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IMU Initializing DJI: 4 Reasons With Fixing Guide!

So, recently you have been having this issue with your DJI IMU. The IMU initializes and it never finishes the initialization process. And the ‘imu initializing’ sign never leaves the screen.

Now you must be wondering why it is happening? And how to fix this never-ending imu initializing dji?

Well, IMU initializing DJI can happen due to a hard crash or landing. Or maybe the IMU is faulty and still warming up. There is a simple fix for this. You can try restoring any factory defaults and refreshing the firmware of the Aircraft. Then you need to calibrate the IMU following the steps given in the guide.

Still not sure? Well, do not worry! Because here I will inform you all about the IMU initialization. The reasons why it happens and how you can fix this and complete the initialization!

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Reasons for the IMU Initializing Issue

So, you recently got a new drone. After waiting a long time the DJI took for shipping, now it’s faulty. We get your frustration.

There can be several reasons why this issue is happening. Check out some possible ones here.

IMU Initializing Issue
  1. One reason may be that it had a crash or perhaps a very hard landing. It is normally an inkling that you might have a damaged light bridge cooling fan. Where probably a fan is missing. 

    The hard crash or landing often throws the fan out of balance. It then results in vibrations that result in the IMU initializing indication.
  1. It can also indicate a fault in the IMU or that the IMU might be still warming up.
  1. Or you are not using the latest firmware for the remote controller unit. And for the aircraft, as well.
  1. Maybe you have not kept it on a solid base. So, this might result in movement or even shaking during IMU initialization. This may be creating the issue.

Now you know all the possible reasons. So, it will be easier to figure out which one is most probable in your case. 

Now let us jump into the solution part.

Solution to IMU Initializing

There are a number of ways you can fix the issue.

But before you jump into any type of troubleshooting, you need to make sure of certain things.

  • First of all, try restoring any factory defaults.
restoring any factory defaults
Source: OTSV.DE
  • Also, refresh the firmware of the Aircraft. 

In a few cases, it has been reported that only doing these fixed the issue.

However, if it does not in your case, try calibrating the IMU

Calibrate the IMU:

Calibrating the IMU in the drone is easy and quite straightforward. Though there are some issues with the IMU calibration in some drones. These issues can be always fixed if you keep the firmware updated.

However, before starting with the IMU Calibration, you need to be sure of particular things.

  • Ensure that the aircraft is kept on a surface that is flat. 
  • Moreover, ensure that it tries to circumvent metal, electronics and concrete where possible. Because any steel bars on concrete as well as the metal may cause interference.
  • Also, If you have recently flown the drone, you need to wait a few minutes. So that it can cool before starting the calibration.
  • Also, make sure that you’ve at least 50 percent of battery.
Calibrate the IMU
Source: Let Us Drone

Let us take the DJI Mavic series for example to demonstrate how to do the IMU Calibration.

Step 1: Remove the Gimbal Cover

First of all, you need to discard the gimbal cover on your drone. Remove the power as well. The drone is supposed to restart at the time of the calibration process. So, ensure that you have discarded the gimbal cover.  This way it will not induce any damage to the camera.

Step 2: Power it On

In this step, you need to power on the controller. Then, launch DJI Fly App and also connect your drone.

Step 3: Adjust Fly App Settings

On the app, you need to click on Go Fly. After that, tap on the 3 dots that will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. From there find the ‘IMU normal under Safety’.

Adjust Fly App Settings
Source: Drone Blog

You may sometimes find that the fly app is not available on the play store. Then download it from the DJI official website. However, this is a rare case anyway.

Step 4: Start the Process

In this step, you need to tap on the ‘Calibrate’ and thus the process will start.

Simply press Start which will appear on the screen. Then follow the onscreen steps that are shown. 

After that, move the drone into the positions it urges you. Thus the IMU calibration will be finished.

Once you have completed it, take the drone to an area that has high interference. Then observe how it flies. 

If everything is good, then that means the IMU calibration has been a success!

How Long Does IMU Calibration Take?

IMU calibration is one relatively quick procedure. It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to finish. The duration may depend on the brand of your drone.

However, you might be enthusiastic to fly the drone once you are out and about. So, we suggest re-calibrating before setting off on the trip. It will save you from sitting and waiting around while wasting your valuable battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to calibrate my drone every time?

Drones usually do not need frequent calibration. However, you should recalibrate your drones once in a while. It will ensure their exactitude. Factors like altering magnetic pulls and also harsh landings may disequilibrate your drone’s sensors. Especially the IMU. So, recalibrating is needed.

How do I select IMU?

You have to observe certain aspects when selecting an IMU. That is the performance, size, power, weight, underlying technology, and cost.  Moreover, another crucial factor in UAVs is IMU’s ruggedness. In harsh UAV circumstances, vibrations might reach a high level and distinct temperatures.

How do I prepare my drone before starting imu calibration?

Before starting with the IMU Calibration, you need to be sure of certain things. Confirm that the aircraft is kept on a surface that is flat. Moreover, it tries to circumvent metal, electronics, and concrete where possible. Because any steel bars on concrete as well as the metal may cause interference.

Wrapping Up

Hope we have cleared your confusion on imu initializing dji?

Now you know all the possible reasons. Plus the solutions are super simple. So, just go through the instructions given in this guide. Make sure you follow each step very carefully. And we are sure you will be able to fix this.

That is all for now. Have an amazing day!

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