JB Weld Vs Gorilla Glue

JB Weld Vs Gorilla Glue: Which Glue Holds Longer?


Glues are best for repairing your RC cars. JB weld and gorilla glue are the best ones. but confused about which one to get? 

So, which one will last longer, JB weld vs. gorilla glue?

JB weld is the best two-part epoxy out there. Gorilla glue is used for sticking small RC parts. Two-part epoxy means the glue holds both sides of the material it’s used on. The adhesive quality of JB weld is more than gorilla glue. 

This isn’t enough to get the whole idea. So, let’s hop on to the detailed comparison between them.

JB Weld Vs. Gorilla Glue: Basic Difference

It’s important to know the difference to pick one. Just like you need to know about Futaba and Spektrum to pick one.

Though the comparison doesn’t stand a strong ground for gorilla glue. JB weld is used for heavy-duty sticking jobs. Nonetheless, the comparison is interesting.

Let’s see the basic differences between JB weld and gorilla glue:

JB Weld Gorilla Glue
Two-part epoxy. Sticks strongly to the material and also on the surface it’s used on. Flexible glue. Uniformly sticks all over the surface and the material.
Adhesive quality is higher Adhesive quality is low
Needs 4-6 hours to dry. And 15-24 hours to be fully set Needs 10-15 secs to dry, 24 hours to be fully set
JB Weld can be used on metal, plastic, PVC, wood, concrete, ceramic, tile, fiber, glass, toys, etc.  Gorilla glue can be used only on metal, glass, fabric, wood, ceramic, leather, paper, and plastic.
Price is higher. But it’s worth the price you’ll be paying Price is lower
Can hold any material longer than any other epoxy out there Cannot hold much longer. Small weight or impact can break the bond.
Long-lasting  Bond is breakable

You must be looking for a detailed comparison. 

Yes, we got you! Sit back and enjoy a head-to-head comparison.

JB Weld vs. Gorilla Glue: Head To Head Battle

Head to head comparison is best for deciding which one to buy. So, let’s look at the details.

Material Composition

Two-part epoxy sticks to both sides of the materials as well as the surface. Whereas, flexible uniformly stick to both materials and surfaces.

JB weld is the two-part epoxy here. These stick very strongly to all kinds of materials. While fixing RC cars you’ll need to stick covers, motors, wires, and many more. 

Knowing how to use JB weld will also give you a better idea about where to use it.

JB weld can hold any type of material. Especially metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, and fiber. Sticking fibers is really good for RC cars. Many of the users modify their cars with carbon fiber materials. 

Gorilla glue is used for light-duty jobs. Like, if a small part of your car gets broken, you can use gorilla glue. Because it cannot take so much load as JB weld.

Adhesive Quality

The quality of a material to stick to another type of material is called adhesive quality. Epoxy and glues help two different materials or the same materials to stick.

Two-part epoxy has better adhesive quality anyway. Thus JB weld has got the best adhesive quality of all. It can hold any kind of material longer than gorilla glue.

On the other hand, gorilla glue is flexible glue. This creates a bond very quickly. Also, it dries very quickly. But the bond is not strong enough to face further impact.

A small amount of force can break the bond of gorilla glue. Still, make sure to know about the things the hot glue can’t stick to. This will prevent you from having any disappointments. 

Durability Test

Now, it’s time for the interesting part. We’ll be seeing how long the JB weld and gorilla glue can hold different materials.

We’ll be doing this experiment using 4 different kinds of materials.  

  • Wood
  • Metal  
  • Plastic or PVC. 

But, how to perform the experiment?

Stick JB weld and gorilla glue to all these materials. Then apply force on the joints. Now see which one holds longer.

Material JB Weld Gorilla Glue
Wood 57.5 lbs. 5 lbs.
Plastic 110 lbs. 10.8 lbs.
Metal 33 lbs. 6 lbs.

So, you can see which glue works better on which material. Though you won’t be needing any wood regarding RC repair. Still, the comparison might help you to decide. 

We also build RC planes with wood. While building a plane, the right glue plays a vital role. 

Here are our top picks for making a plane

Product 1
Product 2

So make sure, you’re using the best one for your purpose.

Overall Cost

Obviously, the cost of JB weld is more than gorilla glue. The quality of the JB weld is top-notch compared to Gorilla glue. 

Using JB weld will cut your costs too. You can also use it for screwing. Because it holds lighter materials better than a screw. 

Gorilla glue isn’t recommended if you’re using it in servos, engines, or chassis. Because these are the vital parts of an RC car. But using it on the outer side to fix outlooks will work just as fine.

Using gorilla glue on the vital parts will increase our risk to spend more. We can also use gorilla glue in our RC haulers if needed.

Final Verdict

JB weld will be best used in heavy-duty fixing works. In parts like engine, servos, and chassis. 

If you want to fix any outer look of the RC vehicle, gorilla glue will work fine. But still, JB weld will be doing the best job.

So, we recommend you use JB weld for all kinds of fixing.


Question: What does gorilla glue not stick to?

Answer: Gorilla glue doesn’t stick to glass. Though it will be mentioned in the packet of gorilla glue it will.

Question: How long will JB weld last?

Answer: JB weld needs 24 hours to dry. After that, it will last until the force crosses the threshold.

Question: Is JB weld waterproof? 

Answer: Yes, it is. It will be written in the box of jb weld. Though it’s not recommended to come in contact with water.


Hope you also got your winner between JB weld vs. Gorilla glue. 

One last tip, always clean the surfaces before using glue. Let us know which one you bought.

Till then, enjoy modifying RCs.

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