How To Solder Xt60 Connectors

How To Solder Xt60 Connectors onto Your Lipo Battery [6 Steps]


Soldering an xt60 connector is pretty easy but also confusing. On top of that, it feels dangerous to do it yourself. But you can always learn the process to do it safely afterward.

How to solder xt60 connectors?

To solder the xt60 connectors you need to follow just 4 easy steps. You have to first remove the old connection if there is any. You then need to prepare the connection wire. Thirdly, connect the wire with the solder connector, and finally tape the exposed wire.

You still must be pretty dizzy about the whole process. But relax! We have explained all the steps to you.

Read along to clear yourself out.

How Can You Solder Xt60 Connectors onto Lipo Battery?

Xt 60 is made for the solid high-amp connection. It’s also perfect for up to 65 A constant. It’s made from high-temp nylon with gold-plated spring pins. Usually, it should be connected to a high amp battery like Traxxas slash battery

Now, soldering is also easy. Especially if you know 5 of the best soldering iron for RC.  You just need to follow some step-by-step guidelines. 

But to make the connection you will need some parts and tools. They are described below-

Required Parts 

  • Red 12 gauge wire
  • Black 12 gauge wire
  • Xt60 connector
  • Heat shrink tube
  • Solder

Needed Tools  

  • Wire stripers 
  • Solder iron 
  • Heat gun 
  • Mounted clamps
  • Cutting tools 
  • Binder clip 
  • Rubber bands 
  • Piller 

Got all of them? Let’s have a look at the steps then.

Step 01: Removing The Old Connection 

To connect a new solder to the xt60 connectors, you have to do one thing first, And that’s- remove it from the battery or high amp device like navigator examinator.

Then clean the junky connection. You can either remove the plug or desolder the wire connection. Or you can cut the wire off. 

When you cut down the wire, cut both of them one after another. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the xt60 connectors or to the high amp battery that is connected.

Also, after cutting the shoulder you need to cover it with a heat shrink tube. A heat stank will prevent accidental shorting.

Step 02: Preparing The Wire 

After cutting off the old shoulder you need to prepare the new wire for connection. To prepare your wire, strip or tin them. 

To strip a silicon wire all you need is to slice the insulation with your blade. You don’t have to strip too much, just 3 or 4 mm will do the work. 

Before soldering, carefully put your heat shrink onto the wire. 

Now, for tinning, take both the solder and lipo wire. You need to touch the soldering iron to melt the solder onto the wire. 

Be sure to add some flux before tinning. Flux helps to stick. But remember, too much flux can be the opposite.

Step 03: Connecting the Wire to the Solder 

Now, you need to solder the wire to the connector. Also, the first step to connecting should be tinning the connection. 

Note, that the connection of wire can retain heat for a short period. Do not touch the connection until you are sure it has cooled down.

There is a trick you can use to keep the connection steady. You can just wrap a pillar with a rubber band and put the connection in it.

You can keep your connection horizontal. You don’t need to do any hard wiring if the tinning and solder quality is good. Because it will make a good bond. 

For soldering the connection, you need to separately place the tinned end of the wire into the solder cup. Here’s a thing you need to do-

Add the red wire to the red wire cup. And also for the black wire to the black wire cap. 

Once the melted solder has made the connection, remove the soldering iron. Make sure to keep the wire steady until it fully solidifies. 

This may need 30 to 40 seconds to solidify but be sure. After connecting the solder, slide the heatsink on the connection.  

Step 04: Taping The Exposed Connection 

After soldering the connections, you may notice your solder is still exposed. It can be dangerous if you don’t cover it up. All you need to do is grab an electrical tape. Then wrap the whole connection place.

You need to wrap the wire separately. Make sure to wrap the whole exposed site. But to do so you will need good quality electrical tape. 

Here We have suggested some good quality electrical tape for you.

Product 01 
Product 02

 These tapes are very sticky and of good quality.

Some Useful Tips

You are a DIY person but also you need to be very careful about wiring the solder. For this, you should know how strong is solder. So, you don’t mess it up.

Other than following the common electrical safety rules you should go through these tips- 

  • Avoid stripping the connection wire too big.
  • You should always place the shoulder iron in the holder. Avoid putting it anywhere else.
  • Avoid touching the connector, it may retain heat.
  • Avoid wiring the bot wire at the same time. Solder the black and red differently.

These should help you while soldering. You’ll be safe and away from any problems. But still, there’s a chance you might not understand the process fully and mess up. 

However, remember, you should do the soldering properly. Otherwise, you might have problems with your RC car. For instance, the steering might stop working

So, if these seem confusing to you then definitely get help from an expert. 


Question: What is the difference between xt60 and xt90?

Answer: The xt60 is much smaller than the xt90. Xt60 is mainly used for battery connection. 

Question: Are xt60 connectors waterproof? 

Answer: Yes, xt60 connectors are waterproof. They can be underwater without a problem. 

Question: Which xt60 connector will go on the battery? 

Answer: Batteries are always connected to female connectors. This is always the convention for power sources. 

Bottom line 

Hope now you know how to shoulder Xt60 connectors. Shouldering the x60 connection is pretty easy but you need to be very careful. You should carefully deal with the electrical tools. 

Best of luck with your xt60 soldering.

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