How to Start RC Car without Starter Box

How to Start RC Car without Starter Box?: [3 Simple Methods]

The first thing to running an RC car is starting the RC car. And to start your RC car, the starter box is a must! But sometimes you may see that there are issues with the starter box. In that case, you may need to start your RC without it.

But how to start rc car without starter box?

You can follow 3 simple methods to start RC car without starter box. The first method would be an electric start. Secondly, constructing the glow starter can also be a method. Finally, you can also use rechargeable batteries to start your RC without the starter box.

Now you know what you can do without a starter box. But you must know the steps appropriately for a safe operation.

So, keep reading and see it uncovered!

How Do I Start the RC Car without a Starter Box?: [3 Methods]

Starting the RC car without a starter box is possible. A lot of RC users are not aware of this. Even if some of them are aware of this but do not know how to implement it. Most think it is as difficult as building electric RC pulling tractors.


That’s not true! So, today we would like to cover a few easy methods to start RC cars. Take a look below-

Method 1: An Electric Start

This method of starting your RC car would be divided into 2 sections. So, go through the sections separately as we cover here.

The Shaft Starter

This is a specific kind of starter with a unique gearbox. The foot of a portable electric motor has a shaft connected to it. 

This sort of starter starts the engine by pressing a button. Electric starts are available on a few of the vehicles. 

This starter, on the other hand, is refitted with it for the second type.

The Onboard Starter

On the PCB is a little motor for the electric start mechanism. Then you would see that the nitro engine is powering up. You might need to learn how to prime a nitro RC car for that.

After that, this would ignite with a portable battery-powered tool. And this would not be requiring any starter box for the start of the RC.

Finally, you get your RC car started!

If you’re still looking to try using starter box, check out what we got for you:

These will make the starting process easier. You can also try out nitro starter box if you want.

Method 2: Construct Your Own Glow Starter

You may already think that this is something impossible for you. And even if it is possible, it would take so long. But to be honest, it would take less than even 5 minutes.

A glow starter, also known as a fluorescent starter works quite effectively.

Yes, you read that correctly. This can be way easier than you think. Take a look now.

Step 1: Grab the Supplies

Grab your batteries, nails, and electrical tape initially. Apply the nails to both ends of the battery wrapping the bandage around this one firmly. 

Step 2: Attach the Battery Ends

Ensure the nail ends protrude over the battery’s end. Attach every one of the nail sides with your alligator clips. Ensure that these don’t come into contact with one another. 

It could lead to unwelcome short circuits and pipe bursts. Then attach the red wire to the engine’s heat sink at this moment. 


Now, if you want then you take a new pair of alligator clips. Because it is possible that you might not have these or are damaged.

Step 3: Connect the Black Wire

Then you have to connect the black wire to the plug enclosure. Put in place the drill machine using the bit driver. 

Turn on your drill and place it on the one-way bearing. It’ll also snarl. And finally, you would see that the nitro has begun successfully.

Method 3: Use Rechargeable Batteries

To use a rechargeable battery is quite a simple and straightforward method. For this, use batteries like ⅔ aa batteries. If you know the process of charging 2/3 AA batteries, they are going to be a perfect choice.

But any rechargeable battery would suffice too. However, it must meet two requirements. For starters, it has to be large enough to fit through the glow plug starter’s aperture. 

Next, the negative end of the battery has to be wrapped over the entire surface. 

The negative is usually only located on the bottom portion. However, the entire battery casing must be negatively charged in that scenario. 

The Energizer NIMH battery is one such battery that meets both of these requirements. The procedure is fairly straightforward. In the glow starter, place the battery. 

The entire battery casing should come into contact with the glow starting head. Or else, the circuit will not be completed. So, make sure that you use grow plugs with specific Nitros.

Keep the battery in place and pull its starter T-Handle until the engine is started. The RC car would have a starting sound then. After that, it would start after 1 to 2 attempts.

You should attempt igniting a nitro automobile without a pull starter if you don’t have one. Finally, you would see that your RC car has started!

So, these are the methods that you can follow for starting your RC cars. Remember that these methods are applicable if you start your RC without a starter box.

If you want to start it with the starter box, you can follow that method. Thus, it depends on which method is available and convenient for you to choose.

All the best!


Is there a way to turn on my RC without the glow starter?

Yes, you can start your RC car without a glow starter. Because the glow does not start your RC engine in the first place. But rather, a glow starts to arouse the fuel so that it can get started. Thus, it would still work if there is no glow starter but an alternative.

How much volt is needed for the glow starter to operate?

You would need a volt of 1.2 NiCad for this. This can make sure to have a quick start of the RC engine of RC. If the volt is less than that, the glow starter can not operate its action. A glow starter needs a minimum of 1.2 volts to ignite them to bright yellow. So that the engine starts.

Do I need to charge the igniter of the glow starter?

Yes, you must charge the igniter of the glow started regularly. The duration of the charge can vary depending on the charge of the igniter. However, a new igniter would take up to 15 hours to be charged fully. Gradually, the charging duration would decrease with time.

The Final Words

Now you know how to start RC car without starter box

Remember one thing! If you are using an igniter, do not keep it on heat. Because this might overheat the igniter and lead to fatal accidents that you don’t expect.

Best of luck!

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