Is Electrical Tape Waterproof

Is Electrical Tape Waterproof? (Expert’s Guide)


The electrical tape is a must-have in every toolkit. As an RC enthusiast, you may have used it a lot. This can be for protecting your chassis, batteries, and wires. 

However, you must be curious- is electrical tape waterproof?

Electrical tape is 18-20% waterproof. It’s water resistant to some extent. But it can’t keep water or moisture out after a certain amount of time. The adhesive seal simply breaks. However, Polytetrafluoroethylene electrical tape is the most water resistant among it’s other variants. 

If you want to learn more, read along. We have a straightforward guide that’ll shed light on all your queries. So, let’s begin!

Is Electrical Tape Waterproof? – An RC Perspective

Most RC devices come in contact with water. Be it a puddle, or moisture in the air, an RC is always at risk from water. On top of that, electrical tape has a plastic-like feel to it. So it would be easy to assume that it’s waterproof.

Why is this so? It’s because the electrical tape is safe to use in humid conditions. You may have used electrical tape to cover your batteries, wires, and even the chassis. 

Normally, electrical tape provides a slight barrier against moisture. Which is why you might think it’s waterproof. People mostly think of waterproof electrical tape, 3m. But no, it’s also not waterproof.

On top of that, if you like DIY projects, you might’ve used electrical tape around the house. You may have wrapped the tape tightly to fix leaks in a pinch. Maybe you used it to makeshift insulation for your pipes. 

So now, it begs to ask- Is electrical tape waterproof?

Sadly, no. Electrical tape isn’t waterproof. The elastic feel and the wax-like layer might trick you into believing it’s waterproof.

Electrical tape has a PVC base with a rubber-based adhesive. When it comes in contact with water, the adhesive loses its grip and strength. So, Is PVC electrical tape waterproof?

No. PVC electrical tape is not waterproof. It’s water resistant. It’s like plastic, serves the purpose for insulation against electricity. But it’s not water poof.

Not only that, it’s also made of Vinyl. So, people ask,

Is vinyl electrical tape waterproof?

No, vinyl electrical tape is not waterproof either. Vinyl itself is a waterproof substance but still, the seal breaks down when it comes to contact with water.

However, 3 out of 5 people have found it helpful in using liquid electrical tape. About liquid electrical tape waterproof, they said it worked perfectly for them. Our preference is the Gardner Bender Liquid electrical tape.

Additionally, for normal electrical tape, the adhesive wears out if the electrical tape is stretched. The extra pressure pulls the tape thin and if water gets in, the sealing properties are ruined. So there’s no waterproof electrical insulation tape to be honest.

Therefore, you need to keep that in mind while wrapping your Traxxas slash batteries.

You should be extra cautious if you’re dealing with a brushed motor. The motor itself is not waterproof, so don’t use electrical tape for security purposes.

So now you know that electrical tape is not waterproof. But isn’t it obvious? It was never made for the purpose of being water proof. So what is electrical tape used for?

Electrical tape is used for insulating purposes. It can withstand 99% electrical current. There are different colors in these tapes. here black refers to insulating wires. Electrical tape is certainly not made to be water proof.

Waterproof And Water Resistant- Is It Same?

Waterproof and water resistant is not the same. When you ask if electrical tape is waterproof, you’re asking if water passes through it. If it does, then the tape isn’t waterproof. 

Electrical tape is water resistant only to a slight extent. You may have tightly wrapped electrical tape around cracks and holes as a temporary solution. For small tasks like that, electrical tape provides a very light watertight seal. It is one of the essential tools in a RC tool kit.

Now that this confusion has been cleared, let’s dig deep. 

Now, you must be wondering, if the electrical tape isn’t waterproof, what else to use? Don’t panic, we have you covered!

Alternatives To Electrical Tape That Are Waterproof!

You might want something waterproof or more water-resistant. There are many options available in the market. However, among all electrical tapes, Polytetrafluoroethylene tapes are the most water resistant.

Based on your preferences, you can pick from specialized glue to wire connectors since waterproof outdoor electrical tape is of no use. The options are indeed endless.

Specialized Glue

You can opt for specialized waterproof glue for your RC. These come in liquids, putty, and even patches so you can pick one based on what you need.

Some are great glues for your tires while others can help seal in cracks and holes.

Heat Shrinking Tubing 

If you are concerned about protecting wires, use heat shrinking tubing. That and a heat gun should provide an extra layer of protection for your wires. These are made of plastic, which is a highly waterproof material. 

So, they’ll definitely keep your wires safe.

Duct Tape

In electrical tape vs duct tape, duct tape is more water resistant. Additionally, you could always use handy duct tape. Duct tape has a synthetic woven cotton base with a strong adhesive, like a handy JB-weld or Gorilla Glue. It is also more water-resistant than electrical tape. So it has a wider range of uses. 

Keep in mind, duct tape isn’t completely waterproof so you need to be careful. It simply repels water to a greater extent than electrical tape. So, if you want a light covering for your chassis,  go for duct tape!

Wire Connectors

Lastly, if you’re dealing with bare wires, you can always opt for wire connectors. These are made of plastic. So naturally, they are waterproof and durable.

With all that being said, we are at the very end. Take a pick from whichever seems to fit your purpose. And let’s move on to covering up our RC device!


Now we’ll be discussing some of the most commonly asked questions regarding electrical tape.

Can electrical tape catch fire?

Answer: Even though this may vary across manufacturers, most electrical tapes can withstand high temperatures. However, the cap is placed at around 80℃. If it exceeds that, then the tape will catch on fire. 

Is duct tape or electrical tape more water-resistant?

Answer: Compared to electrical tape, duct tape is far more water-resistant. Duct tape is made from a fabric base with a high-power adhesive. This provides better strength and water resistance for your purposes.

Does electrical tape block electricity?

Answer: Electrical tape has PVC and a rubber-based adhesive. Both of these materials provide insulation against heat and electricity. If the electrical tape is properly used, then it does not let any electricity pass through it.

Take away

That’s all we had to offer today. People often mistake electrical tape to be waterproof. But we hope we’ve provided all the answers to your question, is electrical tape waterproof. 

Anyway, don’t be disheartened. There are alternatives that’ll serve your purpose just right! 

If this article helped you, comment down below! You can even reach out to us if you’re still confused.

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