hubsan x4 troubleshooting

Hubsan X4 Troubleshooting: All You Need to Know


When hubsan x4 stops operating, we realize how terrible it may be. It has the ability to make anyone want to tear their hair out. Don’t be concerned! There are easy solutions to all of your difficulties.

How should you do a hubsan x14 troubleshooting? 

There can be many issues with your Hubsan X4. You might need to fix the calibration. There might be problems with the battery and the motor. Propellers might stop working. The camera might cease to function properly along with others.

Are you intrigued? With the aid of a thorough guide that we’ve provided, you may apply the solutions yourself.

Let’s get to it without further ado.

Hubsan X4 Troubleshooting: Step-By-Step Instructions

Batteries can be a bit of a nuisance. It’s a good idea to replace them if they have gone bad. And how should you do that?

Step 1: Replacing Battery

Diagnosed your battery and found out it needs replacing? No need to panic, it’s a fairly easy thing to do.

To begin, you’ll need to figure out where the battery is. Unscrew your quad, remove the battery, and put it away after that. 

Having a screwdriver can save you all the trouble. But in case you were looking for a top-notch screwdriver, here are the ones we recommend.

Product 1 Product 2

You now have a good idea about screwdrivers, let’s progress further.

Replace the wires on both the old and new batteries and then connect them. Next, you will need to attach the wires from the helicopter to the new battery. You should make sure everything is connected.

Remove the yellow Kapton tape that has been applied to the battery’s solders to begin. After that, you’ll have to connect everything. Keep in mind, this process will heat things and it must not touch the battery.

Lastly, replace the battery and screw everything up when you’re done attaching everything.

Looking to give the battery another try?  you can try to depuff the battery and see how it goes.

Step 2:  Fixing Calibration 

You’ll need to calibrate your drone first before the flight. 

First, ensure there are no metallic items, electric lines, or other impediments in the area. Within a five-meter range, there should be no interference at all. Let’s go over the process.

Place the battery into the drone and then connect the wires. Look for the compass calibration option. Select “Calib Compass 1” from the drop-down menu.

Place the drone on a flat surface after hitting the button.  While holding it in your hands, rotate it clockwise. Continue rotating until the message “Calib Compass 2” appears on the screen. Then, continue rotating until you get a solid green.

On the controller, you’ll be able to see the live feed. Then, you will be ready to fly the drone. For all Hubsan X4 versions, the method is essentially the same.

Calibrating the compass may resolve the issue, however, a remote control reset may also help.

Step 3: Checking for Propellor Issues

You might think that the drone is spinning very slowly. You can take a look at following methods. 

Examine the propeller’s installation first. Make sure the props on the motor aren’t too tight or too loose. After tightening the propellers, try flying the drone.

Check to see that the motor gear is properly fitted. If they aren’t, do so to see if the problem goes away.

If the propellers are rotating slowly, it might be due to a gyro calibration issue. The binding can be used once more. Hold down the Enter and Power buttons together until the message “Bind to Plane” displays. 

The right binding will take place when you push the button. 

If things are still not working properly, you may need professional help. 

While we are on propellers, it will be fun to take a look at the differences between 2 blade and 3 blade quadcopters. 

Step 4:  Inspecting Motor Damage

Drones rely on their motors significantly. If your drone is damaged, you won’t be able to fly it around. Motors make the propellers spin. 

Check the motors regularly. Make sure they’re dust-free and spotless. The majority of the drone’s noise comes from the motors. Examine your drone if it doesn’t seem correct.

Clean out the motor chamber and check for damage to the wiring and solder connections. It’s possible that you’ll need to learn how to solder bullet joints. Make sure the antennas are clean of debris to ensure a solid connection with the base.

Step 5:  Camera issues 

Problems with the Hubsan x4  video are extremely prevalent. There might be several reasons why the camera isn’t working.

The SD card you’re using is usually the source of the problem. You can change the format of your SD card to Fat32. Remember that it must be at least Class 10.

You may also modify the settings to verify if everything is working properly. If it still doesn’t function, there may be a problem with the camera. If this is the case, we recommend you replace it.

These are the most important things to keep in mind when troubleshooting Hubsan x4.


Question: Why won’t Hubsan x4 start?

Answer: You should check if the drone is bound with the controller first. Additionally, battery power may be insufficient. Try again after fully charging the battery.

Question: Why is Hubsan x4 drifting?

Answer: If the propellers aren’t correctly fitted, this might happen.. You should also cross-check the props to make sure they are not bent or broken. 

Question: Is the Hubsan x4 worth it?

Answer: If the thought of racing drones at breakneck speeds appeals to you, then  Hubsan X4 is the drone for you. It’s definitely worth the money. 


And that brings to an end to our comprehensive guide of hubsan x4 troubleshooting

Make sure to follow all the steps carefully and accurately and everything should be set.

We hope we made your lives easier even if it’s a little bit. We wish you the best of luck! May you and your quadcopter have many more adventures together.

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