Latrax Alias Troubleshooting

Latrax Alias Troubleshooting- 4 Major Problems

The Latrax Alias is one of the best quadcopters out there. In terms of both physically and internally. It’s an absolute beauty. And it’s only normal for beginner Latrax Alias users to look for troubleshooting issues. But, the question is-

What are the reasons for latrax alias troubleshooting? 

An unresponsive controller can be fixed by resetting the controller. Whereas incorrect transmitter settings and irregular drone performance can be very problematic. You’ll have to reset and configure everything. And if your drone doesn’t charge when it’s connected to the computer try charging in normal setting

We’ve talked about just the problems here. The solutions to these problems have been explained in the article. 

Interested in knowing the solution? Just read the article. 

Latrax Alias Troubleshooting- 4 Problems

After thorough research on the Latrax Alias, we’ve found a lot of probable issues. Not all of them are severe or that impactful on your drone. But some are. 

So, we’re just going to discuss the more serious ones here in this article. Without any further ado, let’s get right into troubleshooting- 

Problem 1: Unresponsive Controller

There are times when you’ll see that the LED light on the transmitter/controller is blinking. You’re inputting controls through your controller, but the drone’s not moving. 

This happens because of the transmitter. The blinking of lights indicates that the controller’s still in binding mode. 

Make sure your drone’s power is on and it’s in the binding mode. The LED lights on the drone will blink. And the LCD displays will light up as well. Bring the controller within one foot of your drone. 

The controller and the drone will bind on their own. The controller will make a noise when they’re done binding. You’ll also notice solid LED lights emitting from both the controller and the drone. Also, the Disarmed Flight Screen will turn up on the monitor of the controller. 

What If The Binding Process Fails?

If the binding process fails, power down both your drone and the controller. Then you’ll power them both on again. But, do the controller first and then the drone. 

Then you’ll notice all the indications we’ve mentioned before. If you’re having doubts about your controller, then get flysky or frsky. They’re one of the best in the market. 

Problem 2: Incorrect Transmitter Settings

When kids play with the drone, they might unnecessarily press buttons and make changes in settings. And this might change the settings for optimal flight on your transmitter. Even you could change the settings if you don’t know your way around the controller. 

So what can you do when that happens? At first, return the settings on your controller to default. Then turn off the controller and make sure it stays switched off. 

There are two AUX buttons on your controller. Press and hold down on them both. And while you’re holding down on the AUX buttons, switch on your controller. And then keep on holding down on those AUX buttons for 3 seconds. The controller should beep after 3 seconds have passed. This means that the controller has reset and now it’s in binding mode. 

Problem 3: Drone Not Charging When Connected To The Computer

You connect the charger of the battery to your computer using a USB. Then you connect the battery of your drone to that charger. But, the battery of your drone is not taking charge. This is a very common problem among all RC users. 

The first thing you need to accept is, not all USB ports of computers support fast charging. So, switch the setting on your charger to normal instead of fast charging. 

If you want to use fast charging, it’s best if you connect it to a wall adapter. You’ll still be able to use a USB. But make sure the output of that adapter is at 1 amp or more than that. 

Problem 4: Inconsistent Performance From The Drone 

This problem is when the performance of your drone is inconsistent and completely irregular. You’ll be able to utilize the same solution for when your altitude drops while accelerating. 

Check if your wings are okay or not first. If not, then get yourself the best RC flying wings. Next, ensure your drone’s control operations are normal. Place your drone on a plain surface and make the back of the drone face you. 

Push the throttle stick in the forward direction. You’ll see that all of the four rotors will spin. Next, hold down the flight stick completely to the right. Now, only the rotors on the left will spin. 

Now, hold down the flight stick completely to the left. Push down on the throttle stick as well. This time, only the rotors on the left will spin. 

Do the same while you hold down the flight stick forward. The rotors on the rear will spin now. Now hold the flight stick down to the back and notice the front rotors spinning only. 

Now, you’ll hold down the throttle stick to the left, and gently push it forward. The frontal right and the rear left rotors will move. Do the same while holding down the throttle stick to the right. This time, the frontal left and the rear right rotors will move. 

If any of these functions don’t run like we explained, you have a faulty motor. Find that motor and replace it. If you plan on doing it by yourself, then get yourself the best RC hex driver set


Question: Should I replace the other motors when one fails?

Answer: Yes, you should. This is recommended by Latrax themselves. When one motor fails, chances are there are other faulty motors. 

Question: How fast is the Latrax Alias?

Answer: The Alias is known for its speed. It’s recorded to have gone 29 kmph which is 18 mph. And with upgrades, 37 kmph or 23 mph.

Question: Who makes Latrax? 

Answer: Latrax is owned by a mother company named Traxxas. Those who know Traxxas know how Traxxas RCs are built. Latrax RCs are built the same way. 


These are all the major latrax alias troubleshooting problems that you could face. If you face problems like this, follow our instructions and you’ll be fine. 

If you face problems that we couldn’t answer, feel free to contact Latrax Technical Support.

Good Luck!

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