Hpi Savage XS Flux Problems

Hpi Savage XS Flux Problems: [3 Major Problems And Solutions]

A Hpi savage XS flux RC car user is always happy with his vehicle. Because this is as much fun and useful as it can be. However, the cool features may sometimes get disrupted due to its problems.

So, what are the hpi savage xs flux problems?

There could be 3 major problems with Hpi savage xs flux RC car. The first issue that you may come across is its non-uniform speed. In addition, you may also notice irregular direction changes suddenly. This mainly happens due to a bad throttle. You might also see that your RC fails to run.

The brief is not all you need. But you can get every detail of your concern if you read along. 

So, read along and get started!

What Are the Hpi Savage XS Flux Problems?

The Hpi Savage XS flux has a few common problems just like the other RC cars. And that means the solutions are also available for these issues.

The problems of this RC are quite similar to Arrma Kraton 8s issues.

Source: Jake Billing

In addition to that, some of the solutions are even way easier. So, take a look here to know about those in detail.

Problem 1: Runs At A Non-Uniform Speed

One of the most common problems of this one is non-uniform speed. You may notice sometimes it runs way faster. 

However, it may suddenly increase its speed without even your control. So, this would feel unusual when you run it.

This problem can occur if there are any broken parts of the RC. Any broken part or unusual structural share can let this happen.

However, if your transmitter has any issues, this might happen too. Sometimes, the transmitter antenna gets dirt which disrupts the movement of the RC.

If not, there might be transmitter-receiver issues.

And there could be some unexpected factors too. The battery that you are using might be responsible for this too. Thus, you may not be sure about these but check.

Other than these, your rough usage can lead to this issue, if any. Because rough usage can damage the external and internal parts of your RC.

You can check out some quality transmitters recommended here:


Just like the issue, the solution is simple too. However, if there are internal issues, you may not do it yourself. But for the time being, let’s hope it’s nothing like that.

Look out for any broken or slack part of your RC. If you can then take glue and fix the RC part. This simple task can fix the problem.

But if you are not sure about the part, do not proceed further. 

If you think the transmitter antenna might have issues, fix it. Take a dry piece of cloth and rub off the antenna. This would wipe away the dust it might have caught.

Don’t forget to replace the battery too if the problem still exists. Just get a new pair of batteries to troubleshoot this issue.

Remember one thing! Try not to use your RC car roughly. By that, we mean don’t just throw it off when you are done using it.

Do not forget to take off the batteries if you take a break using your RC car. Because the battery can damage your RC car if not used for a long time.

Problem 2: A Bad Throttle

The throttle is one of the most crucial parts of your RC car. This controls how and when to move. This also helps to move in proper directions with proper speed.

But unfortunately, throttles can go bad at times. And Hpi savage xs flux transmission does also have this issue sometimes. 

A few common symptoms of this are irregular changes of direction and non-uniform speed. 

You may also notice that you need to exert more pressure than usual to run your RC. And this is one of the obvious symptoms of a damaging throttle.

If you fail to identify the problem quickly, there would be even more issues. So, you must not procrastinate troubleshooting this.

Source: hobbymedia.net


To repair a broken throttle, you need to change the motor. If you don’t want to change it, that’s acceptable as well. Because you have a line, you can correct it. 

The first step is to ensure that the motor is kept cold. To avoid overheating, electric motors must keep their temperatures low. 

Maintaining a cool working environment should help you do this. You should also keep an eye on the motor’s temperature regularly. 

Electrical overload is also known as overcurrent. However, it is not always possible to fix a broken motor. Because there are a few limitations. 

The motor may stop working entirely at some point. You can not fix it if the situation is like that. 

The most common causes are overheating and harsh use. You’ll need to replace the motor in this case.

Finally, you’ll need to connect all of the necessary plugs. As a result, make sure to use the proper plug for this. 

If you’re unsure about something, seek advice from a professional.

Problem 3: RC Won’t Run

A strange thing you might experience is that your RC runs automatically or stops suddenly. This feels annoying when you are enjoying your RC moments.

This generally happens due to the steering arm and battery. The battery might sound funny but it can be.


Before you try to fix the steering arm, look out for the batteries. Because you better start troubleshooting the simpler one first. 

Remove the batteries and then get a pair of new ones. Because a long-time used battery or defective battery could be responsible for this issue.

Looking for long-lasting RC batteries? You can find some top RC Lipo battery brand recommendations here:

These are all compatible with HPI savage XS flux and can last for a very long time.

Source: HPI Polska Modele zdalnie sterowane RC

If you see there is no issue with the batteries then it’s the steering arm. But unfortunately, you would not be able to resolve this issue yourself.

Talk to a mechanic about this soon.

So, these are the problems of Hpi savage xs flux that you may face. Now, you have the solutions too. So, you can get these fixed easily!

If needed, you can take a look at the HPI savage XS flux manual for more troubleshooting tips.


What’s wrong with the RC vehicle stopping suddenly?

RC cars resisting suddenly to ride along is a common issue you may find. This can mainly happen if there are any internal issues with it. In addition, any mechanical issues can be responsible for this too. However, if the transmission is bad, the problem might occur too.

What is the issue with my RC running itself?

A lot of RC users have faced this bizarre situation of their vehicles running themselves. This generally occurs due to mechanical issues of the RC. A damaged or bad throttle could be the primary reason for this. If not then the transmission might be responsible for this too.

Can I keep my Hpi savage xs flux RC turned off for a long time?

Yes, you can keep your RC car turned off for a long time. However, you may not like the consequences of it as it can be damaging. First of all, the battery of your vehicle might get damaged with time. Also, there might be unexpected internal issues. Thus, it’s better not to keep it turned off.

The Final Words

Now you know about the hpi savage xs flux problems! We believe you find the solutions effective.

Remember one thing. If you ever notice something defective, do not procrastinate troubleshooting it. Because this can create serious issues for your RC.

Best of luck with your RC car!

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