water cooling tubing as well as motor wires. Just loosen two screws to release that electronics tray.

The screws would pull on the catches which hold that tray in place. Hence, you will not need to remove the screws entirely. And simply loosening them would do. 

After that, tilt the tray up and then pull it away from that hull.

Step 2: Secure the Magnet Holder

Now you will see the included 10 mm wrenches. Use them and loosen that flex shaft coupler.

Magnet Holder

After you have done that, yank the prop out some inches. By doing that, it will free the cable from the coupler. 

Then remove those screws which secure your motor mount to the hull.

The RPM trigger magnet tends to slide in the holder while its red-dot side faces the motor. Discard the coupler from the motor shaft. Then, keeping the magnet holder in place, secure it with the coupler.

Step 3: Mount the Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor mount ensures the sensor’s thermistor remains firmly pressed against the motor. It is for accurate readings.

Temperature Sensor

Utilize the included zip-tie for mounting the temperature sensor.

Next, slide your RPM sensor into the motor mount. Then conserve it using the supplied screw.

Step 4: Open the Receiver Box

In this step, you need to utilize the supplied screws to secure your Telemetry Expander. Then open it and plug in your communications cable. 

Plug in the temperature sensor as well. This sensor should be plugged into any smart sensor ports.

Receiver Box

You will also require to open up that waterproof receiver box. It is for plugging in the communication cable. Also, plug in the RPM and the voltage sensors. No hassle of connecting ESC to brushed motor.

Perhaps you have not ever opened or revealed the receiver box. In that case, you will find enough how-to sources online. Just search it up and follow the instructions carefully. And you can get it done. Not that hard to do.

Step 5: Activate the Telemetry

Your M41 is now ready to transmit telemetry data to your TQi transmitter. For viewing data, just install Traxxas Link Wireless Module. This way the transmitter will communicate with the smart device.

Then connect it to the two transmitters properly and you are done! A 4-Step Process on How to Make Traxxas M41 Faster!

Adding telemetry to your Traxxas M41 makes your big boat even more exciting.  It will also increase the GPS speed and let you notify the crowd just how fast the pass was.

Applying this process will make an amazing improvement in speed and performance. However, don’t forget to maintain your RC boat! After all, that’s what makes your RC boat go longer than others.

Now, try this upgrade out for a much better and more exciting overall Traxxas experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Transmitter Phone Mount do?

The Transmitter Phone Mount basically attaches to the Traxxas transmitter. Then it holds the phone securely in place via spring-loaded clips. It is also very helpful if you give accurate telemetry readings. That too, in an easy way.

How fast does the Traxxas M41 go?

With the exactitude sculpted design and Mercury Racing engines, Traxxas M41 sprints across the water at 175mph! It has captured the amazing looks as well as the performance of the DCB M41. And it has done it in a detailed scale replica. And it is fast, versatile, and fun.

How long is the Traxxas M41?

The overall length of Traxxas M41 is 40.6 inches by 1030 mm. The beam is around 10.5 inches by 266.9 mm. The height of Traxxas M41 is 5.95 inches by 151.05 mm. And finally, the Deadrise & Transom is about 14.5 degrees.

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