how to start a nitro car without a pull start

How to Start A Nitro Car Without A Pull Start: 3 Methods


Sometimes you can have difficulty starting your Nitro car with a pull start. Especially if the pull-string gets broken. 

We understand it can be tiring to use the pull start to start your car. But there are other options that you can learn to start your nitro engine.

Do you want to learn how to start a nitro car without a pull start?

Start your nitro car using 3 simple methods. You can use a drill to kick start your engine. Or you can jump-start your car with a starter box. One more option is converting your pull-cord to an electric starter system.

It’s completely okay if you’re still having so many doubts. We’ve clarified each of the methods for you. Take a couple of minutes and learn more.

Start A Nitro Car Without A Pull Start: Using 3 Methods

Even though hustling and maneuvering a nitro RC is very game and joy. Certain people actually lean toward battery-operated RC cars. As they don’t need to keep the fuel and different things along. 

Perhaps the difficult thing about occupying a Nitro RC car is commencing it. Since it’s not as basic as twirling a switch like a normal auto. Nor activating the stimulant like a battery car. 

You’ll require a glow plug while starting a Nitro RC car. And the fuel, your muscles, a screwdriver to drag the cord. The Nitro RC engine turns on with a pull cord very much like a grass-cutter.

Tugging the cord persistently until the car turns on is something people don’t tend to. This is the reason many RC car lovers will either operate a battery car. Or use alternatives to start their nitro engine.

In case you’re unable to start your car with the pull start, don’t sweat it. Because we’ll discuss the alternative techniques below.

Method 1: Using A Drill to Start The Car

There’s something to understand before you try a drill to turn on your nitro car. You just can’t draw out a drill and ignite your RC car. Even though you recently bought it. Also, you’re worn out on the pull cord directly from the beginning. 

To launch your RC car with a drill, you require the exclusion of the motor. Then, supplant the cord with a conversion kit for that particular motor. 

Next, it’s just 4-6 screws that should be taken out. It’ll get the pull starter out. Later you’ll have the option to just screw on the small part. That the drill shaft can connect into. 

Installing the electric bike conversion kit, you’ll need to return the motor to the vehicle. Whenever that is done, you’ll follow similar steps to launch the car. However, in place of pulling the string time and again. You’ll have the option to utilize a drill and the pole.

Note that a battery-fueled drill is sometimes insufficient to start up your car quickly.  Use an electric drill connected to a wall portal. 

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This isn’t the end. We have more techniques for you. Follow them below to start your Nitro RC car without a pull start.

Method 2: Bump Start the Starter Box

To turn on a nitro RC, you need to switch on the transmitter. Then start the receiver and add some nitro fuel. After that prime the motor.

Then start the glow plug igniter. At that point turn over the motor by pivoting the flywheel. Do it by the bump start technique. Following up we have a detailed discussion about this method.

There’s a space in the case of an RC car without a pull cord. It lends way to the flywheel. 

The RC is set on the exterior of a starter box. It has an electric-controlled whirling elastic plate standing out of it. That connects with the car’s flywheel and pivots it to turn over the motor. 

This is called a knock start or bump-start system. Since the flywheel is knocked against the circle in the starter box. What’s more, it kicks the motor off. 

The load might be a little less for a non-pull motor. Since it doesn’t have the additional load of the pull string. Notwithstanding, with the non-pull turnover motor, you’ll need to heft around the starter box. And have a way to an energy stream for the box.

Method 3: Electric Shaft Starter

Some Nitro RCs come furnished with an electric turning process. Other RC models can be modified with one if they don’t come with it. 

Search for mounting bosses on the motor. They must be pre-designed and penetrated. Else, you won’t be able to set up the starter. On the off chance that you don’t perceive any, the modification isn’t feasible. 

The other condition for an electric starter is a disk gear on the edge of the flywheel. This is a pointy ring. The starter can wield it to spin the flywheel. 

Pull-cord motors don’t require this stuff. However, the maker might have given one. Or else, your smartest option is to supplant the flywheel. Do it with the one that retains a disk gear. 

Expecting the mounting bosses to be there. And you’ve tracked down a decent electric starter rig, you’re all set. 

Set the starter up to the mounting bosses on the motor. The bosses adjust the crankshaft with the niches on the flywheel gear. The structure is unreasonable without the bosses. 

You’ll require the proper electric-start rig to change over the pull-cord. And You might have the option to discover third-market rigs. However, it’s ideal to go with the one provided by the manufacturer. 

The kit for the most part incorporates a press switch or key-worked release button. It mounts on the gadget you’re changing over as well. The starter might accompany an inner storage cell. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to connect the starter to function it.

We’ve illustrated all the feasible methods for you. Using them you can start your 1/16 scale Nitro Rc without a pull start.


Question: Is it possible to turn on a Nitro RC without a glow plug?

Answer:  Nitro cars have been turned on without glow plugs often. Without any loss to the nitro car. You can do it by creating your own plug substitute.

Question: Do Nitro RC engines require oil?

Answer: Nitro engines normally need 7.5-12% oil. The engines aren’t constantly under huge weight. These can operate nicely with a below per oil amount.

Question: How long do nitro RC vehicles operate?

Answer: Nitro RC engines will operate normally 15-20 minutes on a tank of fuel. Although it doesn’t look quite long, you can refill the engine. So you’ll be able to drive for hours while never shutting your car down. 

Final Remarks 

Relax! Now you learned how to start a Nitro car without a pull start. If you followed any of the discussed methods carefully it shouldn’t be hard for you. You can easily start your Nitro car without the pull cord.

Let us know if you managed to follow the processes. Inform us if you have any further questions.

Until then, take care!

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