how to store nimh batteries

How to Store Nimh Batteries? [A Complete Guide]


We understand how it feels when your newly bought NiMH cells act imperfectly. But it’s a matter of sorrow that our ignorance of proper storage manner leads to such mishaps. 

So you might ask, how to store NiMH batteries?

Well, you should always keep them clean and dry. They should be kept in certain battery cases. Also, you should maintain a proper battery cycle. Besides, while keeping them unused for long, try to follow the proper temperature.

There is a lot to learn. And we’ve written an entire article to let you know the details! So keep on reading! 

How to Store NiMH Batteries? 

NiMH battery is one of the most used rechargeable batteries in electronics. For instance, if you’re an RC lover, you might look for the best NiMH Batteries. But though we get them, we can’t consume the best of them.

And it’s because of our poor battery maintenance. Also, some misconception about charging and discharging batteries is another concern. 

However, we’ve provided the easiest guide to maintaining your NiMH batteries, soo move along!

Initial Cautiousness

Firstly, after purchasing a new NiMH battery you should recharge it at once. It’s because they contain a very little amount of charge. 

After being shipped out of the factory, it’s kept unused for a long time. That’s why their charging level decreases due to the self-discharge functionality of NiMH batteries. 

To get the best performance, charge those batteries 3 to 4 times after being procured. Some might encounter many issues at its first charge. These issues might include overheated batteries, long charging periods, etc.

However, you might not be concerned about those hazards. After completing several charging-discharging cycles your battery will perform to the best state.

Another point to be remembered is the memory effect. It means charging a battery repeatedly before the battery is fully discharged. 

This effect facilitates memorization of the battery charging cycle for future execution. Also, it decreases the battery capacity to an extent. However, you should also learn the ways to check NiMH battery conditions. Otherwise, you won’t judge whether you need a replacement or the current one will be fine. 

NiMH batteries’ memory effect is low. That means it’s a plus point for you. To lengthen the longevity of your battery, try to recharge each time after you complete using it. 

Unused Battery Management

It’s not the case that we always play with electronic materials. Rather it’s seen that many of the time we keep them turned off without using them. That means we don’t consume any power and the batteries are kept idle. 

Additionally, we often don’t have any dedicated battery containers to place them properly. It turns out we place them amidst debris and in a dusty environment. 

As a result, the battery becomes dirty and easily susceptible to moisture. And moisture is the primary concern to diminish the performance of the battery. 

And when you won’t use the battery, put them out of the device. Keep them in a dry and cool place to stay long and good. You can also keep them in a battery compartment to avoid short circuits

If the battery remains unused for a month, it’ll enter into the “sleep” mood. It’ll greatly reduce the lifecycle of NiMH batteries. That’s why while planning for keeping a battery unused for months, you can follow another technique. 

The technique is to keep at least 80% charge in your battery. It’s because all of the batteries have a self-discharging tendency. And in NiMH batteries, this trend is about 10-15% which is quite significant. 

You can also compare the discharge rate of Lipo batteries for better comprehension. 

Therefore if you store the battery with nearly 0% charge, it’ll surely damage the battery. In this hibernation period, the battery will still drain 10-15% charge due to self-discharging activity. That’s why when the battery is over drained, it eventually loses its capacity. 

So, we recommend you keep a minimum amount of charge to sustain battery longevity. 

Below we’ve enlisted some popular brands to pick the best cells within your budget. 

Product 1 Product 2

Storage Environment

This environment largely depends upon which brand’s battery you’re using. This environmental speculation is a vital step, as it affects the battery life cycle. 

The case of Varta and Sanyo is almost the same. Both of these brands’ NiMH batteries are good to keep within -20°C to 45°C. Also, you can store them in both charged and uncharged states without any worry. 

However, in the case of Varta, you need to maintain 50% of relative humidity. And you should have a full charge once in a year to consume the best performance. 

On the other hand, Panasonic NiMH is a bit different. You have to keep the batteries within temperature 10°C to 30°C. Charging after a long period might seem a bit slower than usual. But it’s not a matter of concern. 

You just need to complete several cycles of charging and discharging. Whatever it is, try to charge the battery at least once a year. It’ll act as preventing the battery from deterioration and untimed leakage because of self-discharge. 

And that’s all about the instructions regarding storing NiMH Batteries. We have tried our best to discuss the most significant points you need to know.


Question: What is the shelf life of NiMH Batteries?

Answer: 3-5 years. The NiMH battery should be kept in a dry and low humid environment. In some brands, the humidity is strictly maintained. 

Question: Which NiMH Battery lasts long?

Answer: Panasonic Eneloop. Among the toughest competitors, Panasonic stays most of all. Both of its 16-pack AA and AAA serve the best performance. 

Question: Do we need to fully discharge before charging the NiMH battery?

Answer: No. It’s not recommended to discharge fully before plugging into the charger. If you follow this manner it’ll increase your battery longevity. 


It’s time to take leave. We are thankful to you that you’ve completed the entire article. Hope we’re successful in letting you know about how to store NiMH batteries

Try to follow each piece of advice we provided to keep your battery good and sustained. 

Good luck. And don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comment section below.

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