Kraton vs Talion

Kraton vs Talion: The RC Vehicle Showdown


Kraton and Talion have made a name for themselves in the RC industry. There are some good reasons behind it. Both of them are kind of all-rounders for both on and off-road. So, it’s difficult to choose between these two demons.

With that being said, which is a better suit between Kraton vs Talion?

In terms of speed, Talion is faster both in acceleration and top speed than Kraton. But Kraton is more durable and stronger than Talion. Though both of them are all-rounders, Kraton is comparatively better off-road. Whereas, Talion is the star of on-road.

Not satisfied yet? We’ve broken the differences into pieces for you. It’ll help you to determine which one is a better suit for you. So, let’s jump right into business!

Kraton and Talion: Key Differences

Before jumping into the details, let’s take a quick look at what sets these two monsters apart. It will give you an overview of the key differences.

Feature Kraton Talion
Price More Less
Size & Appearance Bigger Smaller
Stance Wide Narrow
Wheel Size Wider and larger Thinner & smaller
Acceleration Slower Faster
Top speed Less Higher
Handling harder Easier
Durability More Less
Preferred Sport Bashing Racing

You can already determine which one you want from this table. But hold on, we’re not done yet!

Kraton vs Talion: Who Wins?

You might wanna look into the details before investing in your RC. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!


Starting off with the most crucial question- how much does it cost?

Unlike a good RC touring car, trucks are quite cheaper. But it’s still possible that you’re extremely tight on budget. In that case, you can get Talion at around $50 less than Kraton.

But if budget is not an issue, we recommend getting Kraton. But why spend more, right? Let’s move forward and find out!


When it comes to RC, appearance matters to a lot of people. In this case, we can’t say which one looks better or gives what vibe. Because both of them have quite the premium look! Though we can differentiate between the outlooks of Rustler and Slash, it’s not the case here.

But there’s some difference in the bodies. Due to the narrow shock absorber and bigger wheels, Kraton has a taller body than the Tailon.

Not to mention, with a bigger body comes a bigger weight. This size variation affects speed, handling, and durability. 


Moving on to stance, Kraton has a longer and wider structure. This gives it a comparatively wider wheelbase. This comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Because of its wider stance, Kraton has the blessing of jumping and landing. When running off-road, it has more stability than Talion. But this advantage comes at the cost of on-road speed.

On the other hand, due to its narrow stance, Talion has better on-track speed than Kraton.


Kraton has larger and wider wheels than Talion. It gives Kraton a bigger appearance, more strength, and an off-road advantage.

On the other hand, smaller wheels give Talion more agility and control than Kraton. It’s also easier to do backflips and wheelies with a smaller body and wheels.

Though they have different-built wheels, the tires are kind of the same. And they might get worn out after you’ve used them for too long. Well, no worries! You can replace both of them with these exquisite beastly tires:

Now that you have your tire, get some quality glue to attach them with the wheel. Off you go!

Acceleration and Top Speed

Some of us believe speed beats strength. We understand why. If you’re one of them, Talion is your guy.

Because of its larger body, Kraton is comparatively slower both in acceleration and top speed. On the other hand, with greater acceleration, Talion can reach max speed faster.

We’re not saying Kraton is slow. It’s just, the Talion is faster.


When it comes to handling, it’s a tough call to determine which one is better. Because both of them are rockstars in their own field.

Off-road tracks have a lot of zigzags and other hurdles. It requires more stability and a bigger body to have better control in these tracks. Kraton is the perfect material for it. 

It’s not that Talion is bad for off-roading. But Kraton is better in this aspect. However, Talion is easier to handle on-road.


Durability is another crucial factor for RC cars. You definitely won’t be happy when you buy something and it breaks apart or performs poorly after a few days.

Luckily, none of them would make you go through this. However, Kraton is your beast if you’re looking for a durability winner. It can withstand more damage than Talion.

Which One Should I Get?

After all these discussions, you’ve probably figured out which one you want. As you can see, there ain’t any absolute winner between these two beasts.

Talion is an on-road demon. It’s faster, better handling, and more agile than Kraton.

On the other hand, Kraton is an off-road monster. It comes with extreme strength, durability, and stability.

It’s totally up to you which one you want based on your sport. 

However, we’d suggest going for Kraton for modification purposes. You can upgrade your Kraton to enhance its performance. It will cover the shortcomings and turn it into a whole new beast!


Question: Are Kraton and Talion waterproof?

Answer: You’ll never find an RC that says it’s completely waterproof. But they are water-resistant. But if the water remains inside for too long, it may cause some corrosion.

Question: Why is RC so expensive?

Answer: To make the vehicles last long, the manufacturers have to gear them with sturdy materials inside and outside. Some of them can be quite costly and therefore there’s a hike in the price.

Question: Are RC cars worth it?

Answer: It totally depends on you if you find it interesting or not. But yes, it can be quite an expensive hobby.

Bottom Line

Now that we’re here, you’ve probably found your winner in the showdown of Kraton vs Talion.

We hope we’ve been able to help you determine your next RC. Happy racing! 

Let us know in the comment section which one you’re getting!

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