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Kraton 6S Servo Upgrade – All You Need to Know

The Kraton 6S servo is a very popular servo for RC. It has some fantastic features for a truggy. However, there are some shortcomings too. 

ARRMA releases upgrades of the Kraton 6S to overcome these shortcomings. But what exactly is the Kraton 6S Servo Upgrade?

The Kraton 6S servo upgrade means upgrading different aspects of the servo. There are 5 upgrades of the Kraton 6S stock servo. They are Kraton 6S V2, V3, V4, V5, & V6. With these upgrades the servo becomes more useful. For example the V2 has a more stable differential than the stock model.

This is only the summary of the entire discussion. I have discussed the Kraton 6S servo upgrades in detail below. So please keep scrolling!

Is It Worth Upgrading Kraton 6S Servo?

Kraton 6S Servo

Yes, the Kraton 6S Servo is worth upgrading. The Kraton 6S servo is a very popular RC servo model. It is well known for its rugged look and powerful performance. Yet the base version of the RC lacks some important specifications. 

ARRMA, the manufacturer of the Kraton 6S servo, upgrades it frequently. They make the RC better, bigger, stronger, and faster with upgrades. The performance of the servo increases with every upgrade. 

On the stock servo, there are some major setbacks. The stock servo does not come with the speed pinion. So to reach the top speed, the user would have to buy the speed pinion separately. 

There is also some controversy with the front differential of the Kraton 6S stock version. The steering had some issues too. All these problems were sorted out with several upgrades.

Upgrades are always useful. Just like the Traxxas Blast upgrade, the ARRMA Kraton 6S servo upgrade is also worth it. Anyway, you must be sure about your budget before upgrading!

5 Drawbacks of Kraton 6S Stock Servo

Upgrading any servo will cost a lot. Without proper motivation, it is quite hard to spend money on the upgrade. The drawbacks of the Kraton 6S stock servo will surely motivate you. 

Just kidding! Check these drawbacks. Then you will know about the improvements in the Kraton 6s servo saver upgrade.

Faulty Front Differential 

One of the major problems of the Kraton 6S stock servo is its faulty front differential. Differentials are very important parts of RC cars. They are important for smooth turning and power balance of the RC car.

But the front differential of the Kraton stock servo is not perfect. It has some issues with its movement. Also, it creates some annoying noise while functioning. Because of this, the power balance of the Kraton 6S stock is not the best.

Steering Problem 

Another setback of the Kraton 6S is its steering issue. The steering of any RC car is very crucial. It is used to control the movement of the RC car. Any problem in it might result in a big accident. 

The steering of the Kraton 6S shuts down without any reason. Often while using the controller for steering, the Kraton 6S stock servo restarts. This is a pretty annoying situation for the users.

No Speed Pinion 

The Kraton 6S servo is compelling. It can go as high as 60 miles per hour. But there is a condition. The servo pinion must be changed with a speed pinion. Only then the servo can reach its potential. 

But the problem is that the package doesn’t include a speed pinion. So it’s not easy for the user to reach the highest speed. To reach the top speed, the user has to buy the speed pinion separately. 

Insufficient Torque Generation 

Torque is the turning force generated by the motor. For optimum performance, a high amount of torque generation is needed. Higher torque means more load-bearing capacity. Also, the efficiency of the servo depends on the torque. 

The torque produced by the Kraton 6S stock servo is not so high. It does the job, but it could have been better. In the later upgrades, the torque generated by the servo has been improved. 

Too Weak

Though this is the last drawback, this is not a minor one. The Kraton 6S servo is not strong. There are many objections to its longevity. The servo often breaks down after using it for a few days. This issue has been resolved in its upgrades.

These are the major drawbacks of the Kraton 6S stock servo. To get rid of these problems, an upgrade is necessary. However, before upgrading you must know about the compatibility issues. Below I have discussed them for you.

Compatibility Factors for Upgrading Kraton 6S Servo

There are certain compatibility issues for every component. Without proper compatibility, no component will give the optimum output. This thing also goes for the Kraton 6S servo upgrades. To get the optimum output, check the following factors!

Make Sure the New Servo Runs on 6S Lipo

The battery is the only power source for the servo. Without a compatible battery, the servo will not perform properly. There are many categories of batteries available in the market. It’s necessary to choose the correct one.

The Kraton 6S servo upgrades function with the 6S LiPo battery. This battery matches well with the design of the Kraton servo. Any other battery used with the servo won’t be able to give the optimum result. 

The New Servo Should Run Between 5 to 6v

Different types of batteries are available in the market for RC cars. The voltage output of these batteries is also different. But the Kraton 6S servo upgrades do not work with all of these batteries. There is a certain range of voltage for the servo.

The Kraton 6S servo works best with a 5 to 6 volts power source. If the voltage output is less than 5v, the servo will run slowly. And if the output is above 6v, the servo can get damaged. So make sure to use a compatible battery.

Gears Must Match with The Motor Shaft 

Gears transmit the power of the servo to the wheels. The power is transmitted from the shaft of the motor. For successfully conveying the work of transmission, the shaft must match the gear. Or else, internal damages can happen. 

Mount Replacement Needs To be Compatible With The New Servo

The mount is the part that holds the servo motor in place. The mounting of the stock Kraton 6S servo and other upgrades are not the same. So once you upgrade, make sure to get the necessary mounts. Or the upgraded servo can disassemble. 

These are the required compatibility factors that you must check while upgrading. These factors are also essential when choosing a servo for your RC car.

5 Types of Recommended Kraton 6S Servo Upgrades

Now I will show you the benefits of different upgrades of the Kraton 6S servo. From this table, you will understand which version of Kraton 6S is required for you. 


For Climbing

For Bashing

For Racing
For Environment Protection
Kraton 6S V2
Kraton 6S V3
Kraton 6S V4
Kraton 6S V5
Kraton 6S V6

The table gives you a quick tour to different aspects of various upgrades of the Kraton 6S. You can see the best servo kraton 6S is the V6. Below I will discuss these factors in detail. 

Upgrading Kraton 6S Servo for Better Climbing

The RC car will need a powerful servo for climbing purposes. Also, strong traction is a must. The servo must produce enough torque so that the car can climb. The Kraton 6S V5 and V6 are the best for climbing purposes. 

This is because of their powerful upgrades. These two are the latest upgrades of the Kraton 6S. So the motor can produce a higher amount of torque than the previous ones. 

Upgrading Kraton 6S Servo for Better Bashing

The remote-controlled car must be strong and rugged for bashing. Bashing means driving the RC car without any safety factors or rules. The car is driven on rough surfaces with various speeds and hard controls.

For bashing physical properties like waterproof servo is needed. So you must know how to waterproof the servo and other safety measures. Servo power is not the most important factor. The Kraton 6S V2 is enough for bashing. 

The specs of this servo can handle bashing without any problem. The later upgrades of the Kraton 6S are better than the V1 in all respects. So they will not cause any problems in bashing.

Upgrading Kraton 6S Servo for Better Racing

For racing you will need a powerful servo with a very high speed. The controlling mechanism of the car must be smooth too. Or else it will be quite difficult to control the RC car at high speed.

Servos from Kraton 6S V2 are capable enough for racing. They have enough speed and control needed for this purpose. So for racing, you must get an upgrade to the V2 model at least. 

Upgrading Kraton 6S Servo for Better Environment Protection

The Kraton 6S gets more environment-friendly with every upgrade. For example, the battery longevity increases with upgrades. So they become helpful to the environment. Best servo upgrade for ARRMA Kraton 6s for environmental issues in the V6.

These are the best Kraton 6S upgrades. You can see that the latest upgrade, V6, has more benefits than the rest of the upgrades. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How fast does a Kraton 6S go?

A Kraton 6S can go as fast as 60 miles per hour. This is the top speed. However, you can not achieve this speed with the stock setup. You will need a speed pinion for this purpose. This pinion is sold separately in the stock model. But in the later upgrades, the pinion comes with the package.

What motor is in the Arrma Kraton 6S?

In the Arrma Kraton 6S Servo 2050 Kilo Volt Brushless motor is used. This is a very efficient motor for RC cars. A 150 ESC has been paired with this brushless motor. This setup allows the user to reach the highest potential of the servo. And with upgrades, the setup has been improved a lot.

Is The Kraton A Truggy?

Yes, the Kraton is a truggy. The external layout of the Kraton has been made following the basic truggy design. A truggy is a vehicle with the specifications of both the truck and the buggy. It also looks like the combination of these two vehicles. The look of the Kraton is similar to a truggy. 


This is all on your query – Kraton 6S Servo Upgrade. I think that now you can understand different aspects of these upgrades. 

While getting any upgrades you’ve to be cautious about the compatibility factors. Or else the servo can get damaged severely. 

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