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How To Verify DJI Account? [6 Steps For Custom Unlock]

There are some cons to having a non-verified DJI account. On the other hand, you will get so many benefits if you have a verified account.

So, how to verify DJI account?

Having a verified account lets you unlock certain restricted areas in the DJI’s Geo Zone functionality. In order to do that, you’ll have to conduct custom unlocking. Log into a DJI account and fill out a form. After that, you can complete the process by sending a custom unlock request. 

Still, fretting? Well, stop! Because here we have clarified what they actually mean by ‘verify this account’. 

Also, we have delivered what you need to do for unlocking an authorization zone successfully!

Keep scrolling to find out!

What ‘Verification’ Actually Means? 

You want to unlock specific types of restricted areas in the DJI’s Geo Zone functionality. Then you need a verified account.

DJI's Geo Zone functionality
Warning if you’re in a restricted area Source: DJI Forum

How would you know if you have a verified DJI account?

Because if logged in, there’s no mention about the account being or not being verified.

Well, in reality, there’s no such thing called an unverified DJI account.

However, according to DJI’s GEO website, you need a DJI account verified for Unlocking an Authorization Zone.

Wait! Don’t fret, yet! 

They mean that an account is verified with a credit/debit card. Or your mobile phone number, that’s it. 

A verified account is needed when you’re trying to fly DJI drone in an Authorization Zone.

So, what you can do to unlock an authorization-required zone is perform a custom unlock.

The method is discussed below.

How to Custom Unlock?

A Custom Unlock needs the testimony of authorization to fly in a restricted area. Also, the only way to request authorization is through DJI’s website

Ensure that you secure the Custom Unlock before going into the field. Just do not come on-site expecting to get a Custom Unlock at once.

Before starting the procedure, confirm securing authorization to fly in that area. The area where you’re requesting Custom Unlock.

Because you will have to submit this authorization to DJI. So you can have the unlock request granted.

Perform A Custom Unlock:

Performing a custom unlock is a relatively easy task. 

At least not as complex as comparing airmap vs b4ufly vs kittyhawk vs aloft

We have provided all the information step by step. This way, it is way simpler to grasp. 

You just have to ensure to follow all the little tips accordingly. Otherwise, you might mess up and make it worse. 

So just follow the following steps properly and carefully without skipping anything. 

And you will be astounded at how easily you can unlock an area. 

That supposedly was to be unlocked only with a ‘verified’ account. 

So, let us start the process of custom unlocking a restricted zone.

Step 1: Log into Your Account 

First of all, go to the webpage of DJI’s Custom Unlock. Then log in to your DJI account. Click on ‘Unlocking Requests’ after.

Log into Your Account

It’s best if you conduct the task on the website. As with the app, there are sometimes issues like no DJI app on play store.

So, the webpage should be your only choice in this case.

Step 2: Fill out the Form 

Next, you have to fill out a form of ‘Basic Information’. The form expects information like a name and a verified DJI account.

It also requires operation details and authorization documentation. It will further want your serial number of the flight controller.

As you have entered all the information in the form, you’ll see the option ‘Next Step.’ Now click on that

Step 3: Select the Model

In this step, firstly you will notice the ‘Unlocking Area’ page open.

You need to select the exact model of drone for the operation. You can find it in the drop-down menu. Select when you notice yours.

Step 4: Enter the Information 

Now you need to enter the flight location address. Use the search bar for this purpose. You will find it in the Geo Map.

A red pin should appear. It actually covers the zone that you wanna unlock. Select the red pin.

Always keep in mind that RED equals Custom Unlock Zone.

Then enter the recommended flight radius and flight altitude. It should be on the right side of the Geo Map. Enter the name of the zone you wanna unlock, too.

Step 5: Review the Information 

In this step, you have to review all the information that you’ve provided.

If everything seems accurate, then click ‘Confirm’. After that, you will be prompted to enter the verification code. Simply click on ‘Confirm’ after entering.

Also, click ‘Agree’ for agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Step 6: Complete the Process  

Now you need to wait while the review is being processed. DJI should review the Custom Unlock request and then reply. They usually get back to you within an hour of submission.

You’ll see this screen if you’ve completed all of the aforementioned processes successfully.

If you’re still confused then check out this video here on how to submit an unlocking request.

If they approve the request, you should receive an email confirmation. 

If you face any delays, just contact DJI support. Mail them to get an update on the status of the request. And they should reply back to you.

And thus you will be able to unlock an authorization zone successfully! 

Now all you have to do is just add your mobile number/credit card/debit card and verify it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to find my flight controller serial number?

To find the serial number, firstly connect the app with the controller. Connect it with your drone, as well. Then tap the 3 dots for the General Settings. Now, scrolling down, you will find the ‘About’ option. By clicking on that, you can have the serial number.   

How do I activate my DJI account?

To activate your DJI account, open the app on the phone. Then the activation prompt should appear. It is required while first connecting the aircraft to the DJI app. It will then activate your one-year warranty. Now tap ‘Next’ and then name the aircraft.

How do I reset my DJI account?

To reset the account means resetting the password. Just click on the “reset here” option. Then a reset message should appear. Also, you should receive an automatic email. It will contain a temporary password. Just use that password for logging into the account.

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