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How to Waterproof Esc?: 3 Effective Methods for You!

RC electronics are the new hype nowadays. Any RC vehicle owner knows that it goes through a lot of environmental drifts. For instance, mud, moisture, and water. These elements do not go well with electronics.

That’s why RC vehicle users are always excited about waterproofing their vehicle; especially the ESC. 

So, how to waterproof esc?

For the first method, you can plasti-dip the ESC to make it waterproof. The second method includes plastic containers. Cutting out the containers and sticking them around the ESC can prevent water damage. For the last method, you can use some heat-resistant epoxy as a coating for the ESC.

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So, without wasting any more time let’s jump right in!

Can RC Vehicles Be Waterproofed?

It might sound too good to be true, but RC vehicles can actually be waterproofed. We have heard of many waterproof motors vehicles like the waterproof e scooter. But now, RC electronics are also manufactured waterproof!


There are many waterproof vehicles on the market right now. You’ll find a ton of varieties regarding waterproof electronics. Starting from waterproof rc helicopters to waterproof rc cars.

Waterproofing rc electronics is basically a method to waterproof its components. It may be complicated sometimes. Not all the electronics are operated on the ground.

For instance, flite test waterproofing is a complex method. Since it flies, it’s tough to waterproof it. One of the most important components of RC electronics is the ESC. It’s very important to waterproof the rc.

However, it’s relatively easy to waterproof your ESC. Just by using some simple ingredients, you can waterproof your ESC at home. 

Now let’s move on to the methods on how to waterproof rc esc.

3 Methods of Waterproofing the ESC

ESC stands for the electronic speed controller. It’s basically what you control the speed of the vehicle with. Waterproofing ESCs is very critical since it controls the RC electronic! So, it’s not as easy as the paint removal of lexan.

Take a look at some simple methods to waterproof the ESC-

Method 1: Using Plasti-dip

Plasti-dips are widely used for waterproofing various tools. It’s a rubber and plastic-like dip that can be used to waterproof esc.

You’ll need electrical tape, plasti-dip, and a bowl for this method. Now, take a look at the steps to waterproof your ESC using plasti-dip below;

Step 1: Disassembling RC Vehicle

First, disassemble your RC vehicle to get hold of the ESC. If you have a roller car, it might take more time. So, take your time.

Step 2: Covering Heat Posts

An ESC can have some elements on it which should not be covered. LEDs and heat posts are an example of that. 

Heat posts allow the heat of the ESC to escape. On the other hand, LEDs indicate the initialization of the ESC. So, it is very important not to cover these with the plasti-dip.

Using electric tape, cover these elements. Tighten the tape around these elements; leave no gaps in between.

Step 3: Dipping ESC in Plasti-Dip

Now, take a bowl and put the plasti-dip in it. Put a good amount of plasti-dip so that the ESC can be submerged in there. Dip the ESC in the bowl. Exclude the wires while dipping it.

Step 4: Drying the ESC

After dipping the ESC, let it dry. You have to hang the ESC somewhere to dry it on all sides. Let it dry for at least 7-8 hours. You can leave it overnight to dry as well.

Step 5: Peeling the Tapes

Finally, peel the electric tapes off of the ESC. Make sure the ESC is completely dry before doing this.

Note that, you can also use liquid tape instead of plasti-dip for this method. You can follow the same steps to waterproof your receiver too. 

This is an effective approach on how to waterproof esc and receiver

However, since this whole process is dependent on plasti-dip, you should use a good one. Here are some plasti-dips that you can use to waterproof your esc-

You can ensure the proper waterproofing by using any plasti-dip from the above table.

Method 2: Using Plastic Covers

This is one of the creative ideas for waterproofing the ESC. You can create plastic covers to protect the ESC from water. 

Not to mention, these covers will also increase the physical integrity of the RC vehicle. 


You’ll need scissors, an anti-cutter, a glue gun, and plastic containers (bottles, drums, etc). Now that you’ve gathered these pieces of equipment, take a look at the steps.

Step 1: Measure the ESC

First, take a measurement of the ESC. The plastic covers will go around the ESC so measure it accordingly. 

Step 2: Cut the Plastic Covers

Then, cut out the plastic covers. Use the scissors for big cuts and the anti-cutters for precise cuts. 

You may face some tricky corners for the plastic covers to fit in. In that case, cut out small pieces and join them together with hot glue.

Step 3: Stick Plastic Covers on ESC

Finally, use the glue gun to stick the plastic covers around the ESC. You should stick the pieces with the body of the RC electronic. 

Here comes the tricky part. Not all glue gun is appropriate for this task. Some tend to leak and make a mess everywhere. 

So, to prevent that from happening here are some glue guns that we’ve tried and tested: 

Step 4: Form a Bubble of Plastic

Try to form a bubble of plastic cover around the ESC. Leave some gaps at the bottom to prevent the ESC from overheating.

For a waterproof esc, you should have a good operator. It has to send signals through the layers of plastic. 

For instance, Futaba and spectrum operators are very famous in the RC industry. Differences between Futaba and Spectrum operators will help you pick the right one for waterproofing!

Method 3: Using Heat-resistant Epoxy

This method is a popular one. You can use heat-resistant epoxy to waterproof an esc. All you need is epoxy and an ice cream stick. If you want to know how to waterproof a brushless esc, check this method out!

Let’s have a look at the steps for this method.

Step 1: Mix the Epoxy

First of all, mix up some epoxy to apply to the ESC. You can take a good amount of epoxy for this. 

Remember that not all epoxy are suitable for getting this task done. So, we’ve compiled a list of epoxy that you can use to waterproof your esc down below. Plus these can be a good alternative to rc tire glues. 

Step 2: Remove Extra Parts from ESC

Then, take any layers of heat tubes or anything sticking to the ESC. Also, remove components like the integrated circuits. 

Step 3: Apply the Epoxy

After that, start applying the epoxy bit by bit. Use the ice cream stick like a spatula and put a layer of epoxy. 

Be sure not to miss any spots. Let the excess epoxy drip out. 

Step 4: Dry the ESC

Finally, let the ESC dry. You can leave it overnight so that it dries well. You can attach the components you set aside on the 2nd step now. 

Step 5: Add Another Layer of Epoxy

Put some more epoxy on the dried epoxy surface and stick the components. The extra epoxy will act as glue. Let the epoxy dry once more.

That’s about it. The ESC is now waterproof!

Along with protecting the RC vehicle, learn how to store RC vehicles as well. It’ll keep the RC electronic out of moisture and increase longevity.

So, to waterproof the esc, these are the methods you can follow.


Is each and every one of the servos waterproof?

The servos can be waterproof but all of them aren’t waterproof. Generally, all servos come with a resistance level (splash resistance). But splash resistant servos are not waterproof. When a servo is waterproof, it is mentioned with its details. All of the waterproof servos have an IP67 rating.

Can you waterproof every component of an RC car?

Unfortunately, you cannot waterproof every component of an RC car. However, you can waterproof most of it. Degreasers like WD-40 help the components withstand water. For the parts you cannot waterproof, you can use armors. Simply put, the plastic armors act as umbrellas for RC cars, resisting water.

Can Nitro RC cars get wet?

Nitro RC cars can obviously get wet. You can block out most of the water by waterproofing & adding water-resistant components. Feel free to drive it while it’s raining. It’s important not to submerge the nitro RC car into the water. The RC cars, in general, aren’t conditioned to be operated this way.

Wrapping up

We have reached the finish line of this article. Hopefully, now you know how to waterproof esc.

Some methods of waterproofing your vehicle require you to disassemble it. It can void the warranty, so plan it accordingly.

Wishing you all the best for waterproofing the ESC!

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